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  1. You have a point if you speak directly to me, i agree and that is ok. Its my fault. But then, i am at the same level like any other unreal manager in the game, cause this problem exist in every club. injuries in Serbia at the start of the game: http://www.dodaj.rs/f/30/zX/2mdFk0aM...ga-stats-i.png injuries in Serbia after 40 days: http://www.dodaj.rs/f/17/p1/1vvllaS/...ga-stats-i.png , http://www.dodaj.rs/f/w/sw/cGkl9VG/j...ga-stats-i.png injuries in Serbia after 80 days: http://www.dodaj.rs/f/3m/2m/44XOvaIQ...ga-stats-i.png , http://www.dodaj.rs/f/3q/Yp/3FAGbxXe...ga-stats-i.png , http://www.dodaj.rs/f/31/fd/4gRAxqzz...ga-stats-i.png I guess all managers in a game dont know how to resolve problem with injuries. Simple as that. And in truth, before 15.3 we all knows but we forgot that trough the night And no, i didnt use editor in my life, so i will not use it in future as well.
  2. I think this is an attempt to reduce the problem that evidently there. As I said, the appeal on this issue are something that we have every day at forum. There are too many things. Maybe not here because not everyone knows English but on home forum in every country , users complains a lot. Easy to say something like this you told about training or tactics, reduce this, slow down that etc. but no, thats not a problem. Problem started from 15.3.0, so SI must do something, not managers. EDIT: Load my save game, click on continue and 3 more players in off season. http://i.gyazo.com/a427e78c5fb2a52c30251fa680ed84e6.png
  3. After a lot test saves, i have notice that injuries are some kind of bugs after patch 15.3.0. Definetly you must do something about it, cause i have tones of issues on my site (Serbian FM) about it. One of our members already open a thread here with all explanation http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/422391-AI-injuries-problem-in-the-Serbian-league?p=10224684#post10224684
  4. The second international tournament ''Without Borders'' organized by Serbian FM has just finished! This year, the tournament had a considerably larger scope, as we had participants from all around the globe, better organization and prizes and the event was supported by Sport Interactive Ltd. The facts tell us just enough – the 2013 tournament involved 8 forums from different parts of the world: - Cro FM - Croatia - FM Live - Italy - FM Xpert - Portugal - FM Balkan - FManager - Brazil - FM Israel - Israel - FM Denmark – Denmark and - Serbian FM – Serbia, the host of the traditional tournament The total of 20 teams represented their forums and competed for the title, which meant that 60 managers showed their FM skills in the tournament! This is a pretty large number for the tournament which has just had its second edition! “Without Borders'' Tournament brought us 48 two-legged matches, 96 altogether, which meant 1632 minutes or 27,1 hours of active Football Manager gaming experience. We could see 436 goals – 4.5 goals per match means that the players opted for attacking and attractive football. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: After all the matches, Brazil’s FManager and Serbian FM made it to the final! The Brazilians deserved the victory in the two-legged match and won the title of the intercontinental “Without Borders'' Tournament for 2013! Besides this, the other team from Brazil beat their Portuguese colleagues in the third place play-off and proved the Brazilian dominance in this year’s tournaments! Congratulations! W.O.B. Final, Match 1 - Dortmund (MatheusBleza) - Juventus (m15k3) 2-0 W.O.B. Final, Match 2 - Dortmund (m15k3) - Juventus (MatheusBleza) 0-1 W.O.B. Final, Match 3 - Dortmund (Rafael Mercur) - Juventus (Tokelara) 2-1 W.O.B. Final, Match 4 - Dortmund Tokelara) - Juventus (Rafael Mercuri) 2-1 These are the final standings and the prizes: 1. FManager Brasil (Steam code FM 2013 + 3 T shirts + SI price) 2. Serbian FM (Steam code FM 2013 + 2 T shirsts for Captain and best player) 3. FM Xpert Portugal ( Steam code 2013 - T-shirt for Captain) 4. FM Balkan 5. FM Live Italia 6. Cro FM 7. FM Denmark 8 FM Israel ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The best manager was matheusbbc, who had an impressive score :8 victories, 3 draws and 1 defeat. In the two-legged matches, he had 5 wins and 1 defeat: -He came back from -3 in the group -Had +3 in the group -Had +3 in the final -Had +2 in the quarter-finals This is a deserved MVP victory and the prize was an FM2013 stream code. *************************************************************************** We would like to thank all the forums who took part in this year’s tournaments, which proved to be one of the largest online FM tournaments in the world, and to congratulate them for all the results, regardless of their final standing. The idea was to gather us all and make new friendships, to exchange experiences with other people who love Football Manager. We would also like to thank everyone who supported the tournament. Not everything ran smoothly, but organizing such a big tournament is a great responsibility and we hope that we managed to maintain a considerable level of quality. We also hope that no mistakes will be held against us – we will definitely try to use this year’s experience to improve our tournament and make it greater. We are glad that Football Manager was being played and that we are now much closer to one another. The echoes of the tournament can be heard all around the globe and next year we can expect a new record in the number of participants and forum competitors, better prizes and bigger support from Sports Interactive, who have recognized our tournament and Serbian FM, as a responsible organization which cherishes the Football Manager brand. Soon you will be able to see the videos of the semi-final and final matches within this topic. BRAVO for FManager Brazil, BRAVO for the organizers and THANKS to all the participants of Serbian FM’s WITHOUT BORDERS international tournament. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us, so that they could improve the tournament’s quality next year. We expect you to return in 2014! Cheers! Direct link to original thread http://www.serbian-fm.net/without-borders-international-tournament-2013-review-vt9946.htm So, if someone interesting for participate next year, please inform me here or via private message. Everybody are welcome!
  5. Football Manager 2013 Previews

    I send Serbian FM preview to Rob.
  6. 8 GBP = 11.56 € I think that's not similar like 19.99€? My price for gift is 12.49 € so its some kind of handicep for EU or what?
  7. Great idea man, thanks for interesting pictures. If you be so kind to post ss from Serbian First League - history its would be great. Thanks
  8. [FM 2012] SFM'12 'Logos

    Serbian FM present you SFM'12 Logos : DOWNLOAD SFM'12 - ALL FIRST & SECOND LEAGUES + ALL NATIONS LOGOS In pack you can find: -Logos for all 52 Europen First Leagues! -Logos for all 51 Europen Secon leagues! -logos of all playable leagues in whole world! -logos for 10 LatinAmericans 1. league + 2. league of Brasil and Argentina -normal + small logos -Nations logos! enjoy friends!
  9. [FM12][RELEASED] Serbian FM ''GOLD'' V.1

    Try to modifed you panel config file.I think that some file regulate that.Ask in HELP thread.
  10. [FM12][RELEASED] Serbian FM ''GOLD'' V.1

    Thanks. I will probably make a version for non serbian people same like for FM 2011
  11. [FM12][RELEASED] Serbian FM ''GOLD'' V.1

    You simply just change background picture with someone else.Serbian is just picture..nothing else specific.
  12. SERBIAN FM GOLD SKIN For all users - first version of Serbian FM ''GOLD'' skin! -new main menu -new color ''man of the match''award -new ''shortlist'' color -new backgrounds -new player attribute colors -new SITV DOWNLOAD SERBIAN FM ''GOLD'' SKIN MAIN MENU OVERVIEW SITV PROFILE Please,fell free to post some feedback. Visit the original thread at Serbian FM site and be welcome to join us! ORIGINAL THREAD Cheers!
  13. Serbian FM Kit- JSL + PLTS by sasabab

    Thanks...i hope you will enjoy in game