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  1. As an example, Turkey played following last fixtures on real life: Andorra - September Romania - September Estonia - October Holland - October But in game Holland - September Estonya - September Hungary - October Andorra - October Previous games are also changed with non-real results. How is this possible ?
  2. @pro which skin are you using ? I just loved the skin of those screenshots.
  3. Being galatasaray, 54 wins, 5 draws in 59 competitive games. Winning all competitions, including champions league.
  4. In FM 2011 , I was managing tottenham and we were in CL semi final; against Arsenal. I was leading 4-2 in last 10 minutes and a penalty is awarded. Dawson, central defender, scored two headers, came to the spot and missed the kick. When the ball returned, arsenal score a counter attack goal and match finished 4-3. In Emirates stadium, I was beaten 2-1 and lost the semi final. Now imagine how it would be if I won 5-2 in the first leg. Since this game, I am the biggest hater of this feature.
  5. A little high asking prices for players who are transfer listed by request: Carlos Fierro, who is currently plays for Chivas and valued 3.9M €, is listed for 26M €. Internacional wants 62M € for Leandro Damiao which is listed by request. 26M € for steven fletcher, etc.
  6. Too many amazing individual efforts for me. Even average players can dribble 4-5 players and score while gareth bale just receiving the ball from his own goalkeeper and scoring after 80 meters dribbling. Not even yet encountered messi though.
  7. First of all, he is not a striker. Secondly, half of his shots are long shots, free-kicks, headers etc. Lastly, One does not simply link shots-to-goal ratio with composure. Then deep lying playmakers who has 2-3 shots per game outside of 18 yard box who did not make it to the goal should have 1 for composure as they cannot hit the goal.
  8. No way he can score above 40 goals with that composure.
  9. Soccer Expert?

    If you are using American English in the game rather than British English, it may refer to Director of Football I guess. Remember that they say head coach instead of manager.
  10. 4-2-3-1 with 3 AMC's

    I used in Fm 2011, in atletico madrid with following players : David De Gea - Goalkeeper, Defend Sime Vrsjalko - Full Back, Attack Simon Kjaer - Ball Playing Defender, Defend Alvaro Dominguez - Central Defender, Defend Martin Olsson - Full Back, Attack Yann M'vila - Ball Winning Midfielder, Defend Nuri Şahin - Deep Lying Playmaker, Support Marek Hamsik - AMCR , Attacking Midfielder , Attack Ganso - AMC , Advanced Playmaker , Attack Pastore - AMCL , Attacking Midfielder , Attack Agüero - Complete Forward, Attack I used short passing (shorter than the short option) , Press More , Fluid, Control as the team instructions. I was dominating my games, 4 attacking players scores around 100 goals per season, lots of passes during games and naturally winning La Liga and Champions League. However, things are not right in FM 2012 with this formation, or maybe I couldn't sign the top players since Agüero , Pastore and Ganso are no longer available.
  11. I'm playing with Atletico Madrid, using classical 4-4-2 with Edinson Cavani and Falcao up front. I just want to use all energy of Cavani ( for me, he has the arc reactor of Iron Man , as you know 20 Stamina and 19 work rate). As a result his condition is merely below %80 at the end of the 90 minutes, covering 10.5 km average. Now, I'm coming to the question. My left winger, covers over 13 km when he plays full. This is basically due to his position. It really annoys me that a lazy talent show old man runs more than Cavani. What I want is so simple. I want to use Cavani's over-power in the team defence.(an example is Johan Elmander in real life) How can I make him press in front of my central midfielders without limiting his attacking responsibilities. ( Generally playing him as a CF and scores 0.8 goals per game and delivers 0.3 assists per game) To your knowledge, I'm not keen on playing him as a defensive forward. I'm not gonna create a Dirk Kuyt.
  12. Really annoyed since I had to stop my carrier second time due to this credit issue.
  13. Darwin Quintero ; Galatasaray - Gaziantepspor ; 4 goals 2 assists
  14. well at least game does not change your birth up to 15 years when adding a manager
  15. Even in Football Manager, one cannot lead England to glory !