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  1. apologies, just saw you are playing on an update?
  2. Considering Forest are under a transfer embargo at the start of the season, how did you manage to make first season transfers?
  3. Hi Neil, I've only actually added a skin. I had it on my PC version, working absolutely fine. Seems to not like my Laptop though.
  4. When I start FM16, It always hangs on the loading screen. So I have to delete the folders in the localapps folder, and I have to verify the game cache. Every time I start it. Is there a permanent fix to this?
  5. Well I'm usually Liverpool. Which means I tend to sign a GK. Usually Horn. An inside forward being Barbosa.
  6. Hi guys, I was just wondering how everyone sets up their scouting networks? As a big club, I tend to set my scouts up to search for youngsters due to the fact that I already know which players I'd like to sign.
  7. He's been boss for the past 2 or 3 seasons now.
  8. Well, since they're youngsters, they probably don't have continental reputations at the start of the game,
  9. Hi guys, Just wondering what sort of database you start your game up with, and how many players you have in it? I go for; Argentina: All divisions Brazil: All divisions England: All divisions France: All divisions Germany: All divisions Italy: All divisions Portugal: All divisions Spain: All divisions Database size: Load all players from South America and Europe top divisions teams. With Large size. Get around 85,700 players from that.
  10. This annoys me... just upload the save! Don't ask people, if people want it they'll just download it after it's uploaded!
  11. Cheers guys This is exactly the sort of stuff I wanted. It'll be a push to do the lesser known leagues. But I'm going to get to work on it now.
  12. I think it could take a while to be honest. I was thinking maybe Begovic for keeper, but then you've got Shawcross to think about. Brad Guzan, but then you've got Ron Vlaar, or the big Belgian chap to think about. Probably best working from the worst team in the league and picking their best player.
  13. So here's my idea. I'm planning on making a league, and it will consist of the best possible squad from: The Premiership La Liga Bundesliga Serie A Ligue 1 Primeira league (Portugal) Russian Football Premier League Ukrainian Premier League Eredivisie Super Lig (Turkey) Superleague Greece The rules for the squad are: You must pick a player from every team in the league. So if you're in England - 20 of the squad will be picked from different teams. To make it to 25 players, you can pick the 5 from other teams but a team may only have a maximum of 2 players in the squad of 25. So you guys have any thoughts?