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  1. I have always watched key (I think) and it has never bypassed a red before, or missed so much action. Might alter this though, thanks.
  2. Watching 'key' events on ME seems to miss alot out. A red card just flashed up without seeing the incident and sometimes I can go through a whole match with 20+ shots and seeing just 1 or 2.
  3. I was on the verge of offloading him because he didn't fit into my team, but I played him up top as a false 9 in a 4-4-2 and he has been quality.
  4. To be fair, Chelsea made the final in real life and won it last year so it does happen.
  5. I seem to concede mainly from crosses. Ricky Lambert scored 4 past me by just strolling past my centre backs.
  6. I haven't done any of that actually. Stupid thing is I think Windows 8 looks a mess so I really regret it.
  7. I just downloaded Windows 8 and now I cannot get past a game. Tried going on holiday but it still crashes!
  8. Crosses are crazy on this. I seem to score and concede most of my goals from a cross. The defense on both sides seem useless.
  9. Why do most people have their centre midfielder as a CM (support) rather than Advanced Playermaker (support) in their 4-2-2-2 formations?
  10. I think the whole transfer system needs to be altered. Players should play a bigger part in wanting to move to bigger clubs. i.e hinting in the media or begging for a move to the manager (although this is in the game, it still needs to be developed) You as a manager can allow how much involvement you have with a transfer, either sorting out wages and transfer fees or allowing the chairman to do it. (harry redknapp mentioned in a interview how he had no idea how much his players are paid and never gets involved with it) I would also like to have a reputation on how a club deals in the market. If you mess teams around by making offers and sorting contacts then pulling out last minute, or selling a player and changing your mind, it should make transfer deals in the future more of a issue and teams/players being less likely to do business.
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