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  1. James, Do you always switch to counter in away games? Or just against the top 5 or something?
  2. I totally agree. Have some great results with my Fc United squad in the Blue Square North and now in the Blue Square Premier. Scored 127 goals in the Blue Square North last season.
  3. I must agree. I am playing Man City in the first season with the classic version and Vucenic in the central role and Balotelli and Tevez on the left and right. Vucenic have scored 29 goals and has given 29 assists after 34 games. He totally rocked! Beat Man Utd at home with 2-5 and in the City Ground with 6-2. Only Chelsea i am struggeling with but I am 6 points ahead.
  4. Thanks Mokiman, I will try it in the next match away against Porto. Don't have a tall striker at the moment but still have 9 million transfer budget so I will look around. Anyone any suggestions?
  5. Mokiman, I several questions. I currently play with Sporting CP. For example if i want to swap midfielders as you said should i tick for both midfielders the swap button or is one enough. second question: What do you do with the creative freedom of the strikers because on the original tactic they are on the max. And with Leidson and Edu i don't have players with 17+ creativity. And last question is what to do when the opponent is switching to 4-2-4? I am looking forward hearing from you
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