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  1. Well, after my Dafuge Challenge save got lost (ssd died and I don't do backups or cloud saving) I'm after something else to sink my time into. I thought about the plain old Euro version of the small club challenge, but as I'm a borderline masochist I went and spiced it up by going for the youth academy version after being inspired by reading through your posts. Presenting to you, the new manager of FSV Frankfurt. I had to holiday 2 seasons, I hope that's okay, I could not get any teams to come up from the Regionalliga Sudwest in 2019. I've got a fair bit of history with this team, and it was the only choice for me in Germany. When I was in University, my best friend and I played a co-op FIFA career as FSV Frankfurt. We've got a solid youth setup and have existed forever in the shadow of our rivals, the Bundesliga outfit Eintracht Frankfurt - which offers us a really exciting opportunity to overthrow them and cement ourselves as the city's top dog. This is going to be a total change of pace for me - I'm a massive wheeler-dealer. The squad looks mediocre and there isn't a lot in the way of youth prospects. Therefore, this season, the sole aim is to stay in the division.
  2. REDDITCH UNITED Season 5 - 2023/24 League One Media Prediction - 24th Actual Finish - 6th (Lost Play-offs Semi Final) League Table Transfers The Squad Season Summary Truly a season of two halves. After 23 games we were sitting in 19th, at the end of an 11-match winless streak. An almost complete overhaul of the 1st XI in January gave us automatic promotion worthy form. That and the shift back to 4-4-2 or how I like to call it "going all Mike Bassett". I'm done with single striker formations in this years FM - I think they're fundamentally broken. Ultimately we snuck into the play-offs on the final day of the season but were unable to overcome 3rd-placed Portsmouth, who were just too strong for us over the two legs - losing 4-5 on aggregate. Cups were a non-entity - standard 2nd/3rd Round fare. Financially we're hemorrhaging 100-200k each month - this club just doesn't have the infrastructure to deal with wages at this level. We NEED the Premier League big bucks, but that's some way off. Notable Players Matt Ritchie - I'm sure we've all bought countless of old players, ones with great technical/mentals but terrible physicals. How often do they work out? Matt Ritchie is a play I've long admired IRL. In a 4-4-2 as a Wide Playmaker on the right, this guy was utterly lethal. Made us tick. Adam Lewis - Really solid Left sided player. So much utility. Japhet Tanganga - 9 goals from CB (Matt Ritchie's corners, how else?) Superb in the air. Demeaco Duhaney - Second season just as strong as his first, overlapped Matt Ritchie on the right and made a stunning partnership. Rekeem Harper - The legs. Gave my midfield so much energy and drive in the 2nd half of the season. Next Season I want to win the league, keep hold of my better payers and lose the weaker ones. CB, LM and ST are the three areas that need immediate attention. I'd also love an EFL Trophy run - if we do go up this is our last chance to win it.
  3. Not that I expect anyone to care/remember, but I'm back on my save after a 2-month break. I may have kind of absolutely ragequit after failing to agree terms with anyone of even League Two quality in my first season in League One. That said, I've almost finished the season, and I just thought I'd share this situation for the final game, because I think it's pretty interesting. One game to go, must win and need both Oldham and Forest Green not to win. Who are they playing? Forest Green Rovers v Oldham Athletic How about me? I'm at home to 15th placed Crawley. An irrelevant match-up you'd think, except they're managed by my former coach who left 140 days ago to join them. I fought to keep him as he really is an excellent (Premier League level) defensive coach. My end of season report will come tonight, but I just wanted to post this as there's so much riding on it on so many levels. Edit: THE PERFECT STORM! Forest Green beat Oldham 1-0. but our 4-0 victory over a lacklustre Crawley puts us 6th on goal difference. Play-offs here we come. I was 19th half-way through the season, this has been a stunning season since January.
  4. Hmm, I played around with those and couldn’t get it to make a single bit of difference. I did narrow it down to the fact that the moment I give a player a Playing History, even a single season, it goes wrong. A created player who joined his club in February 2018 and played 2 games for them in the 2017/18 season should have been in the country for 154 days. When I added a Playing History it became 389. It’s always 389.
