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  1. Tbf ive made some decent recoveries from PP repaying certain markets for Pens, of which theres been quite a few!
  2. Apparently Brazil are their "Bitter International Rivals"... I'd love to know who their main "National Rivals" are
  3. Just remembered I had Brazil in the OTF sweep... I've stopped laughing
  4. Think thats my favourite match of the WC. Even if they did cost me about £200 by not winning in normal time.
  5. ****s sake. As soon as ET starts. Ruin our bets then ruin our match
  6. Yep its cool, just appreciate the heads up - logical in hindsight but I just looked at the potential payout and saw $$$, chose to believe it. Definitely glad I didnt cover those bets!
  7. Haha. £3 bet wins me £18.69 £2 bet wins me £37.38 Thats if RVP and Lukaku come through. Guess i'll just let it ride Thanks for the help Gills
  8. Was with Paddy Power. Odd were: Lukaku 3.00 Neymar 2.10 Ronaldo 1.50 Sturridge 3.75 RVP 2.25 Dzeko 2.50 Messi 2.25 If you link me that site i can do it mate, appreciate the help though.
  9. I was wondering about that, only shows me the 'Potential Returns', not sure how to see actual returns?
  10. Have a free £10 in play bet with PP any ideas who to pick as a fgs? Fancy a speculative pop.
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