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  1. You'll find out tomorrow night. If Sterling has a stinker you could drop 11 points behind. Plenty of time left this season though regardless, plenty of time to close the gap.
  2. Hi all, sorry not been around much. Life with a business and two young kids means very little FM time, let alone writing. Still hope to come back at some point. Gutting really as have so many ideas that never take off the ground.
  3. Sorry mate, I'm up against you this week. Passed a brick when I saw you had played your triple captain. Genuine LOL when I saw who it was. Pretty unlucky to be fair. I almost played mine last week with Aguero.
  4. Yeah that was not ideal. Two red cards did not help, and I swapped out Ings for Vardy that morning too :-D
  5. Thanks Mark. Two little ones now, makes time for writing very minimal, but would not swap them for the world.
  6. Hi Mark, I'd like to be involved this year if I can. Teamname is Finntastic FC. Name after my little son I've had since being on here last.
  7. saved up two transfers for the next round of games to change my fortunes. Forgot about it until I saw Arsenal were 2-0 at home to Watford. Still have Giroud as Captain. Standard. I think it's fair to say my focus has been elsewhere this season. On the plus side, I'm still doing better than Leicester as defending champion and caught the start of Liverpool vs Chelsea.
  8. when you had Kane as Captain then drop him for Giroud. :cry:
  9. You are right Copper, didn't even notice Balthazars luck was far worse than mine as too busy wallowing in self pity. I'm getting some luck again. Didn't realise there were even any midweek games and managed to beat the leader by a single point.
  10. thought I had started to turn my awful defender-less team fortunes around a bit. Got a few lucky breaks. Made kane my captain this week. Just logged on happy as larry and seen the changes didn't save and Aguero still holds the armband as he sat in the dressing room with flashes of red in his eyes. And I've lost due to points from my opponents bench. I need to give up on this season, far too many players need to be cut and having to do it one at a time is killing me.
  11. Was thinking the same last week but want to see if I can make a challenge still. If I play my wildcard and finally play a team I've picked and get my hat-trick of dunce's, you might not see me around for a while :-D
  12. is this some kind of joke? Made sure I had a quiet night in to do my team in the morning and facebook is full of people cheering on Man United! Why are they playing a game on Friday night? Got to laugh or I'd cry. Team name changed to Shane Duffy FC
  13. So annoyed at myself, I don't think the July placer team is even salvageable so will probably play a wildcard week 2. What I love about the head to head is at least I can catch up.
  14. Any guesses on who forgot to do their team? Absolute disaster!
  15. I'm in again. Hangleton Harriers again until I can think of a better name.
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