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  1. FM before always made the manager at least 30 years old at the start of a game. You could indeed fill in your exact date of birth, but once you started playing the year would be changed automatically to make you 30 years of age. So if you'd fill in 30 June 1987 in FM2010, the game would change this to 30 June 1980. You might not have even noticed this as it doesn't give any warning of it doing so. So all in all (I suppose - I haven't gotten to play the demo yet due a problem) the age has actually been brought down by 5 years and you're now unable to fill in your exact age if you're under 25.
  2. That's exactly why I noted I had already tried verifying my game cache. I've been using Steam for years, I know how the d*mn thing works -.- Thanks for trying though !next
  3. Hello there, I've just downloaded and installed the FM2012 Demo. However when I launch the game it won't open. It does start a process on my computer which I can see in my Task Manager, however all this does is have an increasing memory usage over time. I've left it open for approximately 10 minutes now and the memory usage has increased from +/- 20.000kB to just under 160.000kB. But still no game. I have tried verifying my game cache, it downloaded 40.5MB of extra data, still no result. Sooo... How screwed am I? Cheers, Michiel Edit: turning off my anti-virus doesn't help either (was an idea I read in the bugs-forum).
  4. As FM 2012 Approaches

    Another point I'd like to make: learn to read. I never said anything about "late" November. I just said November. Secondly I don't see the 21st as being "late" October, actually I think it's mid October - though I can see why people would think otherwise. And as I mentioned in my previous post (again; learn to read) the December (and later) releases were back in the days of CM, so indeed in recent years this hasn't happened anymore (resulting in truckloads of bugs though, but well.. at least they make their deadlines)
  5. I'm a supporter of AFC Ajax, don't you think I know a bit about Suarez? :') The thing I was aiming at was Luis being a prototype of the kind of players who come from South America. They are mentally completely different to European players.
  6. That I can imagine being a problem when playing in full screen. I myself always play in windowed mode allowing me to check the forums and such while playing
  7. My ideal solution is the button "Print Screen" and pasting it in Photoshop. No other downloadable screenshot manager is ever going to give you the same quality to size ratio.
  8. Just tried this, does seem to give a little increase in fluency and a tat in speed. Can't say it's anything special here though. Running Windows 7, 6GB of RAM of which 2GB is allocated to the RAMDisk.
  9. One question: have you seen Luis Suarez play? That's your answer.
  10. As FM 2012 Approaches

    If you don't know, please don't give false info. If you want to take it down that road, go cry yourself a river over being wrong yourself too. Of all versions of FM 1 was released in late October, 2 were released in early November. FM2005 on November 5. FM2006 on October 21, 2 weeks before planned release date of November 4. FM2007 18th, 2008 18th and 2010 30th of October. FM2009 on the 14th of November. FM2011 November 5. Whereas the last CM's released by SI on one or two occasions were actually released on a later date due to delays. *yawn*
  11. As FM 2012 Approaches

    Generally in November, sometimes with a delay until December.
  12. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Nice And thank you
  13. Please give me a job?

    Not me really, taken Smitshoek from the Dutch 5th division to the Eredivisie and along the way I got offered truckloads of jobs. Haven't gotten any more since I took the job at Paksi SE in Hungary though... Been there for nearly 3 seasons now.
  14. Funny Screenshots Thread

    May I ask what Hungary's UEFA coëfficient is in your game and what position they are on the list?
  15. Haha, great story Aussie! I'm sure Oss will be more than happy to welcome the both of you in their stadium. Our Dutch second division is kind of money troubled, stadiums are half empty every match... It's quite sad actually On a side note: FC Oss were to promote this year anyway. Even if they had finished rock bottom. The other teams in the Topklasse (3rd division) don't want to promote since the rules for promotion set by the Dutch FA are far too strict with regards to playing grounds and teams having to turn professional. They can't afford all that. FC Oss is the only team who is professional already in our 3rd division, so they were the only candidate for promotion