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  1. I really think it's poor show from SI to not mention that they have done away with the old 2D match view pre release. It would at least give people who used that view due to preference or system requirements the chance to reassess whether they wanted to continue with the purchase of FM18 or continue with an older version. From the response so far I do get why it has been done and that it will allow with the long term development of the match engine. I don't get though why this did not warrant any mentioning at all in the build up to the beta release. Also to say the new 2D view or the 'data analyst' view is the 'same 'as the older 2D view is wrong - it looks and feels totally different. In fact it feels 'cartoonish' and looks more like something suited to a mobile game. For what it's worth I am enjoying the game and am not posting this to rant at SI as I know this decision was probably a difficult one to make - I just feel this could have been communicated as part of the build up to release.
  2. Anyone playing a Chelsea game on FM17 yet? Currently looking to try and strengthen the back line - keeping Terry as a tutor (will play cup games and odd league game if needed) and hopefully get him on the coaching staff at some point, will be looking to get rid of Ivanovic and probably Cahill. Think Zouma (when fit) along with a CB that I bring in will be first choice, Luiz as cover along with bringing youths through. Definitely need to sign a really good RB too. Think the midfield will do for the first season and also look to bring through some of the youngsters. Definitely looking to sign a forward as competition to Costa along with breaking Batshuayi in without having pressure on him. Still tinkering with tactics but think a 4-2-3-1 along with 4-1-2-2-1 will be the route I'll be going down. Quite tempted to try Conte's 3 at the back but will stick to what I know for now.
  3. Thanks for the advice - have went back to the drawing board and, whilst keeping the same shape, have changed a number of instructions and roles. I think initially I was picking instructions/roles/duties all to do with attack without actually thinking of the shape of my team and the impact they would have in certain instances. Still testing my new one but I am already seeing a lot more possession and, whilst, my overall number of chances has decreased slightly my on target ratio and ccc have both increased.
  4. Okay so for this years FM I thought I would break away from my normal procedure of downloading a popular tactic and would try to create my own. I'm not hoping for a world dominating tactic but one that would bring me relative success based upon the club/level that I'm playing at. As with every FM I am starting my main career game with the team I support which is Rangers. For the first time in a number of years we are being treated to entertaining, attacking football at Ibrox with a young squad which is why I've decided to try and create my own tactic and try to emulate the way we are currently playing in real life. I have decided upon the following shape/roles as my initial tactic: http://imgur.com/sPVZpxP And also the following team instructions: http://imgur.com/pd8EFUw My overall aim of the tactic is to play entertaining, possession based football where the majority of goals are scored through patient, build up play with working the ball into the box rather than playing high balls. I know this won't be possible in every game but, certainly, for the majority where we are considered heavy favourites then this will be the case. What I would like is peoples input into where they may feel that the tactic may be 'inbalanced' and to where they feel I may have overlooked certain roles/instructions with the tactic. As this is the first time that I have tried to create my own tactic from scratch I feel there's an overwhelming selection of options/roles to select for each position. I ave read some of the threads in here in order to get help with the initial base of the tactic. During pre season I was getting over 60% possession and a high number of chances created - this was against weaker opposition though. My previous two games have been against Elgin City away in the cup - won 2-1 thanks to a late goal, had a large number of chances (into the 20's), possession was 51% in their favour. Then St Mirren at home in the league where I twice had to come from behind to secure a 2-2 draw - again I had a large number of chances but possession was only 52% in my favour. Overall I feel that the tactic does play some great football at times displaying the way that I would like the team to play. It's at this point though that I need some advice on how to take the tactic forward in terms of possession, chance conversion rate and any defensive stability improvements. Any help/input appreciated.
  5. You just bloody knew that we were not going to win that penalty shoot out!
  6. I have a question about my current laptop if someone can help. Played FM on a desktop for years but now travelling with work is finding my time at home limited so was going to stick FM on my laptop this year. This is my current laptop: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009RGBD2C?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00 Will this be okay running FM at a decent pace? I don't go crazy with the amount of leagues or anything and normally run the ME at a basic 3D setting but would be happy to move to 2D if neccessary. Thanks
  7. Just bought the game despite having limited to no knowledge of how the management side of hockey works! Apart from watching the odd game on the tv and playing NHL on the Playstation that is about it! Have downloaded some rosters/facepacks/logos and read up on various things in order to make a start - if anything at least I will learn all about a new sport. the game does look very in depth and has that familiar FM feel about it - may just take me a long time to get to the start of the season! Anyway if anything it will be a refreshing change from playing FM all the time and at that price I really couldn't turn it down!
  8. Surely the game is at the stage now where there will never be any 'major' additions as such? So really it is just going to be general tweaking/improving what's there along with any other small additions. Some of them I think 'hmmm not so fussed for that' hen others I think 'sounds good - never even thought of that!' With the new season well underway I'm looking forward to this being released.
  9. I think the ME is much improved with this update. I feel like the players are actually carrying out my instructions to the letter (or at least trying to!) Also I find myself trying different things that I wouldn't before. For example was 2-0 down at half time - for the second half I abandoned my narrow, passing formation and stuck a big target man up front, told the team to go direct and float crosses into the box. This paid off with my striker getting a couple as we managed to grab a draw (although should have won it). On previous versions my stubbornness would have made me stick to my short passing style and I would only have made a sub or two to try and change things and see if a harsh team talk worked. Nice update and surely now it's only subtle changes that will be needed going forward.
  10. I've just started my long term Rangers save today. I'm not actually going to play a match until the new update comes out - I can take absolutely ages setting everything up in pre-season anyway so it's not a bother to me. For example I have been on it for three hours so far and haven't even pressed the 'continue' button yet! There is still a week of in game time before my first friendly so hopefully the update will be out before I reach that point. Just going to focus on getting my backroom staff in, drawing up shortlists, setting up training and tactics etc for the moment. I haven't played the game since the beta so haven't been able to judge on the state of the ME - I would rather hold off though rather than setting up tactics just to have to change them again because of any ME changes. I have to say I do love the whole 'look and feel' of the game so with a good ME then it should be the best FM yet!
  11. Yeah Miles confirmed on Twitter that it will be released on Thursday for iOS and Android - with full details tomorrow.
  12. I just got my first ever tablet (a bit late I know!) and of course downloaded FMH on it. Have to say I'm really surprised - played FMH on PSP before but haven't played it since I got a Vita. I think the games excellent and was surprised at how much better it was than the PSP version. Very nice and simple to use but you still know that you're playing FM. I went on it for 'half an hour' last night and found myself two hours later having to tear myself away from it! FMH will never tear me away from the PC version as I love to get immersed in a career and spend hours micro managing. I do think though that FMH is more than a 'quick blast' game and can see me easily spending a good amount of time on that too.
  13. FM runs perfect on Windows 8.1 for me too. I remember that a few people had problems with screen colour or something but this was sorted by updating graphics card driver. I never had any such problems and FM ran perfect from the off.
  14. Don't think it's going to be scrapped at all - the main game is always their main priority and then once all the promotion and release has been done for it they will then turn their attentions to the handheld versions.
  15. It's not officially released until 31 October so how can you say this is the released version??
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