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  1. if u dont use some your stuff for 10 years do i have right to take it from you?
  2. best regen ever

    so u use player with let say 17 deter. and tutor youngster to deter. 20 that is very nice.if u show me how to do it i would be great. but i dont believe i think that fmrte did some job.
  3. best regen ever

    so u are tutoring defender with stirker, and them goalkeeper,then tutor midfielder with that goalkeeper and so on.
  4. best regen ever

    why should i look there.
  5. best regen ever

    ofc but all of them to 20 not so sure.and its not so easy.
  6. best regen ever

    how all ur players have determination 20?
  7. [FM10] "The Real Special One"

    im following. what is happening with ur son?
  8. do anyone remmember Sergey Kisley, buyed him for 450k next day value rise to 8m.
  9. no man this means that ur game is patched.
  10. Pre-set training

    u need to have folder shedules then put file in there.
  11. did u installed this patch http://www.sigames.com/static/index.php
  12. I really dont understand why u act so rude when someone ask about date of patch, at the end we are the one who pay u for that game, if would be professional to find a solid date and release patch on that date. tnx.