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  1. I am playing on Russian League and I was noting the Squad rules for Foreign players, where each team is allowed to register 8 foreign players. I see some players of my team (Rubin) are a long time playing and they aren't counting the days to get the russian nationality. A player is South Korean and a couple from Georgia. Are there nations where is prohibited to get the russian nationality? 

  2. Em 30/05/2020 em 12:39, Makoto Nakamura disse:


    There goes our 3rd choice striker. :(

    OMG, bad luck D:

    Em 30/05/2020 em 13:41, Makoto Nakamura disse:


    Only in America. :lol:

    I remember that rule haha. I liked it

    Em 02/06/2020 em 18:43, Makoto Nakamura disse:

    September 2023







    A perfect month sees us win some proper silverware and qualify for the end of season playoffs! :D 

    Congratulations :D

    22 horas atrás, Makoto Nakamura disse:

    Jul 2024




    Terrible in the league but squeezing through in the Copa Sudamericana.

    Do you have the file of that match agains São Paulo?

    20 horas atrás, Makoto Nakamura disse:

    Uncle Sam put it into the database because it was done in the past and has been talked about being done again in the future. I guess we'll just have to find out. :lol:

    OMG, because this didn't any sense hahah 

    20 horas atrás, Makoto Nakamura disse:

    2024 End of Season Review




    This has been probably one of the weirdest seasons I've ever had, the board absolutely hate me for our league form but they can't sack me because of our cup form, this season we retained the Open Cup and won continental competitions in two separate continents!

    I have decided however that I do not like the MLS. :lol:



    2024 Best XI


    Abraham Romero

    Chris Cadden - Giles Dewaele - Andres Perez - Christian Gutierrez

    Daniel Algert - Sean Davis

    Michael Jones - Jose Manuel - Cristian Penilla

    Jose Daniel Jacome


    Do you have saved the Corinthians matches? And congratulations 

    10 horas atrás, Makoto Nakamura disse:

    Glad you've liked it so far! Only issue I've had is that we weren't able to register players for the Copa Sudamericana last season so I had to holiday the first match after that some of the players became available, and it's probably not an issue but we didn't qualify for the Libertadores by winning the Sudamericana but I'm guessing it's supposed to be that way.

    You should be able to go to the Libertadores (if the North American champions goes back to play) and/or going directly to the Club World Championship. But if you are going to Sudamericana (what's weird), should go to the Libertadores Group stage being the Sudamericana winner 

  3. Em 25/02/2020 em 17:24, scousevasey disse:




    The problem to make DMs like "defenders is that

    I tried recently to do that. It worked well because the team is good, and was looking for a defenders with more attacking participation, then I became the DM line into CB line. But what used to disturb me is what is on the image. The DMs didn't understand that would have to balance between go further into area and stay behind when there is some rival with space. 


  4. 2 horas atrás, Experienced Defender disse:

    I personally don't want my CBs to drive forward, but if I were to encourage one of them to act that way, I would probably set him to a BPD on stopper duty and play under a higher team mentality (Positive at least). And a higher defensive line.

    In terms of traits, I guess the Brings ball out of defence and Gets forward whenever possible should help.

    If you play with 3 CBs, you can use a libero.

    I was using the BPD (STP) since a long time, before I have that idea. Currently I am testing the team in Attack/Full Attack and HDL. I send my best CBs to get Ball Out of Defence, some of them already have the "gets forward..." ppm because they are effective/natural wingbacks too. And after to being defeated by RB Leipzig that plays with 3 CBs, I am testing that formation and i'm loving to play with Libero. 

    2 horas atrás, Hilly1979 disse:

    Have read of the Chris wilder thread, Rashidi explains how it is possible to achieve but difficult to pull off.

    Nice tip, thx

    1 hora atrás, ragazzo del negozio di animali disse:

    overlapping cbs won't come to fm until it gets enough recognition like when they discovered the word raumdeuter after muller hit some form and decided to add it to the fm... i think fm15? maybe

    sad but true

    Or being a bit rude but straight: when it becomes popular in Premier League, like the Guardiola/Klopp football systems. After they go to PL, the FM was to be able to replay at a satisfactory level the tiki-taka, geggenpressen and the inverted wingbacks.

  5. 21 horas atrás, zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz disse:

    I think I've seen one scored once in 15 years of playing FM...

    I have seen some, but rare.

    20 horas atrás, yonko disse:

    It depends how your team is set up to play, what do you want from your strikers and what attributes they have. Are you using 1 ST formation or 2 STs?

    Are you asking specifically for Traits that will help you and your STs score more goals or that will help you with overall play / creation of attacks?

    For finishing, you can consider "tries first time shots" if your ST gets chances in central areas of the penalty box - he needs good first touch, technique and composure. "Shoots with power" is also a good one - he needs strength and decisions.

    For overall play, I like "comes deep to get ball" and "tries through balls often" if it's a creative striker - passing, vision, off the ball, decisions. "Likes to break offside trap", "Moves into channels" if I want my striker to lead the attack - off the ball, acceleration, agility, anticipation.

    I wanna score more. I play with one ST, but I would include the wingers and some occasions, the AM/MCs

    I always train "placed shots" and "tries frist time shots". I haven't liked the "shoots with power", mainly with the current ME where on 1V1 the ST shots on the GK. 

    "Comes deep to get ball" I was testing in FM19 with good results. "Likes to break offside trap" was problematic in this game but with the current edition is being better executed. Good tips.


    18 horas atrás, zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz disse:

    From my experience players with the trait tend to move towards the side and change the angle of the shot rather than actually run around the keeper. This is generally advantageous as it also forces the goalkeeper to make a lateral move in response.

    I have noted it even in players without that trait. And the FM Gks still doesn't know to move himself properly yet, where we can take advantage of it.

  6. Em 24/12/2019 em 17:29, Scotty Walds disse:

    To allow them to sell the game in Spain, presumably...

    It's sad and bizarre this happens.

    Em 24/12/2019 em 19:57, Gross_Ballon disse:

    I use one that some one else made ! so should I just delete those editor files and load this one. I live 20 minutes away from Forge FC 

    I love the idea I just hope Toronto FC never leave the MLS for the CPL. 

    It doesn't make sense, keeps in MLS has more advantages. 

    Em 28/12/2019 em 14:45, oche balboa disse:

    Why are the African Leagues ignored? 

    I would like to see more african leagues, mainly from where there is more transfer movements like Middle East 

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