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  1. Its just too over complicated and has taken the fun out of looking for players.
  2. Brian Deane on tactics. That's realistic!
  3. I actually think its the worst version of the game since the CM / FM split. It really isn't an enjoyable game.
  4. Hi Ive been really successful with a very similar tactic but the wheels completely fell off it on the 16.2 patch. Interesting that you've managed to get it to work under this patch. I'll have a look at yours as I've got all the right players for it. Although I play with a target man and a false 9.
  5. Yeah Ive had the same thing except I had 2 good tactics under the original patch which were great but since 16.2 nothing is really helping, this one included as well unfortunately.
  6. Hi Tweebier, I'm going to give this a try with my Wycombe save. I've been doing ok but looking for a tactic to really push me on. I got successive promotions to the Premier League and am now starting my second season in the top flight after finishing 8th last season. I only mention this because it will be interesting to see how it works with a team picking it up quite far into the game and massively punching above its weight. I actually adopt a similar system to you with marauding wing backs so it should suit my players.
  7. Since the new patch/update the game has become ridiculous. I now seem to concede a penalty a game, doesn't matter what I do. It's definitely something to do with changes to the match engine as it didn't happen for the first three seasons I played the game under the initial match engine. It's almost making the game unplayable as I just know I'm going to concede at least a goal a game because the match is rigged. It's really rather frustrating.
  8. I seem to be having some luck with aiming for penalty spot. Ive got 1 player attacking from deep and 1 player lurking outside area. One of them usually gets a shot away which sometimes goes in or if not causes mayhem in the area and forces a shot.
  9. I agree its hard to find a consistent tactic. I won division 2 with Wycombe using a midfield diamond and that seemed really effective.
  10. Looking forward to it Mr Hough. I made a variation of your 4123 tactic with a target man that destroyed FM15 but it doesn't seem to work in 16. I was thinking about reinventing the diamond in a 442 again instead but making it fairly similar to the 4123 formation which has just been the king of the last few games.
  11. Yeah I think they are best off to see how he does next season. We've seen them incorrectly pump up player stats before only to be very wrong.
  12. Bit low PA for me. Should be at least 167. He's as good as any young striker in Europe at the moment.
  13. I'm finding the regens in this version of fm the worst for a long time. Just can't find any really amazing ones in quite a few saves.
  14. So this tactic is actually ridiculous. I thought I'd give it a go after a proper preseason in the championship in 2016 with my Wycombe save as all of Mr Hough's tactics have always been so good. Anyway I'm top after 21 games. Scoring 77 goals!!! Just amazing.
  15. Thanks Mr hough. I'm struggle a bit with this tactic unfortunately. It's especually annoying as its my favoured formation. I'm winning division one with Wycombe wanderers with your previous tactic though. It's still going strong. I'll try it next year if I can get better defenders in the championship. I think that's my problem as I conceed too many goals with this new formation.
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