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  1. So, will RvP stay and fulfill his contract (and thus leave for nothing) or will he demand a move or will Wenger sell him and get some €'s for him. What is the general opinion among Arsenal fans?
  2. Wednesday 27th June Portugal 3-2 Spain Thursday 28th June Germany 3-1 Italy *
  3. Thursday 21st June Czech Republic 1-3 Portugal Friday 22nd June Germany 0-3 Greece * Saturday 23rd June Spain 2-1 France Sunday 24th June England 1-1 Italy (Italy)
  4. So, end of tournament then it is.........
  5. ah my typo: Steek Vd Wiel Boula Heitinga Willems VDV Sneijder RvP Narsingh Hunter Robben RvP ofcourse
  6. But surely, if we manage to make this miracle happen, then we should have a confidence boost and be able to beat the Czechs or am I wrong? ( first wait and see if we actually get there). But this applies also for the Danes and Portugal, both also better then the Czech's.
  7. No only one, not two should have been given. I think so as well.
  8. Micado

    Goal difference or Head to head?

    Head-to-head. Ofcourse if it includes 3 teams (Like in Group B can happen) it must be about GD, then Goal scored..
  9. Line up according to AD.nl: Steek Kuyt Boula Heitinga Schaars N. De Jong RvP VdV Robben Hunter Sneijder and according to Telegraaf: Steek Vd Wiel Boula Heitinga Willems VDV Sneijder Sneijder Narsingh Hunter Robben Seems both nice..... Ah, doesn't really matter, if we can keep the 0 at the back..
  10. Brilliant.Yeah, crap game (although fun to watch in a Danish bar.......), no passion and Robben is soooooo inefective lately. Wonder if Bert has the guts to try it against Portugal with a whole new tactic and players (probably not) as with the current formation and players he uses, we aren't going to win against portugal, let alone with 2 goals difference.
  11. Micado

    Euro 2012 Predictions: Round 3

    Saturday 16th June Czech Republic 1-1 Poland Greece 0-3 Russia * Sunday 17th June Denmark 1-2 Germany Portugal 2-1 Netherlands Monday 18th June Croatia 2-1 Spain Italy 4-0 Ireland Tuesday 19th June England 1-2 Ukraine Sweden 1-0 France
  12. Micado

    Group C: Spain vs Italy, KO: 5pm Sunday

    Same here, C'mon Italy..
  13. Micado

    Euro 2012 Predictions: Round 2

    Tuesday 12th June Greece 1-1 Czech Republic Poland 1-3 Russia Wednesday 13th June Denmark 2-0 Portugal Netherlands 1-1 Germany* Thursday 14th June Italy 1-2 Croatia Spain 2-0 Ireland Friday 15th June Ukraine 1-1 France Sweden 2-0 England
  14. So, we **** it up ourselves, no one to blame, our stars (except Sneijder) didn't perform as they should; Robben, RvP and Afellay. With so many chances you should score at least once... Still think we have a decent chance to move to the KO round as I didn't think Germany/Portugal impressed either, as we keep creating all those chances they goal must come eventually (right). Thought we were the overall better team yesterday, but the Danes did play solid, nice team.
  15. So three of our 4 big (so called) stars didn't give home; RvP, Robben, Afellay. wonder what Bert now will do, stick with RvP, start with Klaas (in that case you can buy a ticket for RvP) or play Klaas next to him, I would got for option b, start with Klaas. Again like in some friendlies, our wingers moved to often inside plus neither can deliver a good pass. Too bad, but we are the only ones to blame..... will be a interesting game Wednesday. Some nice options for Wednesday: 1) All teams draw, meaning in the last game Germany - Denmark both only need a point 2) Holland and Portugal win 1-0 both 3) Denmark and Germany both win... Ah, still think we have a chance a proceeding, but some drastic changes have to be taken.