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  1. We have tried and there is nothing to do against the throw in setup
  2. If playing with friends, make an agreement to not to use it at all.
  3. My guess would be that the set-play needs to be played at exact location. If you can't prevent conceding throw in from that dangerous position you are screwed. AI does not use this throw in setup.
  4. You can't do anything to defend against it. It is a match engine problem.
  5. I did everything from clearing caches to re-installing the game. It is better now, but still at certain dates there are "peaks" where my PC almost crashes. Played through another year and only one total crash. I have to say that my PC is getting old. Bought it in 2008 and only updated hard drives and videocard in recent years. Maybe just lacking the required RAM. Also installed the speedfan and it shows that, when running the game, GPU temperature is close to 90 celcius. Not during matches, but when doing the heavy calculations near transfer window endings.
  6. Yes, it freezes the entire computer. Can not access even task manager. Only rebooting the computer solves this. And, no I did not try anything yet. I will try to do those things when I have the time to get into this again.
  7. I had this very same problem. Mine almost crashes also on the last day of December. I managed to get past this one (august) by clicking continue and immediately clicking browse after the game starts processing. Save everytime in between and after only couple quick blackscreens I managed to get past that date.
  8. I don't like the latest patch. i have a good team and i was doing well in the league, but after the patch it has gone mental. Now my players are scoring goals like never before. last seven games with this new patch my team scored 27 goals and conceded 10. I'm using attacking tactic but come on!!! That is 3,8 goals per match scored by my team only. That wasn't the thing triggered me to complain here. Last drop of madness is the match i'm playing right now. Half time score my team 6 vs. opponent 2 .. no injuries nor sending offs. AND FOR THIS MATCH I'M PLAYING WITH MY SUBSTITUTES (because of coming euroleague match). Please fix this latest patch. It's not fun anymore. Prior to this patch seven games scored 12 and conceded 8.
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