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  1. FM10: Midway through World Cup 2018, managing The Netherlands. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (Netherlands all-time top scorer), Johnny Heitinga and Wesley Sneijder (captain) all retire. Heitinga was a sub - the other two key players. Cue a lot of swearing. This is a part of international management (along with almost all of the rest of it) that needs improving.
  2. 2 Quality regens BSS

    I think his finishing will get found out at higher levels. If you do intend on keeping him I'd put him on an intensive Shooting training with individual focus on Finishing.
  3. 2 Quality regens BSS

    I spent 15 years at Truro and didn't get one youth player worth keeping - so it's not 'normal'. In my opinion, your players probably won't develop to Premiership standard at your club, because; The coaching probably won't be good enough, the training facilities won't be good enough, and the AI will see that you have high PA youngsters and will make you an offer that your chairman can't refuse - thus you will lose him. In 2027, as Redditch, I signed a 17 year old striker for £120k from Matlock. A season later my chairman accepted a £475k bid from Fulham. Sorry bud, hope I'm wrong.
  4. International Management on FM11

    I agree with everything that Kenco said. A situation I've found myself in is my world-class CM for England had a knock when I was picking my squad for a Euro Qualifier. There was no point in picking him, as there was 0% chance he'd play. A couple of days later, there's a news article stating that "Butcher fails fitness bid", Great stuff. Pre-match interview I get asked if there's any way back for Butcher... The best answer I could pick was that 'there was if he impresses me'. Next time I pick a squad - Butcher has another knock - don't pick him again. This time he's "out in the cold", and my 'erratic squad selection' is questioned by the media. THE GUY WAS INJURED!
  5. Insane intenational records

    In terms of goals to games ratio - this is the best I've seen. 59 caps / 95 goals
  6. Steam doesn't count time that is spent in 'offline mode'. I'm only at 237 for that reason.
  7. Heart Attacks?

    From a gaming perspective, I'd be interested to see his stats once he's recovered. 3-4 years out at age 34 - most likely he will retire after a year or two, but on the off-chance he doesn't his CA will have plummeted.
  8. The tycoon takeover thread

    I've had two failed takeover bids from local businessmen, and now apparently a mystery tycoon is looking to take us over. I'm Redditch United in 2026 - Just won the Blue Square North. As a slight backstory, I took Truro from BSS to Premiership/Champions League etc but started to get bored. Used Mr Hough's tactics and decided to resign and take the job of my beloved Reds - using my own tactics and so on. Actually will be very gutted if we get taken over, as I wanted it to be a challenge.
  9. No future for England?

    I'm a month away from World Cup 2026 as England, and the state of the team is pretty bleak. All 3 goalkeepers are RL players and over 32. My best striker has Finishing 13. On the plus side, I have 1 world-class CM and a world-class DL. The best MR is 2nd/3rd choice for a mid-table Premiership team. I think I'll struggle to get them past the quarter-finals. So yeah, from my experience things aren't about to get any better - but everyone's save is different, right?
  10. What dezeman said, except I ctrl + click the players who need the rest. Don't want to be giving the whole squad time off.
  11. A few ideas!!

    But Football Manager deviates from what is true to life to some extent anyway. Managers never have free reign over how much a transfer will cost or what wages to pay a coach or player - that freedom is given to the gamer to enhance the enjoyment, as it should be. So, the idea of controlling the reserves isn't too far from RL, particularly as that's the role Assistants play in the game anyway - managing the reserves. It would work very similarly to managing an International U19/U21 I'd imagine.
  12. Tell him off for poor training performance. Give it a couple of months and there's a chance he'll improve.
  13. Appalling Match Engine

    Of course there's no harm in asking for more realism, and I'm sure we can all agree the the ME isn't perfect. I know it, you know it, I'll bet SI know it and that they are working on ways to improve it as we speak. But the OP's accusation that the ME is "behind current times" is garbage, evidenced by the horrendous ME's of the so-called opposition. It wasn't too long ago that CM's 3d engine consisted of table-football-esque players. FM's ME is revolutionary.
  14. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I like that he's also blonde.
  15. Appalling Match Engine

    Half caste can be taken as being quite offensive, actually.