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  1. Hi Knap Do you have a mirror image of this tactic available? I have really good wingers on the right and good inside forwards on the left. Or do you think it won't really have an impact?
  2. Does anyone know how I can check how many days are remaining for a player to be eligible for nationality of a country/ EU nationality? I don't see any information about that here. I believe FM 2019 used to mention it here that the player needs 60 more days to be eligible for Spanish nationality for example. If I look at eligibility, it is similarly unhelpful. This player has been at my club for >> 2 years now, but I see no details here about eligibility. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!
  3. Actually I found it. But would be a good idea to update the google sheets so that the link works for this one. Here's hoping this tactic works!
  4. What's the best underdog tactic? I am managing FC Andorra who I somehow managed to get promoted to the Spanish First Division using Fire And Water. However, now I am getting spanked in every match (have tried FIRE and WATER, PILGRIMAGE 2341 P104 ALL CUPS, BEOWULF 442 TM P P102 ALL CUPS). WHat's more, I am conceding penalties and red cards in almost every match. Admittedly the team is horrid, but hoping there is some miracle tactic here which can stop me from getting relegated
  5. Can anyone please let me know if a good tactic using only 3 defenders (i.e. 3-4-3/ 3-5-2/ 3-6-1~) exists here? Thanks!
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