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    watching football playing snooker playing pool plus 9 ball and this my favorite game not online mana

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  1. Football Manager 2012 improvements

    i dont play with sound as i play on a lappy on the bed as it would **** the misses off ,training needs overhaul .dont give a dam about the grapics ,just great game play .cauld do more with the finance section and player stats .as the game years go on the strikers finishing gets worse for silly money...
  2. Football Manager 2012 improvements

    me personaly dont play with sound ,as i like to play on the bed with the lappy it would just **** the misses off.training needs overhaul would rather have game play than graphics..
  3. have started a fresh game with liverpool where carrol and sarez are at there but am struggling more than ever now will carry on for a bit might be team blending
  4. hello manager fans was just curious on the sales of each version right up till football manager 11 to see if it was as popular then as it is to day thanks
  5. im 38 been playing since 16
  6. Isn't Fm 2010 great?

    yes its great i have been with liverppol from the start now in 2024 and to me its the best game i have brought in my life !!
  7. Recent Laptop Upgrades?

    how much were they lads?
  8. Will You Buy FM2011 ?

    lol same here does not matter what i buy for the playstation or the pc i still keep coming back to football manager 10 and battlefield 2
  9. being liverpool

    thanks guys for the input but it gets me down as liverpool have a huge none football cost of nearly 47milion a year
  10. being liverpool

    i am with you there nottingham forrest
  11. being liverpool

    hello mate i dont want to cheat that is the least i can get as it can goto 1.1mil and 250000 is the least but would take a massive pay reduction for free if i cauld /lol thanks
  12. hello football fans just wondered what your stats were like and how are you managing to stay in the black im in the year jan 2023 have been there from the start have a 65000 stadium avarage 63433 am on 250000 a week but would love to reduce it as it has no importace..just wondered how some of you people are getting on thanks
  13. none football costs i am with liverppool and am paying now 47and ahalf million a year im in the year 2022 ...the other 1 is my wages witch means nothing in this and am getting 250grand a week witch i cant reduce every 4 year contract apart from that am very happy with the game!!!!!!!
  14. Moving my game on...

    hello hope you are enjoying the new lap top please keep us informed how its running fm10 thanks
  15. thanks for mentioning that i am aproaching 2020 and the same is happining .and the text is slowing down..