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  1. Good work Garuru, I hope you release it.
  2. Very nice!! Very clean and some kind of metallic style. Will give it a try.
  3. I make the same suggestion. Although having the 125% zoom-in is really a step ahead, an intermediate position would be awesome.
  4. Yes, you can. Whenever you pre-order the game until the official release date 31th October, you'll get the beta access.
  5. Too late, I assigned all the categories to the ass man. I'll go back to the screen to choose the previous set up (as the image shows).
  6. I've just signed a head of youth development for first time in FMC and then a button in the news screen (see image below) allowed me to access to training assignments, which actually only shows the ass man. I thought the training assignment is not a feature in FMC. In fact, there is no tab in the skin to access to it. Is this a skin/GUI bug or I was wrong? It's a bad thing all of those training categories unnassigned to any assistant? Thanks in advance
  7. I'm glad it worked. I made a mistake by omitting the Resource Archiver info on my first answer, thank goodness you backed up the fmf file.
  8. You have to use the Resource Archiver to extract data from the .FMF files, you mustn't edit them directly with notepad. I didn't mention it because I thought you would know it, as you had already edited the settings.xml file. Probably your skins.fmf file is now damaged, you may have to delete it, and then into fm13 steam properties, click on "verify game cache". It should download the skins.fmf file again. Once you have fixed it, steps for changing background colours are: 1. extract "fmc" folder from skins.fmf file, using the Resource Archiver. 2. change the folder name to "fmc2", as well as the file names "fmc.xml" and "fmc settings.xml" (in folder settings) to "fmc2.xml" and "fmc2 settings.xml". 3. edit the "fmc2 settings.xml" file changing the colours you want 4. move the whole "fmc" folder to My Documents > Sports Interactive > football manager 2013 > skins 5. open the game and 2 skins should be avaliable for FMC mode. You must choose FMC2 skin. It's long but not complicated. I'll help you with any question.
  9. Yes, you are editing the wrong file. You must open the "fmc settings" XML file, located in Football Manager 2013 > data > skins.fmf > fmc >settings Then edit the following code lines: <colour name="low attribute background" red="0" green="128" blue="64"/> <colour name="normal attribute background" red="148" green="217" blue="4"/> <colour name="good attribute background" red="254" green="160" blue="0" /> <colour name="excellent attribute background" red="227" green="4" blue="10" /> These values are not the default ones, here it is how they look in my game: I hope you can get it working. Cheers
  10. Simply put a image named "default" instead of the original into the folder "skins/fm2013hd/graphics/backgrounds"
  11. Good choice of atribute colours, almost as mine. It's astonishing the great amount of wasted space for those of you playing on 1920x1200. Even playing on 1280x800 like me, the default screen elements are too small since the changes introduced on FM12. Thanks for your work.
  12. That's correct, I've just introduced the code and it has appeared in the games library. Now just leaving Steam open in background and no need to be aware about when the beta is out.
  13. Before adding ad hoardings or any other peripheral details around the pitch, I'd prefer we could see the manager sitting in the bench and/or standing giving instructions to the players (as well as the players in the bench have already different animations). In fact, I thought when I saw the first videoblog about match engine that the manager figure had been introduced for FM13, but according with last videoblog, they were only "ball boys" in wrong position.
  14. In real life, the wages that clubs pay includes the taxes amount that the footballer must pay. Surely that feature refers to this.
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