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  1. I use the exact same model to play fm15 and it works perfectly - I use the 2d match engine though, I've tried the 3D engine on the device a couple of times and it looks good but it will make the surface run quite hot. In terms of how many leagues - when I start a new game my surface is rated at 5 stars...if this helps.
  2. Thanks for the reply guys. I realise the financial situation my club is in and what I need to do to address it. I guess I cannot expect the game to mimic how the Spanish banks prop up Barcelona and Real Madrid as they do in real life, although it would be nice . NBFW
  3. Hi Cougar 2010, thanks for your reply. I understand what you have said and agree completely, my point of contention is that the wage bill is very similar to when I took over. From my understanding from years of playing football manager, wages within the game mimic real life salaries and therefore wage bills. I feel there must be an issue with my revenue stream because if Barcelona IRL had a net spend of £20m on transfers over last season and the next, I find it very hard to believe that they would have next to nothing to spend on players at the beginning of the 2015/16 season. Regards, NBFW
  4. Above is a detailed breakdown of my finances and transfer activity...can anyone see the reason as to why my club is in such a dire financial state? Regards, Nathan
  5. Summary of finances... Detailed expenditure... Detailed income... Detailed projection... Transfer activity...
  6. Hey people, I'm currently in the third season of an FC Barcelona FM14 save where I have seen the clubs financial situation deteriorate to a point where my transfer budget at the start of the third season was a measly £500k. With a net spend of around £20m in my first two seasons combine I find it highly unrealistic that FC Barcelona would have such a poor transfer budget - in all my 29 years on this earth I've never known FC Barcelona to be short of a few bob to spend on players I know Barcelona's wage budget is extremely high in the game and must be a contributing factor, however IRL I'm sure this is the same and it doesn't seem to affect their finances and thus transfer budget to any major extent. In my file: The clubs current wage bill is a staggering £3.3m a week. The club is paying approximately £1.9m a month in loan repayments and has a net debt of £213m. The club is currently raking in around £33m a year from sponsors and £107m a year from a TV deal. Is this accurate? Has anyone else experienced something similar with FC Barcelona or one of the worlds richest clubs? Regards, NBFW
  7. Seems as if I've become better manager overnight! Thanks SI!
  8. Ok...found out i have to download the editor via steam as i originally bought the beta version. Thanks guys
  9. Hi guys. I installed my game via steam and have tried to follow the steps to install the database changes listed on the forum: 'If installed using steam the editor can be found: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Football Manager 20xx\Tools\' I don't however have the final 'tools' folder where I'm supposed to extract the files to. Does anyone know where else i can extract the files to? Thanks
  10. It says file size is 157.05 KB, surely that's not right...is it?
  11. Hi all, I've set my sights on a quality regen left back in my save with Manchester United, I've made bids of up £40m pounds for the player at which point the selling club starting negotiations at a whopping £80m . The player is considering his options as he wants to move to a bigger club and wants to impress me with his next performance, as i have lavished praise on him in the press and told the media i will do everything in my power to sign him. My questions are - Is there a way to drive down the clubs asking price or make him put in a formal transfer request? Do i need to keep making comments about him in the media to make him do this? Should i wait until transfer deadline day where the selling club may be a little bit more desperate to sell, therefore potentially be more inclined to accept a lesser bid? Your help would be very much appreciated Regards, Nbfw
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