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  1. Good evening all, I'll start by saying that this isn't one of those 100th tier to Champions League careers - so it may not be that interesting but this is going to be my last save for FM20 so thought I'd write up about it. I've just completed a Celta Vigo save, where I won everything within 5 years and won La Liga 5 years on the trot so wanted a new challenge. Die Bayern Academy So as you can probably tell, I'm going to be. Bayern München I won't strictly be using only youth intake players and I'll be able to buy in but only matching certain criteria; EU Players: Must be
  2. Hi, many thanks. I'll have a good look into the second one. Not overly fussed about screen size, but quick enough to run 100k players + over a decade or so without much drop in performance. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I've got a budget of approx. £1,250. Looking for a laptop that will run FM lightening fast. 16gb ram if possible. (Any laptops that I can modify myself in the future would be handy too) Thanks.
  4. Very impressive ;-) I Jest, i'm aware it's a typo. Great thread, that's given me a lot of inspiration to try unconventional shapes myself, and attempt to get them working.
  5. I will forget to check out your Youtube Channel, as this isn't the place to be promoting it.
  6. This isn't going to as in-depth as it probably should be for the tactics forum, so I don't even know if it should be in the tactics forum so please move if necessary. I'm sure many of us have seen the film starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. No? Just me then. Basically, two people wake up in each other's bodies. Which is going to basically happen here with Bayern & Huddersfield. I'm taking control of both Munchen and Huddersfield and swapping their styles of play around. Munchen will be playing Route One football, pumping it forward from the back and having someone run
  7. Yeah, it's a wonderful post and not long winded at all. Better than the amount of "I IZ NEEDING HELP WIV DIS TAKTIK" We've been getting recently.
  8. Starting a new save. Going to train TAA to be the best Mezzala in the universe.
  9. I played him in net. Was class for me.
  10. I'm planning on starting a Director of Football save, where the DoF, and the DoF alone signs the players. How does the DoF sign players though? If I'm playing a bit of a mental formation, will he still sign players that fits his prefered formation or will he adapt to mine? Does he know my weaknesses, and sign players to fill those weaknesses?
  11. So, I brought my Marco Rose tactic from Salzburg all the way to Merseyside with the intention of playing a high tempo - possession hungry - flair style of play. Now the lads have adjusted to what I've been asking of them and it's wonderful. Possession Not as much as I had with Salzburg but considering how tough the Premier League is, I'm made up with this so far. Passes I came into this looking to pick up between 600 & 700 passes per game. On average it's around 614.5 completed per game here. Chances Created There's no point in having all the posse
  12. Sorry I've not been about guys to update you on my mental diamond as I've been working hellish hours. The tactic that worked wonderfully with Salzburg is a bit hit and miss with Liverpool, I did expect it though as Salzburg quickly learned my tactic as it is a tactic they're used to. With Liverpool not so much. But hopefully It's coming along a little now. My last game against Hoffenheim A game that Hoffenheim really needed to chase to come back from a 4-0 deficit at our place. I controlled the game possession wise, completing 556 passes in the process. The Hoffenheim go
  13. The only thing about this tactic, is it's not massively high scoring. Due to the very quick high tempo they seem to snap at chances. You'll usually bag 2 or 3.
  14. These are my opposition instructions too.
  15. Nothing to write home about, due to being a friendly against extremely poor opposition, but this was my first friendly with the tactic no where near fluid yet. and the tactic BBM's have get further forward and more risky passes, the FB's are actually on support (ignore the screenie for that) They both have get further forward, but cross less often - because as with Marco Rose team, he doesn't put crosses in, he has his fullbacks cut it back. Which seems to work well with these instructions as they look for the pass rather than the cross.
  16. I also tried bringing Xavier Schlager with me from Salzburg - he looks like he could be world class managed properly. 19 years old, can play AMC/MC/DM (Retrained to DLP DM)
  17. So far I've brought in De Ligt, and Santi Mina - just as a decent experienced backup. Woody I'll try and play in the AMC role
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