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  1. I'm sure many of you guys have seen this, but I haven't read the forums in years and have never seen this happen in FM. My top goal-scorer, 23-yo Belgian regen, Matis Staelens, just came out of the closet. Such an awesome new(?) feature with regens. This guys been setting the Premier League and the rest of the world alight and has won the last three Ballon d'Or and loads of other prizes. Wonder when the world is ready for something like this happening in the real world. Hopefully soon. :)
  2. Running the game in "Safe Mode with Networking" did the trick luckily. All good now. Hopefully it helps others as well.
  3. Any news on this? I get the same error code (55) when Steam tries to complete the installation. Download went fine, but completing the install stops at 1%. Didn't install the beta at all, so only the full version.
  4. Kennedy Bakircioglû is still playing in Sweden and even played for Ajax in his career: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kennedy_Bakircioglü
  5. This kid's already England number two behind Hart, at age 18.. From my own academy and being tutored by Lloris and given an odd game here and there as well.
  6. Sold him.. and surprise, surprise, Sandro and Hughes both out for 2-3 months with pre-season injuries. Who'd have known. Luckily I have two good prospects from my own academy who get more playing time now and thinking about bringing in Diego Reyes maybe..
  7. It's the summer after season three and I have a £46M offer on the table from Barcelona for Bentaleb and I have no idea should I sell or not.. He's a good player already, but only a rotation player behind Dembele in CM slot. But..what to do, what do..
  8. Finished season three last night and it ended with with us winning the domestic quadruple and losing to Barcelona in the CL quarters. We beat them 2-0 at home in first leg but in the second leg it was the Leo Messi Show as Barca beat us 5-2, Messi scoring four goals, including Barca's fifth goal with three seconds left in injury-time sending them through. Tough loss, but it leaves us something to be better at next season. So a second Premier League trophy in a row for us and first two major cup trophies to go with them, so I can't be too unhappy. Stand-out performers were Adnan Januzaj (27 goals + 12 assists in all comps.), Facundo Ferreyra (20 goals) and Eriksen (10+26). More on the season later maybe, I'm at work now and don't remember every detail.. Can't wait for season four, the first one at New White Hart Lane, it's gonna be fun!
  9. Lamela had been okey for me in the two and a half seasons, but nothing phenomenal, so I went with it. It's a sh*tload of money and will be good to balance the books. Andrija Zivkovic is turning into a really good player and it'll be good to get him even more games. Stanciu might be a good buy, as he can play in so many positions and will probably cost under £10M. And I still have Townsend as well. Yeah, back from NYC, unfortunately. Came back a week ago and it's been hard to adjust to normal life again. It was an unbelievable trip all the way. Something t remember for a long long time. Two NHL games, a Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon taping, good food, sightseeing of course and so much other stuff. Sadly no FM talks, though.
  10. Just sold Lamela to PSG for £65M january window, season three, all of the money straight up. He was doing well, but it was just too good to refuse. Zivkovic will get more playing time and thinking about bringing in Stanciu.
  11. How about trying the Tactics & Training discussion? http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/18-Tactics-amp-Training-Discussion
  12. Auto save, auto save and once more auto save. At least once in two weeks.
  13. Haha, yeah, I've managed.. don't know how, though. All kidding aside, she's cool with me playing, she knows it's my "own time". And we're in the same room when I play, she might be watching TV and I have my laptop on my lap at the same time. And she comes home from work a couple of hours after me, so that's not a bad thing either considering FM.. But thanks, it'll be a blast!
  14. I'm sure Reus will be awesome as well. At start I think he'll do even better than Januzaj, before Januzaj develops fully. So a really nice signing for you! I'm wondering how I'll do without FM from saturday onwards for ten days. Damn wedding and honeymoon in NYC for nine days getting in the way...
  15. I wanted to see if I could bring success to the club with mainly the players at the from the start. I did now buy some more new guys, but I need the players the cope with the CL football and I'm sure the domestic cup runs won't be as bad they were last season either. I brought in Jonathan Tah (£6.75M), Will Hughes (£3M), Ricardo Rodriguez (£12.5M) and then I went for Facundo Ferreyra (£13.5M) instead of Rhodes. I think I got nice deals for all four.
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