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  1. under review

    Same issue as well. Just as reported.
  2. Thanks, @Nic Madden. Definitely a must-have. I came back to an earlier point of the game and didn't buy him. It was painful, though :-)
  3. Reported here:"
  4. I am facing the same problem Fabio does. I use three tactics. How can I train all of them instead just one?
  5. Just found out what was happening. This was the first time I had started a campaign with a team in Germany, where the winter break is longer than in other countries. I was making a mistake: I wasn't scheduling friendlies, so when the team came back, they were lacking match fitness. I started a new game and when the winter break came, I played a few matches to keep the rhythm and the drop hasn't happened. This was likely to be the reason. Thanks for your inputs, anyway.
  6. Well, I don't mean having bad morale, though. Usually, my teams have around 75-80% of harmony as there is always someone unhappy because plays less. Complacency could happen once, but I adopt a very harsh approach towards players when there is complacency (and it hardly backfires). Players simply start playing badly for no apparent reason. The squad in the matter is Dortmund, where most players are experienced, so I wouldn't say it can be lack of experience or mental toughness.
  7. I'd like to ask you about sudden drops in the performance of a team during a match. I play FM for a long time now, and could always detect the obvious reasons that have led a team to start a losing sequence: injuries, tactics broken by the artificial intelligence of the game, etc. I know most of the drills, like rotating the tactics, changing the orders for players on specific matches, improvising new things during a game according to the statistics and a few others. However, sometimes there are drops I can't exactly figure out and I start wondering reasons "similar" to the real world. However, there are times where I don't know if these are only my imagination or they happen to other players as well. Is it possible to have sudden drops in the performance of the team due to any of the following reasons? - important players are not "clearly" tired but have already "peaked" during that season and lost their form. - important players not yet complaining, but not satisfied with the terms of their contracts and as a consequence, decrease their performance levels - small squad that does not allow proper rotating. To be clear: when I say "drop" in performance I mean something like having 2 or 3 defeats in the first 30 matches and then suddenly losing five in a row (without any particular sequence of very strong teams, for instance) without any injuries, suspensions, visible levels of insatisfaction, etc, including the rotation between tactics exactly the same way during the "victorious" period. Let me know your views about possible causes to these slumps in performances and to know if any of you also went through situations like that. Thanks
  8. I try to agree with Skeletor (although I don't know if Cleon has answered it). A feature cannot be introduced with the justificative that it's bad but it was worse before and we could not realize it. The Man Marking/Zonal Marking thing disappearing from the scene (at least I couldn't find it so far) saying that they can be replaced by "mark tight" or some other similar order is not acceptable by FM standards. Actually, I had patience to try marking systems as many times as necessary to have a proof they were valid. If everything was farcical, it may be a great shame then.
  9. First of all, if there is already a topic on this, I am sorry. I've really tried to look for any mentions regarding how the tactics are coded or of unnoficial custom tactics editors for FM 2013. That said, I'd like to ask: is there any known unnoficial tactics editor for FM? Back in the Championship Manager times, I remember to have seen some editors around. ideally, I'd like to create and edit tactics outside the game. If someone knows any, I'd be glad to know. In case there is no tactics editor available, can someone at SI tell me in which language the current .tac files are compiled? Even if they cannot be properly read outside the game, I'd like to understand a bit about it. Thanks in advance
  10. RTHerringbone, the comparison wouldn't be on Joe Smith's name. What the system would compare are the other stats regarding a player who plays on a specific position. As the game starts, "Jovetic" would be an "entity" that could allow comparisons for the same ID item (aka the player). After thsi ID retires, all that is left are the comparisons for players in the same positions. Ex: a striker with pace 20 would be more valuable than a striker with pace 10. The difference is that the algorithm would take in consideration all stats, giving more or less weight for each criteria depending on the position (handling for goalkeepers, positioning for defenders, etc). There would be variation year by year as the AI raises prices during the game. Cheers
  11. I believe the main problem is the AI may be acceptable for most games in the beginning, but after a short while, it shows its limits due to the lack of flexibility. I am not an AI expert, but don't see how it may change without the input of new information in the game all the time. The way it is, after some seasons the distortions start to show.
