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  1. I've got Parrott at Forest but he's doing nothing at all....
  2. https://www.box.co.uk/2D231EAABU-HP-255-G7_2920314.html https://www.box.co.uk/82C50075UK-Lenovo-V15_2860909.html https://www.box.co.uk/M509DA-BQ303T-ASUS-M509DA-BQ303T_2886176.html The budget has gone up to £500. The bottom one looks decent to me. The second was recommended a while back. Anybody any opinions?
  3. I'm an orthodox tight arse and my budget is nowhere near the big boys like the guys above. Ideally I wouldn't want to pay more than £400-500 (absolute max). All Iwant to play is the basic English leagues (prem/champ/l1/l2) and that'd be about it.... maybe also something I can install Microsoft Office on.... Does such a product exist?
  4. Anyone got any recommendations from Argos website for a decent FM compatible laptop under £500? If not it might be this one recommended earlier...... https://www.box.co.uk/5YY93EAABU-HP-Pavilion-Gaming-15-ec0019na_2916989.html
  5. I really fancy Giroud @ 40s. Relatively easy group, just a bit worried he might not start.
  6. A Benzema hat trick, or preferably 4/5 goals would suit me nicely. It's nice to dream!
  7. Had a speculative £1 double on Kaymer to win the US Open @ 40/1 and Benzema top scorer @ 25/1.
  8. Was bored at work last night so flicked through the team specials and here's a few i've picked out: Croatia to concede over 4.5 goals @ 11/10 Iran to get 0 points @ 11/4 South Korea to qualify from group stages @ 9/5 Honduras to concede over 5.5 goals @ 10/11 Ghana to concede over 4.5 goals @ 4/6 Will add a few in the near future. Trying to get a bet for each group going and combine them in various permutations. If I needed to pick a best bet from them it would be Iran to score 0 points.
  9. My earliest World Cup memory has to be Italia 90. I had the England video as a kid and watched it religiously. We scraped through the group stages with draws against Ireland and Holand and a towering Mark Wright header against Egypt sealed our passage. Then probably one of my favourite goals of all time despite the fact I know detest the man, David Platts volley. Technically brilliant, hours spent in the garden from myself trying to recreate it. Then Cameroon (they don't make players like them anymore) loads of flair, they never gave up. Then it all went downhill from there, Parkers deflected OG, Gazza and those penalties that to this day are still orbiting space (Waddle). The Italy game was a damp squid. But great memories, I particularly enjoyed the book 'One night in Turin.'
  10. Anybody who is either struggling in defence or contemplating a central defensive partnership for the future can do a lot worse than Lascelles and Mancienne. I'm in season 5, 3 of which have been in the Premiership and these 2 are absolutely immense. Both of them have acquired 7.20+ per season and both valued over £5m+. Highly recommend them both.
  11. I have played Fm religiously since this little feature was introduced and I have never successfully appealed a red card. I reckon it's easily over 100 and every time the FA stick to the referee's decision. I would love to see a screenshot of what it look likes to successfully appeal a red card!
  12. Anybody else astonished at how good Jamaal Lascalles is? HE has proved an absolute star for my back four since season one. Over the three seasons so far, all in the Championship he has averaged 7.24, 7.42 and 7.58. Just been playing him as an ordinary centre back, focus on marking and positioning and paired him with Michael Mancienne. Also he has an exemplary disciplinary record, in particularly this season with 43 appearances 0 yellows, 0 reds. Could prove to be an absolute star of the future.
  13. SO pre season is about to begin and I realise that after releasing a few players here and there I only actually have 4 defenders. Bad decision making, so as usual with football manager i've gone on a transfer spree and managed to bring in a few players. The board set my transfer budget at £9 million. So it looks like bargains and loans is the way forward. Transfers In: Jermaine Jenas Free Billy Sharp £2.5m Danie Ayala £4.3m Tiago Gomes Danny Higginbotham Lerory Lita £600k Ignasi Miquel Players released on a free included Andy Reid, Mcgoldrick, Mcgugan, Moloney. The problem with these players is they had no value even though Reid and Mcgugan played 20+ games and averaged near 7 for the season. For some reason both of them were valued around the £50k mark which is shocking.
  14. So after a long and hard season I managed to somehow secure 2nd spot in the Championship behind Brighton. Transfers In: Loans - Adam Smith (Spurs), Frimpong (Arsenal), Leroy Lita (Swansea) Transfers - Dave Edwards £2.3m from Wolves. Dennis Knight from Newcastle £120k (future prospect). Transfers Out - Greg Halford £600k and Greening 150k Season Overview Began the season with a shocking 8-0 away win at Blackpool. Another win at home to Boro was followed by back to back defeats and this seemed to be the story for the season. I could never get a good winning run, it was always win 2 games, then maybe a draw or loss followed by the same result. I think my game was indicative of the real life Championship as I finished 2nd having lost 13 games. Players Cox was top scorer with 33 goals in 46 apps, Sharp had 17 in 37 and behind that was Lita with 8 in 33 (mainly sub). The midfielders made very little goalscoring contribution. I used the formation 4-1-2-1-2. I tended to start with Sharp and Cox up front, Majewski in behind and rotated the midfield between Edwards, Reid, Cohen and Guedioura. Moussi/Frimpong had the anchor role. But I could never get a settled midfield, they were either out of form or struggling for fitness. Daniel Ayala was the biggest shock of he game for me (perhaps my real life feelings that I don't rate him overflow into the game.) He started and finished every game scoring the highest rating of 7.67. To be fair, he was a rock at the back. I developed Lascalles well throughout the season and though his form dipped towards the end he was a quality player and should be good for the premiership. I'll keep you all updated with my Premiership campaign.
  15. Don't know how/why I did it but I have sort-off managed to get a defence together using Sam Hutchinson or Louis Nery at right back, Adam Smith left back, Ayala and either Collins or Lascalles at centre back. Think there must be a bug in the game, Ayala has won young player of the month for the first 3 months of the season.
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