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  1. Gary Deegan's injury proneness probably needs to be looked at, or the severity of his past injuries. This is his record for me so far, getting to the end of the first season - http://i.imgur.com/f94qcHu.png That's 22 occurrences of the same complication from torn ankle ligaments, and one reoccurrence of the injury itself. It's not a coincidence that he's played 22 times this season, although only one of those was for my first team (because he's never fit enough to pick). In real life, Gary Deegan certainly isn't invulnerable from injury, but he's still able to play a lot of first team football - 26 times last season, and he's made 10 appearances this year. He gets subbed off a lot - all ten of this season's appearances have been as a starter, but he's only completed four of those matches - but that's as much to do with the fact that he can't stop himself from getting booked as anything else (if anything, 15 for aggression might be a bit low for him. He's a real piece of work.). Of the 26 appearances last season, he played the full 90 minutes in 16 matches, and quite a few of the rest he was only subbed off after the 80th minute. I'd argue that the fact that he's often able to start games three or four days after his previous match would suggest that it's not because of his fitness that he's being substituted, and that his ankle ligaments are nowhere near as big a problem in reality as they are in the game at the moment. EDIT: Oh, and I've just realised I've only had him set as 'available for U21s until fit - 20 minutes', so it's not even like he's playing that much.
  2. I love it when people resort to that, it's even funnier than the nonsense they come out with in the first place.
  3. Can't for his next thread when he comes back.
  4. If you want the mods to stick as rigidly as possible to the rules, shouldn't Sy get an infraction for insulting SI staff? Assuming we count mods as staff, that is. Also, I went through the rule posts, and I couldn't see the one about circumventing the foul language filter. It definitely used to be in there, right?
  5. Ah, you're a star, that works perfectly now.
  6. Yeah, I'd really appreciate a broken-down set of instructions. I've been able to disable and re-enable currently working panels on the club overview screen, but I have no idea how to get the broken ones to work.
  7. That's a big part of the problem for me. FM12's UI was part of a continuous chain of logical evolutions to the interface going back years. It didn't need such a drastic overhaul, so I don't know why it got one. I'm hoping that someone will be able to put together a more proper FM skin, but I don't know what kind of restrictions the changes to the game might put on those efforts.
  8. I’ve posted most of this stuff over in OTF, but I figure I should register my opinions in this thread as well. I’ve got quite a few issues with things I’ve come across in the beta, and I’ll try and take them point-by-point in a measured, critical (not criticising) manner. I’m sure some or all of these points have been raised already, but there’s about 1700 posts in this thread so I haven’t read the whole thing. The match screen is where most of my serious gripes come from. Safe to say I’m not a fan of the changes: For the last I-don't-know-how-many CM and FM games, I have followed matches from the Stats panel that shows the two teams’ ratings side by side, relying on automatic panel switching to show me the key highlights when they occur. Now, automatic panel switching is gone, and I don’t understand why. Seriously, I’m a bit lost without it. It’s an option that has been taken away from me, which frankly I resent. Stupid to get annoyed about it, but here we are. I’m trying to get by with the ‘split’ version of the pitch view, with the match action on the left and my team’s ratings on the right. This is better than the ‘full’ view, which I really don’t like – I don’t need the pitch to be that big and the small pop up box in the middle of the screen displaying player ratings just doesn’t work for me. Still, I have a problem with the split view – I manually re-size the panels so the pitch takes up the larger space (screenshot), but after half time and tactics changes, the panels automatically reset themselves to be equal in size. That leaves the pitch too small and the ratings panel way too big, a really inefficient use of screen space. Not