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  1. Does anybody know if it's possible to make changes to a custom database after the game has started? The reason I'm asking is I'm playing in Brazil but have realised (after a fair few hours of game time) that the database edit that I'm using has a couple of significant flaws - namely that you can't pick substitutes and that you have to have exactly three foreigners in each squad. Any help?
  2. your personal rules

    In real life, if I find out a particular player has a certain political stand point, I wouldn't sign them in FM. I don realise it's odd, but I could never bring myself to sign a player who affliates himself to the right, such as Paulo Di Canio. Likewise, I wouldn't sign a player if they behave like a tit in real life, such as Balotelli (generally seems arrogant and treats others with disrespect).
  3. Ah, fond memories. I've loved the series from the start. Sometimes I do long for the simplicity of the first CM. Thanks for the memories of - hoping that Nottingham Forest would get relegated so that I could sign Nigel Clough (goal machine) - Liverpool having some brilliant "youngsters"; McManaman, Redknapp, Don Hutchison, Rob Jones and, ahem, Mike Marsh. Quality. - foreign players that you'd actually heard of in the "Foreign" player searches being near impossible to get. Oh, I soooooo wanted to sign Des Walker! - The feeling of joy when a player was included in the England squad at the end of every fourth season (is it wrong I used to imagine the games taking place in the World Cup?) - being beaten in preseason friendlies by foreign teams full of "number 4's" and the like - simplistic tactics (I loved how you could stick 4 or 5 up front and not really need to give a toss about the back) - the manual's description of tactics; choosing whether you wanted to play "Continental" style (described as like Man Utd or AC Milan) or "Long Ball" (Wimbledon, obviously). Hmmm, which will I pick? - only getting to negotiate five player approaches in day of playing time - players being "expected to move abroad" at the end of the season (and never getting a good price for them!) From that game, I always had the same dream team that I tried to assemble as quick as possible. Gk - Tim Flowers, Nigel Martyn or alan Kelly DR - Rob Jones or Paul Parker DL - Dennis Irwin or Stuart Pearce DC - Gary Pallister, Des Walker, Alan Kernaghan, Paul Lake or Neil Ruddock MC - Jamie Redknapp, Roy Keane, Billy Kenny (of drug-riddled Everton fame) or Gary Speed (or the holy grail that was Paul Gascoigne) MR - Chris Waddle or Steve McManaman ML - Lee Sharpe or Ryan Giggs FC - David Hirst, Paul Warhurst, Nigel Clough, Alan Shearer or Les Ferdinand (or some Dalian Atkinson) Actually, it's fairly sad that I could think that off the top of my head from nearly twenty years ago.
  4. Zenit signing black players

    The cantera policy that Athletic Bilbao operate (and have always done) is not the same as not signing a player because he is black. Instead, it is aimed at giving opportunity to locals and encouraging local heritage and tradition, along with deep rooted affection for the club and its values. We would all love if our club was fielding 11 players from our home country every match. Athletic Bilbao will happily field players regardless of race, as long as they have a connection to the Basque region.
  5. do women actually play this game?

    We may well be on the internet, but you boys only tend to see us when we're naked
  6. Maybe your stadium is too new / pitch is already perfect?
  7. mental attributes

    I play on a ladies 5 a side team, and there's a girl in our side who personifies the difference between work rate and team work. She will run the full the length of the pitch to win back the ball, but will rarely lay it off to someone else. To me, I think of team work as being the same as selfishness.
  8. do women actually play this game?

    Last time I checked, I was a girl. I reckon that there's probably loads of girls who play, but it's probably more likely that boys are on the forums. Us girls are too busy sorting out killer tactics to beat their boyfriends with
  9. Really? I'm sure I'm not the only one shocked that this thread is still open.
  10. Never one to miss a good opportunity for a bit of banter - OP, you really need to reconsider the thread title unless you want all sorts of inappropriate replies
  11. Low concentration = dead set to lose goals from distance, especially against strikers with the "Tries first time shots" PPM High eccentricity, high rushing out and low first touch = guaranteed Higuita madness akin to Italia 90.
  12. Youth players developing

    I think that is probably the difference between the way FM handles youth development, potential ability and how real life plays out. In actuality, if a team popped a youth teamer in amongst talented players and played him week in, week out, he would most likely make much more significant progress that his peers in the youth team would. In lots of cases, players look better and come on more being surrounded by more talented players
  13. Beating the missus

    I'm alright. More to the point, do you have any killer tactics...
  14. Beating the missus

    My BF tends to flit in and out of liking FM - you'd think his girlfriend liking playing it would encourage him more, wouldn't you? In fact, he's doing the ironing just now whilst I'm arranging my scouting assignments for the new season ahead. Bloody men!
  15. The oldest FM fan

    They can look all they like - I'm not exactly going to load my profile with shots of me in my underwear, am I? Besides, is it really so rare for girls to like football? Loads of my friends do, and we go regularly to watch Hibs. Or is it the "girls who play computer games" angle?