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  1. I am playing as Liverpool, we have just drawn 0-0 against Man Utd in the 5th Round of the FA Cup, so the cup draw for the 6th Round was Liverpool OR Man Utd against Spurs. The social feed contains a tweet from Liverpool "We will face either Tottenham or Manchester United in the next round of the cup" This is incorrect, as we either play Tottenham, or we will be knocked out by United. If this was Tottenham saying that they play Utd or Liverpool, then it would be correct.
  2. Try putting one of the strikers on support, as currently the 2 strikers on Attack Attack may struggle to link up with the Support Defend in centre midfield. Also I've never been a fan of direct passing and control mentality at the same time, as I seems counter productive to control the game if you are knocking it forward so directly. Maybe that's just because of the style of play I want - its hard to tell here without more information
  3. FM 09, 11 or 12?

    12 for me. I've recently played 08, 10, 11 and 12 again, and 12 is by far my favourite, even though I still use the 2d pitch view. There are still some bugs, I'm sure. It is, however, much more enjoyable for me than FM13, partly because I've taken my local non-league team to the Premiership and they are currently fighting for a European spot. It is more in depth than the others, and going back as far as FM 09 would remove the current contract negotiations system, which is something I could not play the game without now, it just becomes too tedious during transfer periods otherwise. You could also wait until the end of January for an unofficial transfer update from the forums for FM12, and start a new game with all the current players, but without the actual gameplay of the latest version.
  4. Capital letters "BETA" in the bottom right corner of the menu. And its version 13.0.2b....etc. I thought it was 13.1 now?
  5. Did that, still not updating. Maybe I caused an issue somewhere by entering the code yesterday when I recieved the game? I forgot it hadnt been released yet and just put the code in. Now it seems like it hasnt updated at all.
  6. Same here, except mines a boxed copy from the research team, and mine still says BETA. No idea what else to do, I've tried all the suggestions in other threads. Even uninstalled and then re-installed from the disk, yet it still said BETA...
  7. Ennoying AI compensation

    Going off topic from the first post, but I'd say that it's more than bad finishing. 21 of the 37 shots were long shots, so can be essentially described as outside of the box. There was also only ONE clear cut chance from all of the 37 shots ONE (CCC meaning that the player has ended up in a position they should really score from). I find it difficult to understand what sort of tactic would do this at all. I usually get 3-4 CCC per match, and that is where goals tend to come from, the fact that there is only one clear chance in the whole game is beyond belief, so a lack of goals cannot really be put down to the strikers poor finishing , if they have only been given the chance to score once easily throughout the match. (It's more likely to be their movement with or without the ball, which gets them into goalscoring positions, or the lack of service from the midfield, who seem to be shooting wildly whenever they get it, judging from these stats)
  8. You use itunes at all? Or do you refuse to use that because you don't like onions? Steam is great, if you have a PC good enough to run FM then the small usage of Steam wont affect it. It's never been intrusive for me, what is everyone's problem?
  9. I did read what you said, and at no point did you say about editing EVERY stat to 20 at the same time. Someone mentioned making a player good in every position once, as this overcame the attribute weighting, but im not sure if that still works
  10. Of course you can edit it in the editor, everything can be edited...
  11. [FM11][RELEASED] Steklo X1

    already done that unfortunately, like i said, it only stops working on the LHS calendar version
  12. [FM11][RELEASED] Steklo X1

    Thats odd, Im pretty sure its not anything to do with me putting the backgrounds in the wrong place, as I have got them working on every skin apart from this one... I've redownloaded it all and tried again and it still didnt work, so I really dont know what to do here.
  13. [FM11][RELEASED] Steklo X1

    Im having some issues with backgrounds, Im using a megapack, and it works great on all of the skins in Steklo 1.1, apart from the LHS Calendar bar version (which is the one I want to use) any ideas on what might be wrong here?
  14. Search function in the top right of the screen, is this what you mean?
  15. I still watch....

    I use 2D, it makes it much easier for me to see player movements in my opinion