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  1. everytime i click someone that says 'transfer list' subject, it complete disapears and i have no idea what it says? anyone else having this bug?
  2. Glenn Hoddle Academy ?

    before the update it use to have luka senicanin who you could get, and he was good for league 2, along with 'Willy Topp' who is also no longer in the game even though he was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. totally not true, player ability should be 0.05% For example finishing ..... 1on1 its pretty much impossible to score, even if your finishing is at 20! Everyone knows that you can only score goals from 35 yards IRL... hence why the game is so accurate. /me hides
  4. its an improvement because no matter how bad my team are at the moment, im not gonna support a team because its a winning team. I'm born and bred from grimsby so it will always be my team, even if we drop into non league football. Yes manutd fifa09 = win This year i enjoy playing with inter or arsenal
  5. still the best player in the world, but was better off at manchester (im not a man utd fan, grimsby town )
  6. right, okay well at least i know its not a bug then and there is something i can do about it, thanks
  7. Okay, im sick of seeing penaltys in every match. I had 3 penaltys in 1 match......... its just ridiculous and it hasnt even updated it in the patches yet. Anyone else getting this? or is it just that they think league 2 sides are dirty..
  8. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Justme87: I'm sorry but the match engine is still absolutely ridiculous. - The amount of goals being scored from long distances is wholly unrealistic. - The vast number of goals being scored from corners is beyond the state of a joke. -As for the general amount of goals during a season - quite sickening. No enjoyment constantly seeing matches with an average of 6+ goals. Do 0-0's exist in this shoody game anymore ? Football Manager 2008 is widely renowned as a huge flop. I don't even think SI are capable of creating a decent 8.0.3 patch, yet alone actually producing an 8.0.3 patch to finally make this game playable/enjoyable. A lot of loyal customers feel extremely let down by this edition of FM. Every effort should be made to fix the faults still remaining ASAP. Only a successful 8.0.3 can save what little face you have left. FM 08 = </div></BLOCKQUOTE> the majority of people who play fm08 love it. the rankings fm08 is higher than any other game and its becoz its the best game out at the moment in my opinion... i prefer fm08 over any other game and considering i played CSS for 7 years and its even copsed meof css... i love the game, your entitled to your opinion but until you create better, you really cant moan
  9. Quad Core................

    vista, aswell as it also saying.. 4gig ram.. GIVE ME MORE!!!! FEED MEEEEE lol xp ftw always
  10. Quad Core................

    I very much doubt it. I looked at various sites and the cheapest quad core system I could see was for £600. You might be able to get a quad core processor for your current maching assuming the motherboard can take it. Looking on the manufacturers website should answer this for you. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> erm... i got my oem version at 160? Q6600 works fine all u need is a £30 fan/heatsink and ur sorted
  11. erm minimum release clause.. isnt that when u terminate contract? im sure it was as my player was 200m minimum release clause
  12. bit of a bummer though if ur low league and high league offers! hes like WOO big club im gone! lol. but nice points amaroq hopefully something in 2009 like this.
  13. i think there should be an option to ultimatum to get the chairman to reject this. or sack u i had a player called Raffael De Vita, bought him 55k for grimsby league 2 got to league 1 and he was worth 1.7mill and watford offered 1.7mill for him and i lost him :'(