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  1. Good Luck last season was a season ticket holder , this year i just go to matches when i can
  2. Hell yea ! How much is the save in gb ?
  3. Question what do i need to download to have on vitrex on the country panel of club information the map continent with capital/population now i have it empty...but on the preview its looks so nice !!
  4. Felix Nicola is just gorgeus . I am biased because i love my odd defensive guys with high flair
  5. Thats straight up ******** I mean i knew they made the 30 league system to never get boca river relegated ! But the are so many normal and easier way to get to 20 that what they have choosen is ludicrous
  6. Its 31 July or 30 July so it was for me . Was a shocker for me too i was trying to make transfers and got my regens haha
  7. Finished my first season with Talleres Cordoba in 8th place , Boca won the title in the last game winning against 2nd place River which i found it as nice way to finish the season. Tried and failed to buy Facundo Colidio goddamn you Juventus !! . Bought Julian Ciccho and Tomas Conechny for 3 mil euros each which . And to top that i got a great midfielder in my youth intake to spearhead my 3 man midfield in th future. Oh and for those who wonder i got a 25 mil / 3 years TV Deal ! Have no ideea if the whole league got the same or its diffe
  8. I am slowly playing my first season with Talleres and after a weird Copa Argentina where mostly 6 out 8 teams in the quarters where 2D teams we managed to get ourself in Copa Libertadores , which hopefully means some nice cash (first time playing in South America) so no ideea if only playing in Libertadores will get us some nice cash or i need to actually get into the final phases for that . Luduena is old but fantastic and i've managed to snipe Cavenaghi in January he was on trial at Tigre.
  9. For the first time in FM i am gonna play in Argentina , and i will do it with Talleres , First short term will be to own Cordoba then beat the big boys the squad is full of good players but over 30 so a rebuilding process while i have ambitious board + my own house rules this should be fun and hard ! Hope i understood the rules and all the game mechanics for South America so i will not be blindsided
  10. Andone looks like a beast for the Romanian League hopefully you did not forget to tie him down to that extension by the club or you gonna loose him at 19 again.
  11. Option to extend by the club its a must !! Stop letting your guys go like that
  12. As a fellow romanian i love this ideea mate . Will be interesting to see how you can keep and make the Romanian league coeficients better and what money will you get out of TV sponsorships
  13. Before i post and read all the pages , i have to ask too many off the post goals ? Seems every two or three games i concede or score a goal like that , i've played friendlies and some competitive games so i am intrigued if anybody had this spike in off the post goals
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