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  1. I was taking a cursory look and realised that the decision for the number of teams promoted from the inactive leagues has to be set at the top league level. Very counter-intuitive (despite being logical from a programmer's point of view, given that the status of the top league will never be changed).
  2. I would say, you look like Antoine Kombouaré at PSG. First in the league, in the run in the UEFA cup but the new director of football wanted Ancelotti so he just got fired (after 2 seasons and half and one takeover).
  3. Did you by any chance select the option to forbid taking over clubs having a manager when you created your game? If Coventry is the only team without a manager at the moment, this would make sense. (That's just a though so).
  4. Just for information, I played a new game with the dates for the Regional Premier Divisions fixed but this did not fix the random occurrence of league fixtures not generating. I have no idea what is causing this.
  5. Yes, it is in the Level 19 file. About half of them are in the same division.
  6. @Dan BHTFC: I noticed that some teams have their average attendance set at 10000 despite being lower league amateurs. I believe this is an oversight while editing as their training facilities and youth facilities are also set at 10 (which are the default value). Teams concerned: - Holbeach Bank - Chew Magna - Kingsley Park - Kingsley Wizards - Lynton - Park Rangers - Ashwater - Eastside - Purnells Sports - Thorpe Wood Rangers - Farcet United - Peterborough NECI - Long Crendon - Yateley United
  7. Congratulations on an amazing save again! Do you plan on trying to bring the World Cup to Zagreb?
  8. @jwchriste: No other games played in England after the 31st of May in any of the aforementioned years. The date concordance is probably an issue in its own right. The Regional Premier should definitely not end before the Isthmian. The dates should be changed anyway. I just checked and the Regional Premier league games ended on the 27th of April. Playoffs happened the 30th and the 11th of May.
  9. Same thing for me. Only the Regional Premier Divisions. However the scheduling does not seem to be out of date with respect to the previous seasons that worked properly. Dates for the various rounds for all seasons: Season Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Finals Scheduling for next season 2018/19 7/6, 8/6 10/6, 11/6, 15/6 14/6, 18/6 Yes 2019/20 5/6 8/6 12/6 Yes 2020/21 4/6 7/6 11/6 Yes 2021/22 3/6, 4/6 6/6, 11/6 10/6, 14/6 Yes 2022/23 2/6 5/6, 6/6 9/6 Yes 2023/24 7/6 10/6 14/6 Yes 2024/25 6/6 9/6 13/6 Yes 2025/26 5/6 8/6 12/6 No So the issue does not seem to come from the competition not having ended. No idea where it comes from otherwise, One funny thing is that my Head of Recruitment is sending me report every other day when I only ask him to do it every week. Looks like something else is getting messed up.
  10. Same thing happened to me after my 8th season. I had a save from early may but the problem happened again. So, currently living through a very long empty season!
  11. I'm starting my 7th season without trouble. The calendar has just been released. All levels are still activated.
  12. Scenario which can be selected at the beginning of your game. To come back to the original question, when you talk about "cartoon" newgens, are you talking about the faces only or the attribute spread? In the former case, I just ignore the picture, honestly, for me, these are really secondary to my enjoyment of the game and I am more interested by the different situation the game has created after a few years of play. If it the latter then I would be more inclined to start a new save.
  13. I've been using the level 19 without any trouble (currently five seasons in, using the latest database from SI). Would you mind showing a screenshot of where the problem occurs (no need to change your settings to English, I happen to be French...)
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