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  1. I am currently using Mane and Salah as inside forwards in my liverpool save, but I'd love to have them swapping wings during the game and changing their roles to wingers when on the other sides. So far I have the tactic set with inside forwards set to swap, with Salah and Mane then set to a personalised role as wingers when put in AML and AMR respectively. This works for the first time they swap (generally around the 30 minute mark) but then they don't swap back for the rest of the game without me manually changing it. Is there any way to get this to work without having to set up a whole new tactic (using up one of my 3 tactic slots if I want them to be experienced in it) and manually changing throughout the game? They don't get stuck when swapping wings if I turn off the personalised roles, for some reason the personalised role stops them from swapping back. I'd love to find a solution because I want to experiment with the idea of swapping my CAM (AP-S) and ST (CF-A) during the game and giving them roles of CAM (SS-A) and ST (F9-S) As a sidenote - It's a shame there isn't a way to control how often or when players swap positions (ie. setting it to certain times/scenarios for each position or just having it completely random and giving the players themselves the freedom) rather than a set swap every 30 mins.
  2. Tactational

    Developing a 5-4-1/3-6-1 Box

    I've just finished my 1st season as Liverpool after doing something similar to this. I tried to create an adapted 3-4-3/3-6-1 similar to the one we have been using recently, focusing on the performance against Arsenal and how we played then. What I produced was a ridiculously attacking tactic, we both scored and conceded loads. I only used it as a home tactic because it we were too vulnerable to counters away but over the entire season my home record was 19-3-3, scoring 85 and conceding 36. I'm not great with tactics and feel I've stumbled onto this more with luck rather than skill so I'd really appreciate it if people could pick at it's faults and show me where to improve. I'd really love to get a version of it that I can use away from home.
  3. Two small things I'd like to see: - The option to change colour (maybe even the design) of kits every season or every two seasons. It could be implemented that the board would only allow certain colours (in most occasions being similar to the current ones) could be used for the home kits and maybe with a bit more freedom on the away and third kits. The board could be very strict or lax about it, or it could be done for you without your input until you've been at the club for a while. They may even force you to change your kit to a whole different colour, mush to the annoyance of the fans. - In the staff responsibilities section, there is a feature to have only the manager being the one to finalise transfers into the club, but not one to allow the manager to have the final say on players leaving. There is no option of allowing a DoF (or any other staff member) to do all the legwork in selling a player whilst retaining the final say. I lost a good player to an awful deal when a bid came in below the minimum I'd set that was made up of mostly installments and appearence clauses and the like, the bid was accepted, finalised and the player gone all after one continue press. One big thing I'd like to see: - All of the nice bits from FML put into the game. Match plans, youth academies, stadiums, customisation, etc.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies guys, been playing this for ages and never even noticed
  5. I just wondered if there is some sort of English Premier League rule in-game that stops you from being able to sign players from other prem teams on free transfers when they are in the final 6 months of their contract? For some reason I don't get the approach to sign option, even though the players are able to leave on free transfers to foreign clubs and I can approach anyone in the foreign leagues, just wasn't sure if I was missing a rule in the game.
  6. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    I'd say there were many, many problems before that forced them into the reset. I would say they should have given people some sort of reward for their loyalty and work on the team, but they gave us about 5 months free play didn't they?
  7. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    I do agree with making FML with an FTP structure, I think it would suit well. I would have it so that there were board expectations, with rewards for success. It wouldn't necessarily have to be winning the treble, but just simply doing better than expected in the league/cup, etc. You could have an "investment" income, which would go up or down each season based on how well you did the season before. The "base investment" amount would be something like 20% of the prize money for the position and rounds you're expected to finish in, with 20% then taken off all of the prize money payouts so it evens out in the long run. Although this would seem harsh on the new members, the amount lost for doing badly would be very small at their level and not much too worry about. But you could always have "the board" send them an official news item where they gently encourage you to get a mentor (community position - a bit like UFL's idea of mentors) to help rescue the season. But then again, I would've had the whole economy overhauled, it was way too easy to dominate financially.
  8. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    I disagree tbh, I don't think it was simply losing that made the newcomers leave so quickly. I always thought it was the scammers running riot and there simply not being any achievable goals when starting off in an experienced world. If you joined an experienced world, you'd find that only a few others came in with you, there was no real competition at the bottom, and no-one or nothing there to guide you up to a level where you can challenge. It's easy to forget how hard the game was to get around when we first started. The wizard and manual were good for what they were designed for, but neither really gave an idea of how to rise up the ladder. If I was paying at least a fiver a month with no real prospect of proper progress, I wouldn't sit there for six months wasting £30, would you? And when you're in a rut like that, it doesn't then take a lot to make you quit, like a ridiculous loss perhaps. It is way too easy to say that it wouldn't work because people didn't like losing. Imo it is short-sightedness like that which cost the game really.
  9. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    Are we talking about the same FML? Most of the league tiers were based on the English system, and all teams were fictional. Although I agree that no-one would pay to be bottom of the table each and every season, if it was easier at the bottom to actually make your way up, that wouldn't have had to be a problem. There was also no need to be online a lot to do well, and as the game went by they made it even easier for the casual user. You couldn't just leave it for months and win everything anyway, of course not, being online more will have an advantage as any MMO, but it certainly was possible as they put the features in place for the casual user.
  10. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    I always found that people associated FML and FM too closely. They were different games with completely different feels. I wouldn't really compare FML to fantasy football though really...
  11. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    Yeah, new starters in a full and established world would've taken a good half a year to get to grips with the game and get only a decent team going. Which was a bit expensive and not particularly fun. I was lucky that my bedding in was done in beta so when I started paying I knew what I was doing and didn't get stuck at the bottom. With a fantasy database though you could easily control the amount of players and the overall level, at least compared to a gameworld with real players, so having a large gameworld shouldn't be a problem in that respect?
  12. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    Was never part of a smaller gameworld, were they in the really early pre-release beta?
  13. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    Wow, this thread really picking up. Would love to see the game come back, it wouldn't really need any developers - just give us ME updates as they come through the FM beta, or maybe even buy out the UFL guys and integrate their ideas if they would do that, and give them the job of coding/managing everything but the ME? They have the direction that FML never had, and definitely have the passion and ethos to make it succeed. There wouldn't need to be many gameworlds, one that holds maybe 2000 managers (or whatever the demand is, really) but I'd put in more players as it was much easier to compete as a new manager in a half-full world because you could start off with a team that challenged and would play to your tactics reasonably well. If it isn't profitable, ask the forums if a price increase would be taken, I would've happily paid double myself, and others on here said they would've too. And even after that if it isn't profitable, just use it as testing, there were many things in FML that I would still love to see in FM. Not so much the youth academies and stadiums, but more the little things that made it so much easier and more fun to use. If making a great game even better comes at a small cost, surely it has to be worth it?
  14. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    7 users browsing this thread :O Are we that addicted still?
  15. Tactational

    Football Manager Live

    Efe won't win if I'm there from the start