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  1. Yeah, i still reckon Argentina win the whole thing. Might cause a small scale riot in Brazil thouh.
  2. In my lifetime watching world cups. I was 10 during italia 90 so its the first one i remember and first time following football. My fave was 94 but this one for me has surpassed them all.
  3. SirZ

    Who's worse? Pepe or Suarez...

    Pepe is worse by some distance.
  4. SirZ

    Cahill v James

    Two great goals. James for me though.ball in mid air, quick look at the post/gk, chest with back to goal, swivel, strike sweetly, no chance keeper. Its essentially 1a and 1b but i just have to give it to James. Definite goal of the tournament.
  5. SirZ

    Poll on Suarez ban

    Should have been 6 months.
  6. SirZ

    Nigeria vs Bosnia - 11pm

    Apart from having more attempts on goal than Bosnia? It was a pretty even game which we managed to edge by luck. If its ok to call us **** must be ok to call bosnia **** as well?
  7. SirZ

    Enter the Dragon

    Youre hurting so will let you off for that post. I understand.
  8. SirZ

    Nigeria vs Bosnia - 11pm

    Motm was omerou.
  9. He did have a shocker in the final though.
  10. Reina needs to start imo.
  11. SirZ

    Girls of the World Cup!

    I'm certain I've seen a few tits in that Arsenal line up thank you very much.
  12. Once Nigeria are knocked out in the semis ( ) i would like Argentina to win the whole thing.
  13. Good thread. Here's hoping we sneak into the 2nd round ahead of Bosnia. Argies are my tip to win the whole thing though.
  14. I reckon he would cost you £15M-£18M tops.