a serious problem, but a nagging thing when I have to re-size them multiple times a game. The action bar (I think that’s the right term) is way too small. Clicking and dragging the slider means you can’t clearly see anything on the bar underneath - http://i.imgur.com/62Lhj.png - there’s a goal icon under there, but you can’t see it and that’s even without the cursor showing up in the screengrab. Again, maybe not a huge problem, but it’s a detail that doesn’t seem to have been shown the necessary attention. It’s something that’s annoyed me so far because of a bug I’ve seen where clicking on a link to view a goal occasionally starts the playback from the moment immediately after the ball has gone in, meaning I have to click and drag the fiddly little slider into the right place. The ‘Continue’ button at the end of the game only being in the top right – this just slows me down, and seems odd considering the button that takes you to the ‘Post-match analysis’ screen is still available in the bottom right, where the buttons to exit a match have been for a long time. Now some of them are still in the bottom right, and some have been moved to the top right. That seems inconsistent to me, and it hardly helps the game flow smoothly – I like to click through the analysis page quickly because it’s never really shown me anything of interest. Pausing the match makes all the pop-ups with assistant’s advice, etc disappear. When there's multiple items there, my instinct is to pause the game to read them. Can't be done. Other more general things I’ve come across, in no particular order: Clicking on a match result in a news item takes me to this screen by default - http://i.imgur.com/wSThL.jpg - which isn't as useful as it could be. The only information I can glean from that is the scoreline, which I already know because I clicked on that in the news item. Couldn’t it take me to the overview screen or a stats panel? The re-ordered tone categories in the team talks. Not really a huge issue and it’s something I can get used to, but it seems a superfluous change. The general shuffling of the buttons and links on all pages. I wish so much stuff hadn’t been moved from the left to the right of the screen. I can’t remember an FM game where things like the overview or news buttons weren’t left of centre, and now they’ve been moved. The eye is naturally drawn to the top left of a screen (and I’m not just talking about FM there), so moving useful things like that to the other side feels counter-intuitive. As well as that, these buttons are now too close to the ‘Continue’ button and I find myself having to take care to not accidentally click on with the game when I'm trying to look at a player's history. The whole ‘mouse over to reveal more menus’ thing is something that has always annoyed me as well, no matter where it’s been used. I miss the tabs design. Sure, it may work essentially the same way now, but tabs are great, that’s why they get used so much. I miss the static search box. Sure, I like the scroll menus that are part of the new search mechanic, but wasn't there any way we could have both? I miss the breadcrumbs along the bottom left of the screen. They were useful, now they're not there. They gave a nice sense of the interface being 'framed' as well, which is also gone now that the footer bar has been done away with. Tactics and squad pages – the dark grey background for player rows doesn’t work for me. The field behind those areas is white, so it makes players who aren’t selected in the squad stand out more than players who are selected. It’s just too much of a contrast for my liking. The tactics page specifically – opening the positions filter hides the ‘Ask To Pick’ button. Seems like it could easily just be moved to the left when you open the filter, instead of having to toggle the panel to access the button. I think that’s everything for now. None of this stuff is making the game unplayable for me, but it is making it significantly more annoying than I’d like. I dunno, maybe it’s because I'm too used to the FM12 interface after the ridiculous amount of time I put into that game (like, 900+ hours… I’m not proud of that), but there’s so many changes here that feel like a step backwards; changes made for the sake of freshening up a UI that didn’t really need it. I don’t suppose much of this can or will be changed at this point, but hey, there's a feedback thread so I might as well use it.
