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  1. Will Wine etc work when I haven't even been able to download the game via Steam? Bought on Mac but there's no install button (for obvious reasons) so not sure how I can run it via Mac? Any help at all to save my wasted £7?!!
  2. I have just bought the game on Steam and it now shows up in my library but there is no button to be able to install it? I have rebooted Steam but to no effect. Presumably EHM is available on Mac or have I dropped a clanger and paid £7 for something I cant use?? Thanks
  3. I did wonder whether there was a little too much going on instructions wise or whether it was something specific to the CF - in my present team it is Aleksander Mitrovic who fulfills that role.
  4. I have been trying to develop a possession based tactic which incorporates a 451 which effectively turns into a 343 when we have the ball. To do this I have put the DMC as a half back and have tried to get the FB's to push forward to create 2-on-1 situations against opposing FB's. The tactic looks so far like this... GK FB (A) CD (D) CD (D) FB (A) HB (D) CM (D) AP (A) W (A) IF (S) CF (S) Very Fluid Control Mentality Team Instructions Lower Tempo Be More Expressive Hassle Opp Look for Overlap Drop Deeper Play Wider Play Out of Defence Work Ball Into Box Shorter Passing retain Possession Float Crosses Roam from position It has worked well so far and has been in decent control of matches. However, one issue is that the CF doesnt seem to have very many shots per match (around 2-3 a game and sometimes from long distance) and I was after some advice how I could develop the tactic so that I can get more goals and CCC for the CF. I did wonder whether because we have a slow build up that by the time the CF gets the ball he is surrounded by opposition defenders but any advice on how to develop the tactic is appreciated...
  5. It's normally just a straight up 451 (41222) with all defenders marking tightly. I have tried the instruction to exploit the flanks etc but as the results suggest - I get hammered every time.
  6. I have tried absolutely everything against the 4231 formation (with 3 narrow AMC's behind ST) but literally everything I try gets battered everytime! Southampton play it on my save and have beaten me 4-1, 5-1, 4-0, 4-2 and 4-0! Just wondering what other people have tried to be effective against this particular formation?
  7. You may be right. My dream of seeing Aston Villa play like Barcelona may be over already!
  8. I did wonder whether it would actually work as it does irl but I think a half back would be essential as well. Seems strange there isn't an instruction to do this when a lot of teams incorporate this way of playing
  9. As title says. I am wondering how you can get your CB pairing to split like many teams do these days. A lot of possession based teams use this way of building attacks with FB's pushed on and I wanted to try and recreate this on FM ?
  10. Thanks for the replies. Which role is best suited to get the DMC to drop deep to create a back 3 when in possession? Also does anyone know how to get the CB's to 'split ' when we have the ball so in effect we would have one CD on the left the DMC dropping into the middle and one CB on the right when in possession as the FB's should have pushed up ? Would giving the CB's a player instruction of play wider have this effect?
  11. I am thinking of trying to implement a 451 (41221) system which effectively becomes 343 when in possession. My initial idea was as follows; GK FB (A) CD (D) CD(D) FB (A) Regista CM (D) AP (A) W (S) W(S) CF (S) Now what I wanted to achieve was that when in possession we would effectively have a back 3 of the 2x CB's and the regista with the FB 's pushing on towards midfield to try and create 2 on 1 situations with opposing FB's. However, my concerns are whether we will be strong enough defensively given the attacking mentality of the FB's and whether we would have enough cohesiveness in attack with both wingers and the ST having a support duty? Any thoughts on how this can be developed and the (I'm sure) obvious flaws that I have missed?
  12. Can anyone advise how you can get your players to man mark a specific opposition player during open play? Essentially I am trying to play 3 up front but want the wider players from the front 3 to track back and follow the oppositions FB's when we don't have the ball. I have tried the player instructions 'mark opponents tightly' but they just stand still up front and mark the CB's because it's a narrow front 3? Any ideas??
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