  5. Hi there, I've been recreating the team of a Fifa Career Mode YouTuber within FM. I've created all the players, done their attributes etc etc. Now I'm trying to accurately do their histories so the game world feels authentic and lived in. He's played 4 seasons on Fifa, so I'm creating 4 years of players coming and going, their match stats, transfers etc. So here's my issue. Here I have Papa Seck. He's just joined from KAA Gent. I have set the following: So far so good? I can see no conflicting issues. However, this is what happens in-game: When I go a day, BOTH of those 389s increase to 390. He's not in Belgium anymore and he's only been in England for 2 days. What is going on? For comparison, this is Dompé. I have not set his Playing/Non Playing History yet. He merely has the identical information from the first screenshot. I believe that every player I'm adding histories for is getting around 389 days added to how long they've been in the country for. This is Chavango Jr, he joined 1 season ago: Chavango Jr has a Playing/Non Playing History too. But he should have been based in England for less than a year (joined 01/07/17), not 754 days.
  6. Has anyone found that upon reaching League One people start wanting insane wages? I'm talking 5k p/w for a First Team player and 3k for a backup. The most I paid in League Two was 1.2k and that was only for my 3 best players. Everyone is asking for almost the exact same contract, even players who were on 800 or 1k at their previous club suddenly want 5k a week. It feels extremely contrived and gamey, I literally can't sign anyone, even players who are similar to my current squad want crazy wages. A bloke who was in the National League last year wants 5k. It's really impacting my squadbuilding and enjoyment.
  7. REDDITCH UNITED Season 4 - 2022/23 League Two Media Prediction - 21st Actual Finish - 3rd (Promoted) League Table Transfers My Profile The Squad Season Summary Well, we got promoted, somehow. I don't even feel good about it though. The last 13 games of the season were an absolute travesty, with a record of W3 D7 L3. Nine points were thrown away from conceding goals after the 80th minute during this run. I tried 3 systems, I swapped personnel but the tactics which had us top of the league with 10 games to go just stopped working. Don't get me wrong, we massively over-performed this season: we had one player of true League Two quality, but the end of season slump was inexcusable, and even after we scraped automatic promotion, on goal difference, after drawing 0-0 in the final game whilst having 0 shots on target, there was a bad taste left in my mouth. The cups were useless this year, knocked out to West Ham in the League Cup, Burton in the FA Cup and Luton in the Checkatrade. No cup run, had to prioritise the League. FInancially we're okay. The board injected about 500k in total to keep us ticking over this year, we can't turn a profit but we're just about in the black. It'll stay that was until the Premier League big bucks. We're going to have awful training and youth facilities until then so there's no point in me attempting to develop young players. Notable Players Michail Bastos - Player of the year. A really, really solid left back from Arsenal. Demeaco Duhaney - Possesses genuine quality as an offensive full-back. Want to combine him with an Inside Forward next season if possible. Joe Powell - Set piece specialist. Top scorer. Match-winner one week and totally invisible the next. A frustrating player and at times only played for his delivery from dead ball situations. Robert Magunda - It's time to say goodbye, old friend. Couldn't cut the mustard in League Two, has no chance in League One. Shame he couldn't reach 'Legend' status, but I will remember him for the rest of my life. Robert, Robert Magunda scores all the goals for me Dah dah dah dahdah dah dah dah dahdah (To the tune of Heartbeat) That's it. Everyone else was bang average. Next Season I keep saying 'consolidate' but I genuinely think I'm going to struggle next season. My squad is considered to be 'National League' in quality and I haven't got a clear idea of how I want to line up. I played 4-2-3-1 for the majority of this season but toyed with 4-3-1-2 and 4-1-2-3. My plans will be the same as always, get a metric ton of trials in, improve the squad as much as I possibly can with whoever is even remotely interested. Cut the dead wood (there is a lot of dead wood) and go in expecting the worst and hope to be pleasantly surprised. This season was really draining. I know, I know we went up but it was bloody hard work at the end.
  8. Ha - rin - gay. There's actually two spellings, Haringey is the name of the borough and it's Harringay for the name of the area.