  9. I believe it's being shown in a few other countries as well.
  10. Just started the 2018/2019 season with a nice 1-0 win over Liverpool. 2017/2018 was a decent season - didn't win anything, but had a nice run to the second knockout stage of the Europa League before going out on away goals to Dortmund (we went 2-0 up in injury time, only for them to pull back to 2-1 straight from the kickoff), and finished 7th in the league. It's all about gradual improvement for me now, so I'm aiming for top 6 this time round which I should be able to manage without much investment in the first team. Only two notable transfers over the summer - Jese on a free from Real Madrid and Ross Barkley from Everton for an absolutely criminal £3.3m. Fusca and Frederic Giroud will carry on as my main strike pairing - Fusca got 30 goals in 45 games last season and is getting a lot of interest now he's in the Spanish national side. Turned down a few £15m bids during the summer, which isn't bad for a guy I signed for £650k from Fulham. Lucky for me he really likes playing for Southend. Giroud got 25 in 43 last season. Patrick Flenley has carried on developing well and did a lot better in the Prem last year than he had before. Still no sign of him getting called up for England though, which I find baffling, but it's probably got something to do with their inability to stick with a manager for more than six months. The young DC who appeared last season has come along nicely as well, the result of training with the senior squad as soon as he joined the club. My best signing last season was Abel, a young midfielder who was released by Barcelona. He doesn't look like he'd be much of a DM, but he had a 7.29 rating from 45 games and 15 assists somehow. Meanwhile, Danny Welbeck has moved on to Blackburn for £3m, which is good money considering he scored one goal in the last two seasons and I got £6m for an Italian DC who signed for £600k and never really managed to cement a place in the side. And the £12m the board sunk into expanding the stadium to 29,000 seats seems to have been unnecessary. Had an average attendance last year of just under 18,000 and there's only been a slight increase in the number of season tickets sold this year, to about 8,400. Oh, and I'm manager of Cameroon now, just because it looked like fun. Might try and sign a couple of the players I've come across there, like this guy who's been a bit of a star so far - http://oi40.tinypic.com/ve0ksp.jpg Needlessly detailed updates, hell yeah!
  11. Huh, just been offered the Arsenal job (which is the second time I've been approached by a club who have just sacked David Moyes), and they've only got £2.6m in the transfer fund. No thanks, Arsenal!
  12. Just finished the 2016/2017 season. 9th in the table and Europa League next season from the Carling Cup win. Only lost ten games, but drew 15, way more than anyone else in the league. Jack Hobbs was reliable all year, but I could do with bringing in a solid, experienced DC to play alongside him. I've got a really promising 22 year old Italian regen DC, but he's still makes more mistakes than I like. Craig Cathcart looks extremely good, and should be available at a fair price. Fusca was the star man with 20 goals, Fraizer Campbell got 16 and Giroud got 13 so I should have enough goals in the side for next year (even though Welbeck didn't manage a single goal all season). Toying with the idea of making a permanent bid for Barry Bannan as he's had a really good season on loan from Villa, but it depends on his wage demands. I can easily afford to pay him £30k+ a week, but I still find that kind of money galling for a club like Southend. The board have just decided to expand the stadium by another 10k seats, which is gonna cost nearly £12m. Really doesn't seem like we have the fanbase to warrant that; we only sold out the stadium for half our home games. Still, I just managed to talk them in to upgrading the junior coaching and youth training facilities, so hopefully there'll be even more outstanding youth players coming through.
  13. I rather like the look of this DC from my latest youth intake: Potentially 'one of the best players of his generation' according to the coaches. As long as his physical attributes develop well, his natural ability will take him a long way.
  14. Ahah, no, this is our first season in the 19,000 seater Tilson Park. We sold out Roots Hall for pretty much every home game last season, but have done so only five times so far this term. Average attendance is about 15,500 and we only sold a few hundred more season tickets than last year but we're still raking it in thanks to the low overheads. Just won the Carling Cup, a brilliant 3-1 over Arsenal: Two assists from wonderkid regen Patrick Flenley, who somehow STILL hasn't made it in to the full national side, but is finally being linked with a call-up. He had a quiet start to the season, but I switched from a 4-1-2-1-2 to a 4-3-1-2 with Flenley in the midfield three and it's working better for him. Still improving nicely as well - http://oi39.tinypic.com/14njtq8.jpg
  15. Finally picking up where I left off with my Southend game. Currently halfway through the 2016/2017 season, my second in the Premier League, nice and comfortable in 10th place with 27 points from 20 games. Got a Carling Cup semi final against Birmingham coming up, which should be an easy win against a mid-table Championship side. That'll probably set up a final against Arsenal, which would be tough, but I beat Chelsea in the quarter final so it's doable. Just changed the season expectations from 'avoid relegation' to 'mid-table finish', which has increased my wage budget from £190k to £325k and given me £40m to spend if I want it. Crazy money!