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  1. Skin was working for me at midnight, since this afternoon, it is not there. When I opened a save game, it then appeared? I unsubscribed/resubscribed to the skin after clearing my cache, it is now not showing on a save game. Very confusing.
  2. Are backgrounds supported by the game or do they require skin support?
  3. For those in the UK and countries listed above, Gamefly is cheaper.
  4. Gamefly: Also, distribution is handled by Sega, not SI. BETA access is certain with Gamefly as were other pre-orders I have had with them from other publishers.
  5. £24.49 http://digital.gamefly.co.uk/#!/download-football-manager-2014/5006634 GO GO GO.
  6. Does one exist? I have looked but cannot find one, thanks.
  7. A Standalone, dedicated server is a definite MUST. And for those who bang on about requiring a GSP, understand what you are talking about. The current implementation of listen servers is a mess and is cumbersome for those who want to setup a proper server for themselves and their mates. I have a rig at home which is used for hosting a minecraft, Killing Floor and a few other servers for friends. I have a good upload speed so runs fine. It is cumbersome to have to be running the game client just to host a game, there is no need for the gui when running a server. I and others just want to setup a dedi server and run it on our systems and leave it at that and it allways be active. PLEASE provide a dedicated server alongside the current listen server for those who need them.
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