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  1. Correct. Although it's a good idea to make a backup of your existing save without any progress on the beta, incase there's any issues. The second post on the link below shows you how to make a backup.
  2. When you first load up the game, what version number does it say in the bottom left corner of the screen?
  3. Hi. Attach a pkm to your post so SI can take a look, they can't do much with just a screenshot.
  4. For what it's worth, I've scored 5 in a row since I posted my pkms, including 3 scored by a player with Penalty Taking 10, so I'm not ruling out confirmation bias.
  5. Here's the right forum for sharing tactics: https://community.sigames.com/forum/67-tactics-sharing-centre-uploaddownload/ And here's what they require: That said, a screenshot of simply the player roles isn't really enough for people to replicate it. At the very least you need to tell them the Team/Player instructions. You can upload your tactic to a file hosting website to make it easy to share if you want people to give it a go.
  6. Two different games. Offside 2 is a lot closer, but look at the 2D Classic view. Offside 1 isn't even close, he's well onside. Both decisions use VAR. Offside 1 - Christopher Johnson - 17:58 Offside 2 - Kevin Simpson - 52:40 SuperRedditch Offside 2.pkm SuperRedditch Offside 1.pkm
  7. Had 2 penalties so far, missed them both. Different takers but the best 2 in my squad. Are pkms of scored penalties useful? SuperRedditch Pen 2.pkm SuperRedditch Offside and Pen.pkm
  8. FM 2019 - Patch 19.3.0 - March 1st 2019 FM 2018 - Patch 18.3.0 - March 1st 2018 FM 2017 - Patch 17.3.0 - March 1st 2017 FM 2016 - Patch 16.3.0 - March 4th 2016 FM 2015 - Patch 15.3.0 - February 25th 2015 FM 2014 - Patch 14.3.0 - February 28th 2014 I'm not going further back than that. Anyone expecting a patch anytime soon is going to be extremely disappointed. The next patch will be 20.3.0 for the Winter Transfer Update and will include any ME tweaks that SI have been working on. First week of March is a good estimate. That's the history, those are the facts. They aren't going to release a patch mid-January when most of the transfers haven't even happened yet. Besides, it's another 6 weeks they get to work on the ME and oh boy does it need it.
  9. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with this year's FM. I keep playing it until I get overly frustrated with the ME only to pick it back up within a day. I love everything about the game other than the actual matches - dynamics, training, development centre, club vision - it's all fantastic. I'm so invested in my save and my team, but this ME man..... Everything that needs to be said about the ME has already been said countless times by others. I really hope SI have been working on their next-gen ME because I strongly feel that the current one has had its day. For now, I'm uninstalling until there's a patch and for the first time in forever I will not be pre-ordering the next FM. FWIW, I just missed 13 one-on-ones in one match. That's the straw that broke the camel's back.
  10. I've had 2 "golden generations" in FM20 and they've both been very underwhelming. Had maybe 2 potentially mid-table Premier League players in there (as a top 3 Premier League team). It's linked to your current players/club too, Woking's golden generation is going to be a lot different to Manchester United's. Got my fingers crossed for you though
  11. My best free-kick taker has 16 Free Kick Taking, 14 Long Shots, 17 Technique. Not the best but not the worst. Haven't scored a direct Free Kick in 2 seasons.
  12. @majesticeternity You, sir, are an absolute legend. This issue ruined 3D for me this year, and you've fixed it. Damn, how sad is it that this has really made my day.
  13. I was referring to something Rinso said which has been subsequently edited out, Leicester aren't even in your screenshot. That said, if this very minor thing is the biggest gripe you have with the game then I envy you. I love FM but there are far, far bigger issues with the game. Your best bet is to raise this in the bug forum and perhaps do so in a more constructive/less antagonistic manner.
  14. Norwich seem to be the 'most Northern' Southern team in that draw. Aston Villa and Peterborough are also deemed Southern there, whereas Leicester seems to be where the cutoff has been made, as they are playing a Northern team.
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