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  1. Seems to start clicking finally. I am a bit curious about your financial situation. Do you have some reserves? Do you plan on upgrading your installations soon?
  2. Thanks for the answer. My understanding is that it increases the radius but also increases the potential of your prospects. Could explain the lackluster youth intakes.
  3. Good work Makoto. You get closer and closer. Small curiosity on my part. Is it your choice to not improve the Junior Recruitment or is it your board that continuously reject it? I though that this would help bring youngsters with more potential in.
  4. The ranking is correct. You have to consider all tied teams for the first three criterions. So, in your case, Benfica, Atlético and PSG. Criterion 1 : All teams have 6 points so no changes. Criterion 2 : Goal difference : Benfica and Atlético have +1 (5 for, 4 against); PSG has -2 so PSG is third. Criterion 3 :Away goal between tied teams that means away goals between the three teams even if PSG is already sure to be third. Benfica has 3, Atlético has 1 so Benfica is first.
  5. You seem stuck with a not so hempful board. Your financial situation should be enough now to invest a bit. Good luck on battling for relegation.
  6. If you score 3 goals every time you lose, maybe we should hope for more defeats!
  7. One other option is to use the option "fill all playable teams with players". You will then have full rosters for every teams (no more grey players everywhere. In my experience, this makes things slightly more difficulte and realistic (you can still sign OP players but they have relatively less impact as the other squads are not empty or just filled with juniors).
  8. You should be qualified for next year's Serie D (if you achieve your result in 2018, then you are qualified for the 2019 Serie D).
  9. Bonjour, As-tu essayé de faire une recherche ? Sauf erreur de ma part, la base de données est bien chargée mais pour des raisons d'optimisations, elle ne s'affiche pas tant qu'aucune requête n'a été faite.
  10. What an intake! To be honest, I have never seen that before for a club at this level. Maybe your assistant is on drugs or something?
  11. 2018/2019 Recap League: First with five games to go, we managed to lose against Crawley United after leading by one goal and them playing with only ten players. We follow with a no chow against AFC Hurst II that puts even promotion in jeopardy. But we righted the ship and the late collapse of Crawley United, including a loss against their reserves on the last day, saw us through for the title and we will play in Division 8 next year. Cups: A disappointing exit in the Tester Challenge Cup against our new nemesis Crawley United. No goals scored during regular time but Crawley gets a man sent off. We scored early in extra time before collapsing and seeing Crawley score two despite being dominated. Raging! In the other cups, we bring home the two trophies with a memorable final of the Brian Hall Challenge Cup. Our best goalscorer, Nathan Fitzpatrick, decides to leave the club one week before the final. I decide to put Adam Carruthers in on the left wing. The young prospect was developing nicely but did not fit the system so well and started getting angry for not playing enough. Maybe he was right? 3 goals and 3 assists later, we win 6-0. Transfers: Poaching from semi-professional clubs continue. We lost a useless backup, Roland Fearn but also our two best players so far, Richie Taylor and Nathan Fitzpatrick. Fortunately they both play then wings and strikers, where we have a lot of depth so this should not affect us to much on the long term. On the other hand, the players I would like to unload continuously decide to stay at the club, especially Bryn Baxter who is always unhappy with training despite not having any individual training. Probably the worst personality I have seen in the game. I might have to take some drastic measure and start firing. Players: Huge season from Nathan Fitzpatrick and Richie Taylor before leaving us but Andrew Daniels is ready to take charge now with Adam Carruthers as a support. This means we will have to go back to a 4-4-2 base for next season. Off the field: The biggest satisfaction of the season. The president accepted to put the developping youngsters philosophy in the club and promptly granted some upgrades to youth coaching and recruitment before agreeing again after the end of the season. After getting both National B and National A, he also agreed to let me go get my Continental C badge. I probably no longer look like a complete incompetent.
  12. 2019 Youth Intake Another so-so intake despite our upgrades in youth coaching and recruitment. Pete Morgan is our best youth according to the staff but I disagree. Nobody is good enough for the first. We received our first Japanese however, kind of a Lilliputian striker!
  13. 2018/2019 Mid-Season League: Strong start of the season from Crawley United. As expected, they should be our main contenders this year. We had our first epic meet which ended strangely: - 3': 1-0 Fairwarp : Kieron Westley victoriously heads in a cross from Christos Koudas. - 84': Penalty for Crawley United : Glyn West pushed a little Chris Browne on a corner kick. - 85': 1-1 : Eoin Cohen transforms the penalty. - 93': Penalty for Fairwarp : Big foul of Mitchell Mills on Bryn Baxter and Fairwarp has the opportunity to win it. - 94': Stephen McTiernan hits the cross bar. Endgame. Apart from this missed opportunity, we have been pretty solid. We played Iffield Galaxy II twice and we do not seem to like them with 1 draw and 1 loss. Cup: Everything is okay on that front. We are through in the three competitions but another duel with Crawley United awaits us in the Tester Challenge Cup. Transfers: Poaching is starting. We lost our number two centre back, Matty Cotterill to Chessington K.C. We were already pretty bad in the back and this will not help. Hopefully, Glyn West seems to develop nicely. Off the field: I obtained the National B badge and our finances are getting better. I am hoping for some upgrades soon.
  14. 2018/2019 Season Preview Second season in the Mid Sussex Division 9. We need to get promoted this year. Our main rival should be the only other first team engaged, Crawley United. The team should be up to the task. My main concern is the defence which is paper thin. Honestly, only Rees Atkinson is a valid option at centre back. On the other hand, we have a clear surplus of left wingers. I don't know it will pan out but I expect Andrew Daniels to be our first true prospect to have a serious impact.
  15. 2017/2018 Season Recap: On a global note, the season has been slightly disappointing. Probably largely due to me mishandling the first half. A tactical shift from a 4-4-2 to a 4-1-2-3 at mid-season really helped turn the team around. The team finally seemed to gel but the final run saw us end just short after a thrilling end of the season. League: We were right in the mix until we dropped two points inexplicably against Fletching. Things seemed a bit dire but hope was coming from the division above. Crawley United was struggling one division above which meant that their reserve team will be unable to get promoted. With two games to go, we needed a defeat either from Ashurst Wood (playing Crawley United) or from West Hoalthy (playing Fletching) to get our destiny back into our hands but both drew. We then needed a win against West Hoalthy and at least a draw from Ashurst. They did not falter and we are stuck in division 9 for one more year. Cups: After our quick exit from the Mid Sussex Cup, we still managed to survive the Brian Hall Challenge but got eliminated without playing well. The Tester Challenge Cup was a winning campaign highlighted by a win in a shootout with Crawley United that ended at 3-3 after a crazy scenario. Taste of things to come next year as we will face each other in the league. Transfers: Obviously no recruits but our backup keeper got unhappy about not playing. After a heated discussion, I told him he was free to go. Our president probably overheard and just fired him on the spot. I would have liked to keep him around a bit longer but fortunately we managed to play the rest of the season with only one keeper. Off the field: Nothing worth noticing. I managed to get the National C license but that's about it. No money means no upgrades.
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