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    hokkej s shajboj, futbol i drugie sportivnye sostjazanija
  1. Who's overachieving in your save?

    since they sacked me, boro have been doing well promoted from championship 14/15 12th prem a end of 15/16 5th prem 16/17 5th again. 17/18
  2. Indian Super League

    india have a football league??
  3. if it is implemented i will remove it.
  4. you buy alienware, i laugh at you and throw u in pond
  5. brilliant. cant wait for shogun-gus.
  6. Our Ambitious New Stadium

    lol, even we get more than that on a sunday morning and we're a load a *****, averaged about 2-3 old fellas not including their dogs last season.
  7. Retail version and Origin

    football manager activates on Steam, not that abomination some call origin.[just kidding, origin is alright]
  8. Windows 8 & Football Manager 2013

    as above. i had 2-3 crash dumps, then verified cache and everything good.
  9. What FM are you playing ?

    still got a save from FM 12 and playing FM 13 too. at the same time, come at me bro
  10. New pc...decision

    mate, go to cyberpowerUK and have a browse. they are very good, i got one from there. you pick parts they build it, or you pick a prebuilt one already to ship.
  11. yeah i know, i like to view formations and what not. it only takes a few seconds extra to load, mind. so itys not too bad i guess...
  12. Where in the World is Harry?

    he's too busy looking like a bassett hound in my game.
  13. call me crazy, but i find the fat version to be easier than FMC. don't get me wrong, FMC is great and i have used it extensively. however, i just, for some reason do better in normal than FMC. lol. loving the game so far, it's up there with my favourite FM 10. apology for mistake, english isnt my native tongue
  14. FM13 Editor: First Impressions

    i found it abnormally amusing that i created 2 full teams worth of players (a good few hours) over the last few days, to only find out they dont show up. is there something wrong with me? im actually not bothered by it...... haha
  15. Create Player Workaround

    lol... smh si.