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  1. @Padders Not sure it would help much. He has also the Tiki-Taka as preferred style which does strike me as defensive minded.
  2. In my experience, ground sharing does not affect your revenue stream but you do have to pay some kind of rent to the host club.
  3. The situation seems completely intentional to me. Clubs only have three statuses in the database : Amateur, Semi-Professional, Professional. In reality, there are fare more nuances but to my understanding the difference between the 3 statuses is as follow : - Amateur : The players do not receive anything for playing (usually they have to pay some kind of membership fee even). - Semi-Professional : Players are able to eventually receive some money from the club but are not full time employees. - Professional : Players are full time employees. To get into how wide the range
  4. You should expect that the number of players will reach this level anyway at some point in time. All teams will fill their squads so there will be very little release and retirement from the youth intakes during the first few years. Running a database this huge with such a large number of leagues will always be slow. Even if you avoid the slow start, you will not be able to avoid a huge slow down down the road. Be (mentally) prepared for this.
  5. From my experience, in terms of sorting the columns, there is no difference between all the 5 stars prospects. So it does not really make sense to distinguish in term of orders between players that have the same number of stars. Another very interesting read by the way. Seems like it could take quite a bit of time to get out of the second tier.
  6. Is that the Beinir Curse? Do everything right (study hard) and always fail the final exam!
  7. I was taking a cursory look and realised that the decision for the number of teams promoted from the inactive leagues has to be set at the top league level. Very counter-intuitive (despite being logical from a programmer's point of view, given that the status of the top league will never be changed).
  8. I would say, you look like Antoine Kombouaré at PSG. First in the league, in the run in the UEFA cup but the new director of football wanted Ancelotti so he just got fired (after 2 seasons and half and one takeover).
  9. Just for information, I played a new game with the dates for the Regional Premier Divisions fixed but this did not fix the random occurrence of league fixtures not generating. I have no idea what is causing this.
  10. Yes, it is in the Level 19 file. About half of them are in the same division.
  11. @Dan BHTFC: I noticed that some teams have their average attendance set at 10000 despite being lower league amateurs. I believe this is an oversight while editing as their training facilities and youth facilities are also set at 10 (which are the default value). Teams concerned: - Holbeach Bank - Chew Magna - Kingsley Park - Kingsley Wizards - Lynton - Park Rangers - Ashwater - Eastside - Purnells Sports - Thorpe Wood Rangers - Farcet United - Peterborough NECI - Long Crendon - Yateley United
  12. Congratulations on an amazing save again! Do you plan on trying to bring the World Cup to Zagreb?
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