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    Young Kid, Likes Footy & Games.

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  1. Scott, If I get banned, I will still be in this challenge, I will recieve bids through MSN ect. :D:D:D Woohoo, I have smelly socks LOL
  2. That is not fair, I want some sort of compensation, that is totally unfair!
  3. I already bid for Ribery I bid £15M For Diego Capel and Robben and £2m for Navas.
  4. Really, that is a strange coinky-dink, oh well welcome to the forum 26 posts-in-a-day dude
  5. Just the first season millsy, they get 221 or 211M in first season, millsy.
  6. I am joining in cos I joined init and you sed i could join
  7. Jesus Navas I bid £12M and Ruben De La Red
  8. I cannot wait to do spain in january, look forward to working as a team, 'Friend' [/sarcasm]
  9. I know it is, so grown up I am
  10. Bid rejected for Ramos, El Mccoli