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  1. I think the extra games are gonna be a massive strain, especially trying to manage fatigue so I don't stifle the development of the kids. I'm gonna go for it though, even if I have to sacrifice some league results.
  2. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 9 - 2029/30 LaLiga Santander (1st Tier) - 6th place Copa Del Rey - 4th Round Squad - Transfers - Table This is gonna sound weird. But I'm kind of disappointed. I expected my first season in La Liga to be a real slog. It certainly started off that way, winning 2 of our first 8 games we were in the relegation places. Our major players from last season (Eloy, Herrera, Laborda) all started terribly. I swapped to a 4-4-2 to try and include some of the younger players and we started winning. Lots. Apart from the teams at the very top it
  3. @davenumber40I've seen it before, I think there used to be a challenge for it but it's long been buried and I can't find it now. I think you'd want to upgrade your youth facilities and junior coaching but keep your youth recruitment as low as possible, to reduce the area you get newgens from and ensure as many of them are as local as possible.
  4. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 8 - 2028/29 LaLiga SmartBank (2nd Tier) - 1st place - CHAMPIONES Copa Del Rey - 3rd Round Squad - Transfers - Table Bit of a different update. Gonna show my squad and reflect upon the end of the first era of this save. I consider this Phase One of the Jaén Cinematic Universe (JCU) complete: promotion to La Liga. The squad has done well and some of them have the potential to take us towards the next step of top flight establishment and the churning out of wonderkids. However, there are some amongst the squad whose days are truly nu
  5. Yeah it just happened but I didn't get sacked. He did offer for 2 players though, same as you. However, i went to their profiles and under "contract" i could immediately withdraw the contract offer. Then I spent the £6million he put in the club on training facilities.
  6. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 7 - 2027/28 LaLiga SmartBank (2nd Tier) - 8th place - lost in Play-off Semi Final Copa Del Rey - 2nd Round Squad - Transfers - Table We managed to sneak into the play-offs on the final day of the season but lost main striker Eloy 22g to a torn hamstring in the penultimate game. We drew the first leg 3-3, coming back from 1-3 down. However, the 2nd leg was lost 0-1 due to a weak set-piece goal. We didn't deserve promotion and we are NOT ready for La Liga. Not going to talk about individual pl
  7. The Spanish 2nd tier is weird. B teams can't be promoted to the same division as their 1st team, so even though Barcelona B are walking the league, 2nd and 3rd will go up automatically. Then there's two B teams in the play-off positions, extending the spots down to 9th. We're having a very frustrating season yet are only 1 point off the play-offs.
  8. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 6 - 2026/27 LaLiga SmartBank (2nd Tier) - 5th place - lost in Play-off Semi Final Copa Del Rey - 1st Round Squad - Transfers - Table At the end of the day, a really successful season. Considering our full-backs can't tackle, the centre-backs can't head, the wingers can't cross and the midfielders can't shoot, we did pretty well. We started off pretty poorly, hovering just above the relegation zone but a winter run of 13 games unbeaten (9 of which were wins) propelled us into the play-offs. We looked good for it, p
  9. @the_hdkI really like the attribute colours you're using. Stealing them for myself.
  10. I've had a 10 day break, played some other games, and am back on my save refreshed. That said, wtf is this? I haven't bought a player in the 5 years I've been here, for goodness sake. All I did this summer was loan out a few youngsters to get game time.
  11. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 5 - 2025/26 Primera División RFEF (3rd Tier) - 1st place - Champions Copa Del Rey - 1st Round Squad - Transfers - Table *I have started to tag players again, I stopped because it irritated me, but I'm starting to lose track of players. I've gone back and retagged everyone accordingly.* Walked it. The loss of first choice GK and RB, Moreno 22f and Rubiera 23b, proved nothing more than a speedbump on our way to victory. Youth keeper Eugenio Romero 23g grew into the role over the season and held his own. I said
  12. Go into the pre-game editor. Click "Clubs" on the left side. Add conditions for Nation and Division Level. Pick whatever nation you fancy playing in and the division level one below the lowest playable. Insert columns for Youth Coaching, Youth Facilities, Youth Recruitment and Training and have a look around. It should look like this:
  13. My main striker, Eloy, got very unsettled this season by bigger clubs. With 2 years left on his contract I decided to refuse to let him leave, due to not really having a viable replacement. He's been miserable but still managed to knock in 13 goals in 18 appearances. Well. GET IN. Immediately offering him a big fat contract, 4 years + 3 in my favour. Bring on the 2nd half of the season.
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