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  1. Started a multi handed game, with a number of managers in England and one as manager of Austin FC, starting at the Late English Pre-season point. This means Austin FC starts as team with no players, but gives me time to build a decent squad or the basis of one before the Expansion Draft comes in December. When I sign players ahead of December I can't register them as the 'ok' button is replaced with a non-clickable 'Testing Changes only' button., This means my squad registration is not saved. I can move on as it is a multi player game, so I can use another manager to move on time, but it is
  2. There is another bug with the same Game file. In a multiplayer game, if you exit a recruitment meeting using the 'I'll do it myself' button (i.e. exit normally without doing anything) it then won't let other players have recruitment meetings.
  3. Uploaded the file as BigGame 3_stuck.fm. It's a multiplayer game, saved just before the Liverpool Recruitment meeting.
  4. Update: doesn't stick if you click 'I know my targets, let's end the meeting here.' option, ends the meeting as you might expect. Only sticks if you click the 'start the meeting' button.
  5. Playing as Liverpool, I get the recruitment meeting message. Click on it, the page opens. when I click 'Ok Let's get this meeting started' it pops up with 'Do you want to end this meeting ?' If I click Yes it does nothing, if I click end Meeting (in the bottom right corner) it doesn't do anything. I'm guessing it's to with not having any desperate needs, no positions under three and half stars, as the recruitment meeting works on other teams who have needs.
  6. Hi Lekan, I have uploaded the file 'Multi-Gusto 1_preMatch.fm' to the SI Cloud Service As requested.
  7. In the Player of the week screen my player is noted as being 'while on-loan at Austin FC' (see PlayeroftheWeek.PNG) but he isn't on-loan, we own him , the screen grab 'ImNotOnLoan.png' clearly shows he is 'Contracted to Austin FC'. The player was on-loan in Paraguay at the start of the game but he returned to Austin on Dec 31st when his loan ran out. These screen shots were taken in May 2021 in game time. ng'
  8. A slight correction the results page has both conferences, the fixtures page just has the Eastern as shown above.
  9. Playing as Austin FC, a western Conference team, but on the fixtures screen on the right side of the page it only shows the Eastern Conference, and not the Western. See attached screenshot for detail.
  10. Saturday February 5th 2022 Premier League Venue: Reebok Stadium Bolton Wanderers (11th) vs. Liverpool (1st) Bolton had done tolerably well so far this season, they lie 11th currently, but this is still the type of game we have to take in our stride if we are going to repeat as Champions again. A place on the bench for new signing Joao Paulo, but a first start for Kounadis here. We pressed from the start but all we had to show for a first half of hard work was a Alfredo Lopez dispatching of a rebound in the 37th minute. The rest of the half was a litany of wasted cha
  11. Wednesday February 2nd 2022 FA Cup Fourth Round Replay Venue: Anfield Liverpool (PRM 1st) vs. Hull City (CH 22nd) The midfield this evening was made up of a fit again Crisetig and Tim Roberts. Koch slipped in at right back, but we are otherwise at full strength. There’s a bit of tiredness in the camp, and the selection was based on that as much as anything. We got off to a flying start with a goal with just 2 minutes and 20 seconds on the clock from our very first corner, the ball into the centre was knocked back by Lagator to Salazar right by the penalty spot and h
  12. Nice to know,Mark, I think it will be difficult for United tomorrow, but Liverpool don't have the best record against United at Anfield so I think it's a hard one to call. Saturday January 29th 2022 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Arsenal (2nd) Of course the secret here would be to not let the defeat at United turn into a slump and this wasn’t going to be the easiest of games to manage that in. Added to that Schiffman had twisted an ankle in training and would be out of action for as many as 6 weeks, so it wasn’t an easy decision to make te
  13. A little treat for Mr Wilson, let's see if he's still reading this Wednesday January 26th 2022 Premier League Venue: Old Trafford Manchester United (5th) vs. Liverpool (1st) The fact that this is played midweek in January, in driving hail, with no TV cameras present shows that this isn’t the match it once was, but the fact remains that there are very few results that our fans enjoy more than a win over United. United’s home form has been very good with only one of their five loses so far this season coming at home, but that was in their last home match when th
  14. Sunday January 23rd 2022 FA Cup Fourth Round Venue: The Circle, Hull Hull City (CH 23rd) vs. Liverpool (PRM 1st) Kounadis was cup tied for this one, but Koch wasn’t so he gets a start at right back. We revert to the 4-2-3-1 formation for this on, Romani returning to the wing, Salva getting a game on the bench, that decision taken as a result of Alfredo Lopez’s current form. Hull as you might expect came out like a team on fire, we on the other hand were awful. It was, quite simply, the worst 45 minutes of football I have ever seen Liverpool play, at least whilst I
  15. During the following week we made some moves, mainly to get ahead of the game in the last week of the January transfer window, and to avoid being caught out chasing players at the end of it. We let some players go out on loan, Boldrini and Istuk both went to Real Madrid on loan for the rest of the season. I hadn’t been that impressed with either of them recently, and I thought Boldrini at least would learn a bit on loan. Istuk I wasn’t sure had much of a future at Anfield, but a loan would at least give me time to work out if he was an asset to the team or not. Fringe players went too, Lebron
  16. Saturday January 15th 2022 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Watford (18th) We stick with the 5-3-2 formation for this one, Istuk in for Boldrini, and Omrani and Gandola patrolling the centre of midfield, the changes from last weekend. We were on top from the opening whistle, and put the visitors under intense pressure, but corner after corner we met a determined defence, an inspired keeper and some wasteful play on our own part. I don’t know how we didn’t score before half time, but we didn’t. Half time I was cross, and I told them so. They we
  17. Saturday January 8th 2022 Premier League Venue: Loftus Road Queen’s Park Rangers (20th) vs. Liverpool (1st) QPR have been poor this season and are rapidly becoming adrift at the bottom of the league, with just 11 points from their 20 games (we on the other hand have 55 from the same number of games), I decide to go for the throat and play a 5-3-2 with Lopez and Salva up top and Galarza behind them. That should work. QPR started brightly but their problems stem from not scoring enough goals, and you could see why here, putting the ball over when well placed early on.
