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  1. great skin!! is it possible to add the players age in the players profil somewhere?
  2. Can`t wait for a DL.... Pictures are really great
  3. Is there a way to get the normal match review screen in this skin? As i need it for a FM league. Kind regards, Nico
  4. The new update is amazing.... I love it! great work bossland
  5. I loved this skin last year playing on my notebook on 1366x768.... It was just amazing! Shame on me that I am playing on 1680x1080 now Nevertheless I will recommend this to all low-res players.
  6. amazing skin.... really good job
  7. Thank you very much for low res version.... I really love it Great job Krysler76
  8. By far the best skin for me this year!! Working great in 1366x768 windowed on 100% zoom.... Really good job bossland.... Thanks a lot
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