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  1. Seriously? 98m? In my 7th season, the most I've spent on a player is £27m on Hazard, and that was only because I knew I had £23m coming in from selling Xherdan Shaqiri. Would be pretty great to manage him though I suppose. Anyway, my starting XI for season 7 looks like this: I'm definitely trying to bring in newgens more than anything else now. Here are some of them: Ivo Sousa - Cost 6.5m when he was 18 Vagner - Cost 2.6m when he was about 16, had to wait till he was 18 though obviously. Kamel Adda - Cost 25m at the beginning of the season.. I splurged, and had just sold Thiago to Chelsea for £26.5m http://img1.uploadscreenshot.com/images/orig/11/31219200122-orig.jpg (ran out of images allowed in post) Hugo Peralta - Cost 3m when he was 18. Probably one of my favourite players at the club. http://img1.uploadscreenshot.com/images/main/11/31219211992.jpg Finally, Emilio Nascimento - 19m from Real at the beginning of the season.. I got jealous, and Aguero had just gone for £33m I must say, I've got pretty damned lucky with the development of the newgens I bought when they were young. Very lucky indeed.
  2. This is ridiculous now. Awful. Cannot get a new stadium There's no evidence to suggest the fan-base will expand. Considering leaving..
  3. [video=youtube;XFBusHOwdAs] I'm just going to leave this here.. He's 32 now.
  4. Buying the stadium is allowed pretty early on isn't it? That was fine for me. As well as expanding, even without foreground sugardaddy. My issue is with building a new one..
  5. I've been getting this forever now. Won La Liga 3 times in a row. Won CL once, but apparently the fanbase isn't expanding. Seems pretty unfair really. On the upside I got Courtois on a free after Chelsea let his contract run down to 6 months, so I was able to sell Khune. And I got £17.25m
  6. Could try asking the African players to retire from int. football. I don't like it, it seems cruel, but I am so reliant on Khune in goals, and he was willing..
  7. 2015-2016. Won La Liga 3 times in a row (luck more than judgement). CL last season.
  8. City, £32.5m, 210k wages. When I got offered the Real job, before they sold him, it said they would give £233m transfer budget, so clearly they're rolling in it. edit: 1000th post in the thread, wow.
  9. I just sold Muniain to Real Madrid... for £59m They sold CR7 and are clearly panic buying. I'm sure I'll live to regret this, but I think I can probably replace him.
  10. The 2 full-backs are regens, as is the sub keeper. This is my team as of March 2015 though.
  11. I sold Juanmi (perhaps hastily) at the start of the second season for £2m + 50% future profit. I just knew he wasn't going to play for me, given that my 2 first choice strikers, Kadlec and Muniain were only a year older than him. He looks decent on yours, but I'd probably suggest that he may never be good enough for Malaga. On my save, things went from bad to worse for Spanish football.
  12. They replaced Pep with Mancini, he might be capable of greatness. He's won a Prem and CL with City on here and been 2nd in the Prem twice. I hope they don't go downhill.
  13. Good to see some extreme loyalty to Malaga there. I also had that American invite, seems like a sign of increasing rep. Can only mean good things, I just hope a new stadium is in sight. I took the Spain job after 2014 World Cup where they crashed out in the group stages. Thought I'd have a little fun: But then.. I'm so disappointed. Not what I wanted at all, he and I were quickly becoming friends. Definitely don't want the job, but I just hope they get a solid replacement.
  14. And he's 33 on my game. It doesn't mean he's not still world class. It just seems a bit silly to me to replace a player for the sake of it, at great cost.
  15. I really think you might aswell keep Demichelis. I'm halfway through my 4th season now and he's still playing most matches. He's taken a slight paycut while every other player is demanding more and still has an average rating in the league of 7.72 this season. I'll probably have replaced him by the end of the season, but I want him to stay.
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