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  1. don't see it on xbox gamepass for pc and haven't seen a confirmed release date buti wanna try before i buy and demo doesnt do it for me.
  2. Is it available for Gamepass on PC? I know it was set for a release but I didn't see a date.
  3. gettingcrash dump on start up, been working fine up until a few days ago, this is the latest crash dump that i uploaded to the FTP: FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.10.12 12.54.27).dmp
  4. uninstalled, deleted all folders that remained after uninstalling, reinstalled making sure it was on the C drive with plenty of room, at first workshop wouldn't let me run, asking to enable steam in game, but restarted computer and all is now working fine and i can download from the workshop no problem. I can now save tactics and selections etc locally and on the workshop without a problem.
  5. i'm running windows 10 is there anything specific I need to do with folders or steam prior to re-installing? I have had issues with games in windows 10 previously.
  6. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016 is where folders with games, skins, sounds and editor data are but i can't find a folder with matches in. i tried both methods and still can't seem to get the workshop items to show up in game, or find where they may be intalled.
  7. I'm having trouble getting anything to work from the steam workshop even the official content. I have FM2016 installed on an E drive and i did previously have the demo version on C drive so idunno if that might cause any issues, i have uninstalled it from steam but regardless i cannot save anything tactics or team selection wise it also will not let me change the location at all, the buttons are grayed out so icant even move to a diffrent folder or drive. Also i cannot run anything from the workshop, i have tried both the suggested ways to subscribe to the content however it doesnt seem to install on my computer and icant find the location of where the files may be installed. it also doesnt show up in the download section after subscribing.
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