  12. Well, no as well. The info would start with the stats (hidden and public) about "real"players, yes, but as they retire, the new players, although regens, would have, by themselves, all the same set of informations of any other "starting" real player. For in-game statistics, the collective evaluation would still be as valid as the starting one and, for the "core" stats (those which determine values all around), it would make no difference if the player is real or not. The value variations I mention about real players ("The company would be also able to show real-time stats of how much a player cost in that moment and analyze pretty nice trends, for example how much a real-life transfer boosts the price of the player inside the game and so on") would be simply a curiosity about players that season, a trivia about footballers to be displayed at FM site. Cheers
  13. Well, thanks for the reply, but the way I see, the games - any games - tend to be each time more crowdsourced somehow and I tend to believe that in the future, even Football Manager will have to establish a baseline to the variations for saved games (what comes to my mind now is the current possibility to challenge the team of a friend by exporting your own team). Some of the elements Maystor mentioned (form, performance, injuries) are simply other inputs to the algorithm to take into consideration. I disagree with the opinion that the variation across saved games is a good thing, because usually, after many seasons in the game, the numbers start to become even more unreal, with asking prices going to peaks they would never reach for players in real life. Other than this, in real life, even if a player has a long contract with a smaller club, the transfer fees don't float madly (ex: although considered a hot youngster, Lukaku went to Chelsea for €20 million, as in the game, offers of double this value can be refused for a player in the same situation, depending on how much money the human-manager-handled club has. There is an element which I haven't take into consideration which is the variation of ability of human managers in the game. This could be a problem as less skilled players could see the game get harder as the prices of the players in the game (and consequently, their salaries) would float according to an external factor (this would have to be dealt with by engineers tuning up the algorithm). Actually, other than transfer fees, values defined by averages would work for other items in the game (as sponsorship contracts, TV rights deals, etc). Anyway, this is just an opinion, not a statement of truth. This way or another, the transfer fee definition has to improve for next editions of the game, especially for longer saved games. Cheers
  14. Hello I was uncertain if this thread should come here or in the 'Data Issues', so, in advance, if it was better elsewhere, my apologies. Three things in FM series never really got me. One was training, the other was the transfer system and the third is media relationship. Training, I believe, have the best model so far in 2013 edition, as we really don't have to go planning training schedules that are purely fictitional. The way it has been set now seems ok to me so I can develop players by empowering coaches and assistants. Transfer, however, remains a pain (Media handling as well, but I will approach this in another post). Not for its easyness - it is pretty straightforward to buy and sell players, but the system seems very unbalanced. Clubs in the game are unlikely to accept offers for players that in real life would be accepted. For example, if a smaller club from a major division like Parma, Aston Villa or Auxerre have a real gem of a player with 16, 17 years-old, it's really difficult to see them not accepting a bid for 20/25 million euros. But the game, especially when its about regens, makes this hard. Even if you have, let's say, 100 million to spend, it's hard to buy some players with their sale price going up to 80, 90 million euros or more. In real life, only superstars like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would command such bids, but for you to buy a good striker from another club, quite often the value you have to pay in the game is unreal, especially a few seasons after the start. I understand that AI makes this to avoid you to buying all good players you want. After a while, you manage to save huge amounts of money and these amounts usually are also unreal. Now, I am playing Ajax, for example. I am in the 11th season and my transfer budget is of 220 million euros, which I accumulated by buying youngsters and selling top class players (already sold 70 players so far). However, some players are virtually out of market, with values reaching €50, 60 million, even in a lesser market as Holland. The thing is that if the transfer system cannot be realistic, pretty much of the game is compromised, as market is an important part of the footballing world nowadays. So, I thought about a different solution for SI to implement. A transfer market regulated online in real time for transfers made by hundreds of thousands of real players like me (and probably you reader). So it would go like this: let's take a hot youngster like Stevan Jovetic, currently at Fiorentina. Thousands of times, Jovetic should be bought or sold by players managing different teams. He probably leaves Fiorentina in different times of his career in the many saved games of FM players around the world, and each of this transfers happen following some details (if he still has too much time on his contract, how much he earns, how well he is playing, if he hasn't suffered too many injuries, etc). Jovetic's transfer has just commanded a fee around £22 million. In some save games a club would demand much more money than this, especially if in the same country. This online system would get data from all saved games of all FM players and would calculate how much Jovetic is worth in the market according to the average fee he was negotiated (and considering also wages, contract time, injuries, performance, etc). All this data is not hard to get if FM players authorize it and calculating a real price, like a stock option wouldn't be hard either. This way we'd have Jovetic's real price for ALL FM players. If a player would be more disputed by FM managers around the world, his price would go up; if not, the opposite would happen. For regen players, instead of calculating the value of a specific player, the system would take in consideration its "core" stats (like Potential Ability, Current Ability, age, position and the stats related to that position, nationality, etc). This way, after accumulating some data, the system would not calculate the value for one player like Jovetic, but for any player, given its characteristics. for example: a Brazilian left-back with PA 189, CA 123, 18 years old, with injury proneness 5 would have a value X, which would consider all the important stats. The prices of the players would be defined by how much an average FM player pays for such a regen considering all saved games in the world. Actually, a system based only on the player stats could work all along (forgetting the ID of the players), but in this case, the ability of the players (CA and PA, especially) would have to be very well tuned to avoid, for some reason, to huge differences with the players IRL. To avoid manipulation of data, the system would only consider saved games with no database changes (to avoid someone to edit its own bank account and make unreal offers). This would be an extra caution, because the median value would discard values added outside a certain range (for example, if someone makes an offer of 300 million euros for Frank Lampard with 35 years old). This feature not only would create a new dimension for the game (it would have its prices set by crowdsourcing), but would also give SI a new tool to avoid piracy - other than, I believe, create a transfer market with more realistic values. FM players would be able to play with the current AI system if they felt like it. The amount of data to be managed would be huge, sure, but as the statistics are pure text, it would be more than manageable by huge servers like SI, Steam or any other professional company does have. The company would be also able to show real-time stats of how much a player cost in that moment and analyze pretty nice trends, for example how much a real-life transfer boosts the price of the player inside the game and so on Hope this is useful. Cheers