  9. REDDITCH UNITED Season 3 - 2021/22 National League Media Prediction - 20th Actual Finish - 1st (Champions!) League Table Transfers My Profile The Squad Season Summary Incredible. I went into this season expecting consolidation but we consistently picked up points throughout the entire season and a run of 8 wins in the last 9 games saw us clinch the title with one game to spare. I owe a lot of this to Rashidi, whose videos on YouTube (Bustthenet) have revolutionised the way in which I approach creating tactics. The trusty counter-attacking 442 was creaking with 10 games of the season to go, and our strikers had all forgotten how to score. A switch to a possession-based 433 Wide (because I have no DMs or AMs in my squad) and a high press changed our fortunes and culminated in the aforementioned run. To top off such an achievement, we were also crowned FA Trophy Champions - which was a delightful send-off to non-league football. There was no fortuitous FA Cup windfall this year, however, as we crashed out in the 2nd Round at home to Tranmere, who beat me in all three fixtures this season. The FA Cup tie last season against Liverpool has bankrolled our entire year, but the planned training ground improvements were canned and we've consistently hemorrhaged money each month. Redditch is no London club, we're a tiny speck some 15 miles from Birmingham and gates are low. Strong cup performances are keeping us afloat though. Notable Players Harry Burgoyne - Gets a mention simply for saving a penalty in 3rd-last game whilst 1-0 up. Solid keeper and set National League clean sheet record. Callum Howe - Appointed vice-captain at the start of the season and rose from 'Other Player' to 'Team Leader' over the course of the season. Max Haygarth - Honestly, a bit disappointing. Finishing of 4 very obvious in advanced role, so eventually slotted into DLP position. His agent hates me but I managed to tie him down on another 2 year deal. Zac Smith - Started as 2nd choice but won back his spot over the course of the season. Most assists AGAIN, player of the year. Did not develop but with full-time training I hope to see improvement. Robert Magunda - From October until February he averaged almost a goal a game. Then he couldn't hit a barn door for 10 matches. Still the league top scorer but VERY marginalised with one up front. I love him, I want his babies and want to keep him at the club until he retires, even if he never plays, but I just can't envisage him getting many games in League Two. Single-handedly stopped Max Haygarth leaving the club at the start of the season. Role as Team Leader not undervalued. Did I mention I want his babies? Virgil Gomis - Signed as Magunda's replacement but couldn't dislodge him as Poacher, instead found a place as a DLF. The shift to 433 Wide saw him as an IF(A) on the left, which he excelled at. Versatile, good goal record, misses sitters. Next Season It's gotta be consolidate, I'm just can't see me competing with the big boys of League Two. I need to score more corners and concede less Indirect Free-kicks. I need to sign players that fit into 4-1-4-1 and 4-2-3-1 interchangeably, because our current squad is very one dimensional.
  10. REDDITCH UNITED Season 2 - 2020/21 National League North Media Prediction - 9th Actual Finish - 2nd (Won Play-offs) League Table Transfers My Profile The Squad Season Summary Well, that was emotional. Pop quiz: When is 97 points, the most goals scored and least conceded not enough to win the league? When Kidderminster Harriers score a 95th minute winner in their game to pip you to the league title by one point. I've never experienced a season like this. We DOMINATED but were ultimately facing the play-offs once again, with mediocre form and top scorer Robert Magunda out-of-sorts. Memories of last season's heartbreak was fresh... ...not this time. Elsewhere we managed an excellent FA Cup run, culminating in an away draw against Liverpool, where we kept it to a very respectable 0-2. If I thought Brighton Away last season was a a bonanza, this was something else. A cool £1m directly into my coffers, which was immediately directed towards training and youth improvements. The FA trophy was disappointing, fixture congestion forced me into playing a second-string side against Oxford City, and we fell to a humiliating 2-4 home loss in the Second Round. Notable Players Elliot Hewitt- Extremely solid full-back with a devastating long throw. Callum Howe - Signed half-way through the season and is sure to start in the National League next year. Good mental stats. Zac Smith - Once again the assist king on the wing. Awful mental attributes give me serious cause for concern, but very young and will have chances to impress next season. Max Haygarth - Mesmerising, magnificent, frustrating at times. I made him my highest earner after he was released from Man Utd and it wasn't until the 2nd half of the season that I truly unlocked his ability as a CM(Attack). 15 goals from CM is no joke. Robert Magunda - I tried to phase him out but he was having none of it. This guy must have hidden attributes out the wazoo, cos up until the last 10 games of the season he was absolutely lethal. Now a club icon. Ryan Loft - Signed as a replacement TM for a failed striker who's not even worth mentioning here. Will start next season if I persist with 4-4-2 but unsure on what system I'm going to be playing yet. Ogo Obi - Was supposed to replace Magunda in the first XI but ended up playing off him for the first half of the season. Wouldn't discuss a new contract and agreed a deal with a Nigerian club in January on 3x his wage. Next Season I honestly don't know. My players think we'll struggle to survive, my coaches think only one of them is of National League quality and we aren't a very attractive prospect in all honesty. In the past I'd use more nefarious means to find players but as we're playing this straight I think survival has to be the goal and anything else is just a bonus. I'll strengthen where I can. I want to move to Vertical Tiki-Taka at some point, but I don't think I have the personnel required and am probably best sticking to a direct, counter-attacking approach, for now.
