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  1. I’m playing on Switch Lite - mainly got it for this game too. Plays great and to be honest I couldn’t see me playing this on a tv. Seems perfect for handheld mode.
  2. Just started this game - enjoying it but it seems very slow. I’ve only really been playing at night - should I be playing during the day to get most benefit? Im only at the stage where the museum guy has come to the island - he’s giving me the craft notes to make a vault to get over the river but I can’t find the type of wood needed for it. It seems like it will be really good once it opens up more - just need to put some graft in for a bit first. Any tips appreciated!
  3. Yeah that’s on my to buy list - looks decent. What about Into The Breach - you played that at all? Reviews look good and sounds like my type of game.
  4. I just got the grey one - boring but the other ones stuck out too much for me! It came with Minecraft and I’ve also bought Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. The other games you’ve mentioned are ones that I’ve looked at too so will build up my library over time. Zelda is intriguing for me too as I’ve also never owned or even played any previous version.
  5. So are they quite good with the updates for this? Just about to get started and it's the first time I've ever played an Animal Crossing so will probably have no idea what I'm doing! As it's played in real time does it go through the real life seasons - will you get like snow in December etc.
  6. So just went and bought that and Stardew Valley. If someone had told me last month that I would be sat playing Animal Crossing I would have told them where to go! Lockdown does funny things to you though! I have heard it’s meant to be good though - might not have been my type of game previously but I need something to keep me occupied just now. Time to get stuck in!
  7. I just got a Switch Lite as well - what’s the recommended games for it? I normally play sports/sims/strategy games but really looking for anything good to do the time in during this lock down period.
  8. There was one manager game that I can’t mind the name of now but after full time in your match it then went to a vidi printer where the other full time scores would start coming through. Just added to the excitement if you were in a promotion/relegation battle as you waited to see if your rivals dropped points!
  9. I love my kindle but I’m addicted to buying books for it! There’s a daily deal, monthly deal, a weekend deal and then various sales for it throughout the year. I have hundreds of books on mine and I’ve never paid over 99p for one. If there’s a book you’re after then hold out for it and you’ll eventually get it for cheap. Best thing I’ve ever bought - although oddly enough I still read real books a bit too!
  10. Still no release date yet - I'm keeping an eye on this one as well. Think with them being a small studio there won't be a long gap between announcement and releasing.
  11. Is it just me or is the game a good bit harder this year? I'm sure I normally played on top player on pes 18. Started a master league with Chelsea and got thrashed in my 3 international cup games - scoring none and conceding nine! Dropped the level down to professional but beat man city 2-0 in the community shield so it was too easy. Put it back up to top player and I've gone 4 draws and 1 defeat in my first five league games! Just seems the defence is so tight that I'm hardly getting any space at all. Not that I'm complaining as would rather have it be challenging for the l
  12. From what I've read the PR for the release of this game has been shocking. You would think with having the PGA license they would be promoting it very highly. I never bought any of the last two but with the PGA license, and not having had a golf game for years, I was quite tempted by it. How's the previous versions been?
  13. Anyone get the new version then - so good this year.
  14. Anyone ordered OOTP 19 then? Out on 22nd but if you pre ordered you get it on 19th. New UI makes it look a lot more modern and if you play out games the new 3D looks really good. Gameplay video here: https://youtu.be/mPuT5lnrMwI Roll on Monday!
  15. OOTP 18 is only £10.20 until 1st November for those that don't have it. I've actually surpassed my FM playing time with this game now.
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