  18. Wednesday January 5th 2022 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Stoke City (12th) Midweek in January has never been my favourite time to be playing a match, but this is what we had here, obviously I hoped our recent excellent form could be carried on here and to that end I was pleased to see Galarza return to the team. Alfredo Lopez the unlucky one to miss out, but he’d get to warm the bench just in case Salva didn’t play his usual part in proceedings. Stoke had other ideas and started the much better of the two sides, and were unlucky to see a shot fro
  19. Saturday January 1st 2022 FA Cup Third Round Venue: Anfield Liverpool (PRM 1st) vs. Crawley Town (L2 2nd) The FA Cup saw us cast in the role of ‘giant’ and our visitors, Crawley of League Two in the role of ‘giantkillers’, that only, of course, if they win. It’s not a game that should challenge us, of course, but seeing as I view it as an opportunity to give some squad players a go, then strange things might happen. Of the last team only Omrani and Proffitt remain, the rest are all squad player, with only one youngster on the bench. The Crawley keeper had distinguis
  20. Tuesday December 28th 2021 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers (9th) The second game in the Christmas string came round too quick for the lads injured in the previous game, Clark would be out for two weeks, Enriquez, five. Add in to that some tiredness in the squad, and this game became a choice between a test of our squad depth or a chance to change the formation a little. The use of the 5-3-2 in recent games had been due to my inability to choose between Alfredo Lopez and Salva, but with Lopez sitting this one out due to tiredness,
  21. Sunday December 26th 2021 Premier League Venue: St. James’ Park Newcastle (13th) vs. Liverpool (1st) The Boxing Day fixture this year saw us travel up to the North East, and to Newcastle. They have hit a little bit of form recently including a televised 3-0 walloping of Arsenal in their last match so they are not a team to be taken lightly by any means. But I only make one change to the lineup from the last match, Gandola, one booking away from an enforced ban, takes the day off, Enriquez steps into the ball winning role. We stick with the 5-3-2 as it offers us more
  22. Wednesday December 22nd 2021 Premier League Venue: St. Mary’s Southampton (8th) vs. Liverpool (1st) This is our game in hand, so we need to get something out of it. I opt for a formation change as Southampton are a different proposition than Everton, and we can’t afford gung-ho here, not initially at least ! We go for a 5-3-2, that sees Salva and Lopez up front together, Clark in the hole, Boldrini and Salazar on wing back duties. A different formation, and we get off to a flyer, Gandola setting it up with a fabulous through ball, leaving Salva with a comparatively
  23. Saturday December 18th 2021 Premier League Venue: Goodison Park Everton (17th) vs. Liverpool (1st) Everton are flirting with relegation thus far this season, but good form or not, it doesn’t pay to take the opposition for granted in this fixture. Everton started in full on derby mode, tearing into tackles and playing about 25% better than they had at any other time this season, but it was all damage control really as we passed the ball around, got the opposition chasing shadows, and made chance after chance after chance. On 9 minutes we took the lead with one o
  24. Saturday December 11th 2021 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Aston Villa (15th) A small personnel reshuffle for this one, Gandola is tired, and also one yellow away from a ban, so now seems a good time to give him a rest, Crisetig is just tired. Roberts, for his league debut, and Cespedes the men to take over. Alfredo Lopez returns on the left. We piled on the pressure from the off here, Villa are down where they are in the table for a reason, and that reason would seem to be is that they are not very good away from home. Salva, Lopez and Romani all
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