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  1. Looks a good player yeah.
  2. Sporting 2-0 Marítimo - Portugese Liga. Vukcevic (2)
  3. There's a lot of immaturity in this thread. Would never manage Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Porto & Benfica and all teams from Asia/Africa (just no interest in those leagues)
  4. Haha that's brilliant, love it. I've not seen anything like that before.
  5. I guess that explains why it seems the game is taking forever to load the database too then?
  6. I downloaded the version 3.0.131 of FMRTE, I also have the FM2010 patch from SI but when open FMRTE I load the game but I can't edit players, I've tried searching for them and nothing (just doesn't display players. It's fine with clubs though) and even using the "current screen" button does nothing. Any idea?
  7. I was manager of Cruzeiro and somebody bid an offer worth £10,000 for one of my players and my Chairman automatically accepted it saying "the offer was too good to refuse" strange since I had £15,000,000 in the bank. :confused:
  8. Same as in 08 then? Can't see any new leagues in there unless I've missed something.
  9. No problem mate
  10. When starting a new game you can simply choose "load all players from" This will load all players from the country. Hope it helps.
  11. ^ Yes it does, it works fine.
  12. Are you using the SI Game Editor or a designed one like FMM?
  13. Does anyone else know another site to download it from? Rapidshare never works for me :/
  14. Using the editor I can see where you would deduct points from teams, could someone please help me out?
  15. OK so I tried doing a league swap with Scotland and Albania following the guide on how to do it, once I have do it I load up the game I choose a team but when I go to look at my fixtures its blank. Any suggestions?