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  1. here are my results i started the tactic with liverpool AWAY after beating Bate 6-2 and since 0 Loses !!
  2. help to reduce the long shots by my forwards and mids
  3. i think the discipline issue is a bug any way work on it bro im testing it right now
  4. im using 4-2-4 and my attackers seems to long shot ALOT ? any help to reduce the long shot and try more passing
  5. amazing tactic plz edit your first post to contain all info needed to play this tactic
  6. what abt player attributes ?
  7. thanks , i hope they fix it soon coz its annoying
  8. seeing other teams results without loading highlights if i want to see other teams results , i must load the highlights . is there a way to avoid that and go straight to the overview ( how score and cards ) ?
  9. when i minimize fm2012 , the playing or loading does not continue until i maximize it which does not happens to me in others fm versions how can i minimize the game and still make it run in background ? sorry for my bad english
  10. i am playing 4-4-2 ----------x---------- x----x-----x------x --------------------- -------x---x-------- x------------------x ------x----x------- my AML and AMR is doing great in attacking ,, and my team attacks with at least 4players like this : AML --------- AMR ------st-----st------- and my defense usually looks like this dr-----dc----dc---dl -------mc----------- how to make my AML and AMR have defense duty to support my full back when we dont have the ball but still have the attacking threat ? note : AML ,, AMR ( attack duty )
  11. change a little in tactic swap the lrft & right attackers ,, push the defence a little seems better BTW ., any one changed the tactic from the classical to the new tactic ? download link plz
  12. great tool just found a better position for my players and start preforming better thx m8
  13. my save is fully ready to test this monster
  14. some tactical problems , how to make nani , valencia ( amr , aml ) to defend in counters or in the normal play ? should i use hold ball for my both cm s in 4-4-2 ? in default only one cm with hold ball should my wingers and full back cross byline or deep ?