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    Lil' Wayne \o/

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    Newcastle United
  1. Ronseal™

    FM is so hard .
  2. Ronseal™

    I'm not 14 stone! That's Tucker. I'm only 12 !
  3. Ronseal™

    5'9 or 5'10.
  4. Ronseal™

    I wonder where Jammy is?! I still have him on MSN actually...
  5. Ronseal™

    Yeah, my eating disorder was pretty serious, but now I'm fine . 14 stone sounds a little chunky .
  6. Ronseal™

    No I went from dangerously underweight at 8 stone, to sexy and muscled at 12 .
  7. Ronseal™

    I sometimes find it hard to find motivation, but once you start getting bigger you stop getting bored .
  8. Ronseal™

    My Wayne loves is only mild compared to my love for Donkey from Shrek. I have like 30 teddies of him around my room. :o
  9. Ronseal™

    Lil Wayne <3.
  10. Ronseal™

    I bet your one of them people who always have quotes in the newspaper. 'A close personal friend of Milner says....' And erm, well since I've been off to forums I've overcame quite a serious eating disorder which is good. Managed to put on 4 stone and I'm now getting quite big gym most days. College sucks though, I really can't stand it.
  11. Ronseal™

    I'm glad to hear . Still speak to Milner? \o/
  12. Ronseal™

    At least I'm something. \o/ I have some news guys, I'm now well... Muscley .
  13. Ronseal™

    A pet hate of mine . Bad times. You had so much promise too. You have an AMAZING first name .
  14. Ronseal™

    Erm, yes. Why isn't you name capitalised?!
  15. Ronseal™

    Lil Wayne is ****in' sexy !