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  1. Ok, I think I see what you mean. As far as I know, the NA based GM:s (i.e. everyone else in the game) has no issue like this so it has to be a region thing. We have a league running in close to real-time with a rather complicated set-up of off-season drafts that's been running for quite a few years now and a message board where all transactions are handled so the procedure is tried and tested. I even think they used another SIM tool than EHM at some point (but carried over organizational rosters), so it's not really a network/multiplayer game in that sense. It's a game with 30 GMs that is run by one individual that shares the .SAV on dropbox between games and everyone submits whatever transactions or tactics/line-up changes they want to make. We start over with a new game every season as soon as the new database is finished and keep the same rosters year-to year. Anywhoo, thanks for answering. Frustrating that there isn't an easy solution. I was hoping there'd be something akin to the "fake names" thing in FM that just required the removal or editing of a tiny little file to get things fixed.
  2. I'll bump this in case someone in the know missed it over the last year... The issue still appears with the new updated TBL database this season. Could it have something to to with the .sav file originating from a user based in the US while I'm in Europe? This is really doing my head in and i'd be super grateful if someone has any input.
  3. I have an issue with player names not being displayed properly when loading up a .sav file from another user. Most names show up as they should, but some have an alias, so to speak, with an obviously mimicked name. Dylan Strome shows up as "Dylan Strong", Roman Polak as "Roman Polansky", etc (see attached image). The players affected are seemingly not connected, as there are NHL players, AHL players, Junior players, both North American and European players whose names are switched. These fake names show up in box scores and on the transaction page and a couple of other places, and the names aren't clickable, i.e. aren't connected to the player ID the way I interpret it. At the same time, those players show up fine with their real names and clickable on the roster page, the tactics page, the depth chart and pretty much everywhere else. But if I adjust my lines and send the .lns file to the other user to load up, the lineup has holes in it where these players with the fake names are supposed to be. It's all very strange and I figured it could be database related, but I tried uninstalling and re-installing the game and loaded the .sav in a completely vanilla game and the issue is still there, and with the exact same fake names as well, so it can't be a random thing. Has anyone had this and has solved it, or have any idea what's going on?
  4. I've had this as well. Specifically, it's (in my case) the "Player Recruitment" selection that causes the crash. All the other options are functioning properly. And I'm not Motherwell, I'm Man United.
  5. I have toyed with this idea of counter attacking to kill the game myself, but not with any great luck. I find that especially when i use the TI "pass into space", my defenders instantly starts to hoof the ball regardless of other instructions, most of the time aimlessly straight up the middle. And in the case of the opposition pressing forward, my midfield has typically collapsed deep and the opposition CBs or DM can easily just recycle possession and come right back at me. I struggle to find a way to even get my team consistently trying to get in behind the opposition backline, especially when "under the cosh" so to speak. Any hoofs tend to end up around the half way line or in my own half, seemingly without any real other real purpose than to relieve pressure. Even when the hoofee is not under any apparent pressure to speak of. Since I really haven't found a way to even look like a counter-attacking threat except in rare and fortuituos instances (without any intention from me), I've pretty much binned the idea as a basis for closing out games and started to just try to solidify my team in my own half to see things through. I try to be more cautious in possession and stay on the ball as much as possible, dropping deeper, avoiding (or at least tone down) running with the ball in the central areas, etc. and making sure I don't have too many attack-minded players on the pitch that tend to avoid tracking back. Usually I take a winger/striker off for a defensive-minded CM with some physical traits that can help out with closing down and/or at defensive set pieces, switch one or both of my wing-backs to fullback duty and if I haven't already done so earlier in the game, have my striker come deeper to get the ball to possibly be an outlet centrally. What I usually find being a problem when I try to close out the game are the opposition wingers that cut inside and are often allowed to dribble the ball all the way across the box to the opposite side without my fullback, who is tracking the player all the way at a safe distance, ever trying to get a challenge in. This tends to get my defense bent out of shape, usually ending in a half-arsed attempt by my opposite FB to close down from the other flank as the oppo winger gets across, leaving the other winger a sea of space behind his back, cue far-post cross to where my tracking fullback has left a gigantic hole. This happens regardless of my fullbacks' OI (tight marking, close down, tackle harder), TI (get stuck in, mark tightly), or PI (close down more, tackle harder, even tried man-marking once but that apparently equates to "run 5-10 yards behind this player and allow him to do whatever he wants") and I have no idea how to combat it. Especially frustrating when my wingers at the other end are constantly tackled and closed down, as soon as they sniff the ball, by up to four defenders at a time. And yes, I do have a DM that I feel should block the route across the box although he rarely does so (he's usually a half-back, although when closing out a game I tend to switch to anchor man or DM(D) if I pull my full-backs back). It's obviously not always this bad, I am really having quite a bit of success of late. I do have some inkling of that my team is perhaps learning to adapt as they go as I've sort of narrowed down what I tend to do tactically when I want to close out games. Maybe they are catching on, I dunno.
  6. Been a while since I was active on this forum, although I've played the game continuously life sort of gets in the way eventually. I'm thoroughly enjoying this new incarnation of FM though, which feels more tactically aware than recent versions. But I have one question for you out there; While after tinkering quite a bit with formations I've settled on an attacking 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation and have been playing some attractive football of late, but the one thing I'm really struggling with is how to properly close out games with narrow leads, especially against quality opposition. Of course there is no magic formula and sometimes you'll have to admit you've been bettered, but I've tried a number of approaches now and can't quite seem to get my team solid enough to prevent massive pressure and the (often) injury time equaliser. This is really not a question about a solution, just interested to see how you guys out there are coping (if you are coping), and what approach you take. Do any of you have a separate tactic that you go to in the waning minutes of a tight game? I usually try to alter mentalities/roles/PI's/TI's and occasionally playing positions (i.e. move a W down to WM, etc.) to more defensive-minded ones, but I'm obviously struggling with this so I'd be interested to hear what other people do. Cheers!
  7. Current FM12 Olympique Marseille: ------------Mandanda Azpilicueta-Dédé-Kompany-Tremoulinas ---------Mokotjo---Inler Sosa---------Willian--------Hazard ---------------Remy Treble winners 2016/17
  8. The letter Ä is pronounced like the a in the english word 'stand'. The 'h' at the end is silent, pretty much just a spelling variety, as is the 'w' instead of a regular 'v', and should be pronounced as a your average english 'v'. So, pronounce it like 'svärd', with the pointers on the 'ä' above. The swedish word 'svärd' means sword, by the way.
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