  11. It’s bugged since patch 19.3. I’m not 100% sure when the cutoff point is, by if you save at May 27th and holiday until June 25th you’ll get different teams. hopefully you’ve got an auto save. I can say for a fact that June 10th will still give you the same teams. My gut says it starts happening at June 1st but I never put effort into testing it once I found a date that worked.
  12. REDDITCH UNITED Season 1 - 2019/20 Media Prediction - 22nd Actual Finish - 3rd (lost in Playoff Final) League Table Squad Transfers My Profile Season Summary Play-off heartbreak. After being good value for a play-off finish the entire season, beating Guiseley 4-0 in the Semis and having home advantage, I thought we were favourites. I wasn't wrong, we dominated the Final but couldn't find an equaliser after going a goal down. We finally scored in the 90th minute which was no less that we deserved. The referee added on 3 minutes. In the 94th minute, Alfreton win a freekick some 30 yards out and proceed to wallop it in the top corner. I take my headset off, put my head in my hands, pace around the room and yell in despair. But I am not cheating, there was no alt+f4. It hurt, but my eventual success will be that much sweeter. An FA Cup run to the 3rd Round where we lost 0-4 away to Brighton gave us an extremely fortuitous windfall of £300k. As a result, we've been able to stay in the black and the Chairman agreed to improve our training facilities for £200k - the dynasty starts here. A Season of Revelations I learned a lot in this season: how I want to play, how I feel the game reacts to certain playstyles. My first great tactical revelation was noticing that i was conceding too many long shots. I upped the line of engagement, pressing urgency and added counter press. We were a counter-attacking team and weren't defensively strong enough to withstand long bouts of pressure. My hastily scrambled together team was starting to creak come the winter, but the latter half of the season was improved with the acquisition of some loanees, whom I'd had time to scout. I went into this season with the goal "embrace losing and don't get relegated". We came within a sliver of scraping promotion so I am ultimately delighted with our over-achievement. Best Players Robert Magunda - A player generated by the game and here when I arrived. Top goalscorer, player of the season, captain and team leader. Built my entire system of direct passes into space to capitalise on his movement and pace. Zac Smith - Showed genuine growth over the season, but will be hampered by playing at this level for another season. Assist king and will 100% be here next season. Clayton McDonald - Back for his THIRD spell at Redditch. A total rock at the back, despite my Assistant Manager telling me to drop him every week. Considered poor for the division; I want to keep hold of him but his wages are high (£350). Next Season Promotion, it's as simple as that. There's no York this year to annihilate the league, the teams coming down don't look too strong. Spennymoor (who finished 2nd) are likely to be the biggest obstacle. I plan to retain a small core of players but want to overhaul the first XI. I've got a bunch of players on my shortlist who are set for release. I want to sign an aerial ANIMAL up front. I don't care about his finishing, or dribbling. I want him strong, big, hard-working and brave. I need to increase the quality all over the pitch to avoid the play-offs, where you're at the mercy of dodgy referees who can't read their watch properly. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Europe Top Scorer Most Assists PotY Average Attendance Season Tickets Achievements Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment 2019/20 National League North 3rd 3rd Round 3rd Round N/A Robert Magunda (36) Zac Smith (15) Robert Magunda 574 189 Lost in Play-off Final Poor Poor Minimal Limited
  13. Hours I spent. Hours of reloading from June 24th. It was a lot longer than I'm proud to admit to realise that it's currently bugged and the 6 promoted teams get guaranteed at some point. Hours. However, I had an autosave on 27th May, and if you holiday to the 25th June from there, you get different teams each time. Ten reloads later and... My love, my baby, my Redditch I'll say it now, I've used downloaded tactics, scouting tools and real time editors my entire adult life. But the hollow victories are starting to wear thin, I need the real thing, like when I was a kid and before I slipped to the darkside. Bloody hell is it hard to find players though. No bugger wants to join and all their attributes are masked and one cheeky so-and-so wanted a grand a week So the goal for my first season is simple. Embrace losing and don't get relegated. Simple.
  14. I present you with this absolute travesty/monstrosity/puskas nominee I did win the game comfortably, so the title is entirely tongue in cheek. The odd thing is though, is that it was considered a mistake by the centre-back. My guess is that the game tried to calculate them scoring, with a mistake by Holgate (the CB), and this is what it managed to muster up? Share your own if you've got any, it's got me in the mood for a laugh.
  15. FM10: Midway through World Cup 2018, managing The Netherlands. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (Netherlands all-time top scorer), Johnny Heitinga and Wesley Sneijder (captain) all retire. Heitinga was a sub - the other two key players. Cue a lot of swearing. This is a part of international management (along with almost all of the rest of it) that needs improving.
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