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  1. Hi guys Im not sure if this is a bug or not, but i can't see how its possible to search for staff that isn't interrested Like in fm17, i could see which top managers were unemployed, how would i do that in fm 18? cheers
  2. I suppose you dont know the cause of the error either, as previusly stated i dont have anti virus running, or any of those programs on that list.
  3. I use single file save, so no, this save is ruined, but how to prevent it?
  4. Hello, this is the first time i've noticed that players history has gone missing, its happend on many many players and managers I suppose this save is ruined, but how can i prevent it in the future? http://s13.postimg.org/y88s7iytj/player_history_missing.jpg' alt='player_history_missing.jpg'> adult image host[/img]
  5. Hello Wondering if there is somehow i can avoid managers to accept international jobs Im tired of Luis Enrique and Jurgen Klopp always going to spain/germany after 1 season cuz the previus managers get sacked I've tried adding dont want to manage in spain/germany in the editor, but it didnt help cheers
  6. Hello Sweet editors, could anyone make a version for fm16, Royal league once again
  7. Could anyone do me a version fm 15 of this one?
  8. Hi After the update my game cant find my editor files, the option is greyed out, i've tried reinstalling fm15, that didnt help, when i load up the editor and press "load" all my files are there (C:\Users\Gus\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\editor data) Any tips? nevermind, deleted my preferences..
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