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  1. Hi, I'm a long time player of FM/CM and there is something that has bugged me for a number of iterations. That is how cup competitions are displayed in the newsfeed/fixtures/results. It used to be the case at World Cup/Euro Championship/Champions league, the fixtures and results of each game would appear and pop up after occurring. It gave a proper competition feeling, which I have lost in recent versions! Does anyone know how to get this working in FM13? Cheers, Tom
  2. 9 Starts 10 Goals.... I think he's doing alright!
  3. On my third season with Southampton, amazingly finished 1st in League One and 1st in the Championship. Was given 22m in the transfer window to avoid relegation in the premiership and gratefully spent it all! My Team at the moment: Smithies Garrido A. Ferdinand C. Clarke A. Matthews O. Hargreaves B. Bannan G. Kakuta C. Adam T. Rosicky L. Griffiths I am weak in depth... and its an unlikely 3rd season team, but I reckon I'll be pushing for the UEFA cup spots this season!
  4. Half way through my second season. Unbelievably I came first in the BS North, winning by a good clear margin! Second season is a lot tougher, but currently 20 games in and holding around 3rd with a good gap between us and fourth. 442 uncomplicated football, scour some good signings from the dregs and its quite easy. Im not playing LLM rules, but then again im not exactly cheating either! From my starting squad (I used TG's save) I currently have none in my first eleven. Ashton, Chadwick and Wright are squad players, but have recently been put into the reserves!