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  1. Hornets http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watford_F.C.
  2. use 1 machine as a server

    This, Remote Desktop or VNC are probably the best options. Using the downstairs computer as a server does not solve the underlying problem of the laptop not being able to handle running the game (as a client, it would still have to handle the match engine amongst others). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Network_Computing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_Desktop_Protocol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_remote_desktop_software
  3. I read the same thing in a blog post/developer diary/new feature reveal at some point too, but i cannot for the life of me find it anywhere.
  4. Surely the editor works on the databases installed with the game. If you are buying a boxed copy of the game, you won't have the data files the editor needs to work.
  5. These are the official forums of the people who make the game. Any talk alluding to or condoning piracy of the game (however minor) is pretty morally reprehensible.
  6. You do not retain the ability to still play that CD/DVD/Xbox game in this situation. It is not the same thing. Regardless of the legality, it is not a good comparison to make. As is this. Marriage is a legal contract, for a start. The products are completely different too. The only slight parallel you could even draw with regards to a car is sharing the car with a spouse that has no driving license and no insurance. Even then, it is a completely terrible analogy.
  7. Release day patch

    Yeah i don't really get what the point of all that work is at all, literally the only thing being kept is the name. But each to their own, i guess.
  8. Just buy the boxed version. You could theoretically activate it via steam on one PC and use a normal DVD install on another at the same time without any issues at all. (quite why you need to do this, I'm not sure, beyond trying to gyp on paying for two copies for two completely separate people).
  9. FM11 - a gap year

    Constructive opinions might actually help the game improve perhaps? I mean you could sit and just post repeatedly that you hate the game, but if you dont actually provide any reason why, how would a developer know what needs improving? I mean if you really don't have any opinion on why you don't like it, why expend time and effort making a post. It's like saying I hate this game, it's really buggy. Then not actually telling anybody what any of the bugs you encountered were so they never get fixed.
  10. Same old quality coaches!

    I make my own mind up about the relative merits of my players. I guess i like to think it's part of being a football manager Your system still would for top of the division clubs, like Real and Barca whose players do all rate in as the best in the league, but that leaves no room for the truly world class to stand out. Like i said, current implementation works fine for what it is intended (there is more to the game than can be expressed by the big list of numbers, GenieScout works out a % value of how good a player could be in a position. It cannot predict whether he will play well or not, be successful or not)
  11. FM11 - a gap year

    Because most of the time people don't actually give any real indication of why they don't like it, or post any sort of constructive feedback. Kitsch or cliché phrases such as "dumbing down" without actually provdiing any sort of example or reasoning is just as unhelpful as a bunch of rampant SI fanboyism. Also the 20 threads per hour started by people who want to feel like a special and unique snowflake with a thread of their very own rather than posting in one of the existing 1,000 threads about demo impressions, will you be buying, etc etc is also pretty tiresome. There are a tonne of reasons to not be greatly enthused with the demo. The player/board interactions are pretty terrible and hackneyed (i cannot remember ever in my life finishing a conversation with somebody "I am walking out before i say something i regret!", especially over a minor disagreement). The new features aren't particularly game-changing or enhancing in a major way, they are a front-end to existing systems for the most part. If you dont really care about having the latest and greatest data update, you've every right to not want to buy it. There are some reasons to like it also, swifter, real time contract negotiations, the match preparation system looks like it could be interesting, match engine looks improved. If people actually formed some kind of coherent reasoning beyond "This sucks, not buying" then maybe progress might actually be made.
  12. Same old quality coaches!

    Eh? No i didn't. I proceeded to explain why i thought it would be a tonne of effort for no real information gain. Yet nearly every single other person agrees, once they understand the concept (which is basically all common sense) that the current system works perfectly fine for the purpose it is intended for. This could go on forever, i could post more about how your particular system doesnt work, but that's about it. The current system works fine for what it is intended to represent.
  13. Same old quality coaches!

    You are missing the entire point. How do you set a figure for what you are suggesting. By what metric do you measure what the ability of the league is (that isn't already in place?). Are you saying there should be an arbitrary system where if you are in the premier league, anybody above 170 CA is 5 star, 160-170 is 4 star 150-160 is 3-star etc etc. (presumably this is the system already in place which tells you "good player", "leading star" anyway). How does that actually help you? At the most it gives you avery specific range that the player's ability is in (the point being that you're not really supposed to be able to tell for definite what this is), you might as well just use a 3rd party application to ascertain this information. A system like that still doesn't really address the issue of comapring the strength of your players against the strength of other players in the division. It is a purely theoretical system that hold no value. (for instance, that would rate a coked up Adrian Mutu, Berbatov, a fat Adriano, Benzema, Van Persie and Frederic freakin Kanouté as all being the same skill). As the game progresses, how do those arbitrarily set figures actually reflect the standard of player in the league? What if the standard or regen declines? What if the league becomes less popular and the good players are less inclined to play in that league? Unless you make it a system that some how averages out dynamically all the abilities of the players currently active, it's not really useful. At which point, how do you judge which players to include or not young developing players will bring the current average ability level down, therefore skewing the results. Do you have to break all this information down further to specifically position based? What about a league that produces sensational attackers but terrible goalkeepers and defenders. If you base it on average ability across the board, then the defender you have might look decidely poor compared to average skill, but in reality, he is the best defender in the country. The current system works two fold, the star rating of your player is relative to the club reputation, the club reputation is tied to how successfull they are within a league (which again has a defined world wide reputation). The system you describe is literally already in place in a round about way. Personality, morale, determination, consistency, temperament, does he only relish the big games, are all influencing factors. That 5* player might have an ability of 180 and be rated 5* in comparison to the rest of the league. What good does it do you? It's not suddenly going to make him play well.
  14. Where has assistant advice gone??

    Surely the new system assumes you discuss it with your assistant manager behorehand by making you ask him to compile a report? That is really the whole point of scouting networks.
  15. Where has assistant advice gone??

    Perhaps you could get his advice before opening contract negotiations with them? I mean in the old system did you think he came bursting into the Board Room as you were penning a contract screaming "Don't do it boss, he's shiiiiiiiiiiite!". Or perhaps he was stood outside the window with a cheeky wee grin, giving you the thumbs up as you were were signing the contract? "Sorry Mr. Beckham, it has suddenly come to my attention that my assistant Terry over there thinks you are a terrible player. Sorry to have dragged you all the way down here for nothing. If you'll just leave my pen on the table as you leave, that'll be grand."