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  1. What do you think

    Looks a good player yeah.
  2. Sporting 2-0 Marítimo - Portugese Liga. Vukcevic (2)
  3. There's a lot of immaturity in this thread. Would never manage Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Porto & Benfica and all teams from Asia/Africa (just no interest in those leagues)
  4. Haha that's brilliant, love it. I've not seen anything like that before.
  5. I guess that explains why it seems the game is taking forever to load the database too then?
  6. The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    I downloaded the version 3.0.131 of FMRTE, I also have the FM2010 patch from SI but when open FMRTE I load the game but I can't edit players, I've tried searching for them and nothing (just doesn't display players. It's fine with clubs though) and even using the "current screen" button does nothing. Any idea?
  7. I was manager of Cruzeiro and somebody bid an offer worth £10,000 for one of my players and my Chairman automatically accepted it saying "the offer was too good to refuse" strange since I had £15,000,000 in the bank. :confused:
  8. Same as in 08 then? Can't see any new leagues in there unless I've missed something.
  9. Editor to load specific leagues

    No problem mate
  10. Editor to load specific leagues

    When starting a new game you can simply choose "load all players from" This will load all players from the country. Hope it helps.
  11. Championship 1992-93

    ^ Yes it does, it works fine.
  12. Are you using the SI Game Editor or a designed one like FMM?
  13. Championship 1992-93

    Does anyone else know another site to download it from? Rapidshare never works for me :/
  14. Adding Points Deductions (You can)

    Using the editor I can see where you would deduct points from teams, could someone please help me out?
  15. OK so I tried doing a league swap with Scotland and Albania following the guide on how to do it, once I have do it I load up the game I choose a team but when I go to look at my fixtures its blank. Any suggestions?