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  1. 3 matches in. This feels immediately better. I'm not doing as well as I was before but it feels better. I did see 4 missed one-on-ones in my most recent match, however. I'll keep an eye on it - confirmation bias and all that.
  2. Summary: Headhunted by a larger club and changed teams. During first press conference the journalist says that I was sacked (I wasn't). Then accused of having resigned. Description of Issue: I am in the year 2022, managing in the top league in South Korea. I was managing the team I got promoted with last season and battling relegation, meanwhile the club is at -£1,000,000 balance. I apply for and am offered the job at FC Seoul which I accept. During the club's 'welcome package' I agree to a press conference. One of the first few questions is "How much of an impact do you think the club's financial situation had on the decision to sack you?". I was not sacked. I even got the 'Headhunted' achievement on Steam. A couple of questions later I'm asked "...you chose to resign from your post at FC Anyang....?" The two statements contradict each other and I did not resign. FC Seoul bought out my contract, right? Steps to Reproduce: Move from club A to club B whilst still under contract and club A being in financial trouble? Maybe just move clubs and do a press conference. I have uploaded 2 saves. 'FC Anyang - SuperRedditch' is before I accepted the job and 'FC Seoul - SuperRedditch' is after accepting the job but before the press conference takes place.
  3. Yeah I posted all my crash dumps another thread of someone having the same issue, but I think I've been stupid and not updated my graphics driver. Geforce experience was interfering in a Total War game so I had to uninstall it. I'm 99% sure it's that.
  4. How are people finding stability since 20.0.3? I've had 3 crash dumps in 4 matches, the most recent of which was at 6-0 up. Always during a match, can see no correlation other than that. Didn't have a single crash before the most recent hotfix.
  5. 3 crash dumps in 4 matches for me last night and today. Had none before the 20.0.3 update. All in matches. Edit: ugh, my graphics drivers are probably out of date. I uninstalled geforce experience because it was interfering with Total War: Warhammer. I will try that and report back. FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.08 23.37.06).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.09 00.54.14).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.09 10.14.18).dmp
  6. If you consider the current flaws/quirks of the ME, playing with a lower line and inviting pressure to counter-attack (probably with pacey forwards) is exceptionally inefficient. One-on-ones are not being converted anywhere near enough and attacking players don't utilise team-mates effectively in attacking overload situations (namely square balls across the box). Furthermore, long-shots are overpowered, so sitting with a deep defensive line and lower line of engagement just allows the AI to take shots until they inevitably score. With these in mind, why would you play anything other than gegenspress/tiki-taka? Managing in Singapore I still ended up playing a high press because camping your CMs outside the opposition box gets you goals and wins. Who cares when they break, they're not gonna score the one-on-one anyway. I hate playing like this, I want multiple styles to be effective. I tried my usual Dafuge Challenge save this year and stacked my team with pace. So much pace, all over the pitch, two incredible strikers for the level, great wingers, CMs who could pass. I sat deeper and countered hard. I'd get 4-5 one-on-ones a match, the football was devastatingly effective. Except I didn't score and the opposition beat me 1-0, 2-0 every week from long-shots. I started a journeyman save and took over in Singapore and playing gegenspress I've had an invincible season with my CMs outscoring my "Star player for the division" Striker. I've played this game for a long time, and I can make a decent tactics, but this ME does not allow for different styles and it's heartbreaking. I truly hope it can be improved for release because for now I've left my save on hiatus. This. Could not agree more. Constant patterns regardless of what style of football you are playing.
  7. Summary: As title. News item at the end of season congratulating me for winning Singaporean Manager of the Year claims that my club (Tampines Rovers) have won a "second successive title". We finished 8th last year. Description of Issue: I started unemployed and took over as Tampines manager with 6 games to go in the first season. We ultimately finished 8th. This season we won the league with multiple games to spare and I won manager of the year. After the final match of the season I received a news item where the chairman congratulated me (I believe this is a new feature?) and the final line stated "It was a superb season for The Stags as they claimed their second successive title to back up their pre-season credentials." I did not win the title last season, and Tampines haven't won the league since 2013. I did, however, win the League Cup a month prior, which might be being taken into account. Steps to Reproduce: Win the League and Manager of the Year with a club that did not win the League last season. Perhaps also win a cup before the end of the season. I have uploaded a save file called 'Tampines Minor Media Bug'. Edit: It's really more of a News bug, not Media. My bad.
  8. See if it's that. Check your wages via Finances -> Wages.
  9. PSA: Players on Non-Contracts with an appearance bonus take up your wage allowance but the game doesn't take it into consideration when you are offering contracts. I was 2k over my wage budget when I was sacked, but still had over 1k that I could use in negotiations. I don't know if this is a bug or intended,
  10. Tried a few clubs in FM20 and nothing is sticking, so here I am managing.... ....Redditch, Of course. Signed a few crackers already. Gonna walk this league I reckon (famous last words). Pace and Space is the plan at this level. Pacey players all over the pitch, every position, and play the ball direct into space to exploit the slow semi-professional defences.
  11. In the last patch of FM 2019 something was changed, and if you saved on the day before reset and continued for one day you would always see the exact same teams with no variation. This bug/feature is present in FM 2020, at some point the game decides the teams to be promoted from the unplayable division. It seems that it's the final match of the season (playoff or otherwise). Therefore, you have to save somewhere in May and holiday the final 3 or so weeks until June 24th to generate different teams.
  12. May 25 generates new teams for me in Germany, although I haven't had any appear from the Regionalliga Sudwest (the league the team I want is in).
  13. Germany reset date is June 19th, but saving on the 18th does NOT give you different teams each load. It appears that whatever was introduced in FM19 is here again and you need to save at an earlier date before the game picks the teams to be promoted.
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