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  1. [FM11] Special OneTop 2.0 Classic

    I think you can safely rate a tactic after 2/3 full seasons, not after 5 matches. Plus I see a surprising 0-4 lost in the pre-season. (probably you gave the youngsters a chance to impress)
  2. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Welsh Wizard: congrats on your achievements. It might sound really silly to ask, but what skin are you using?
  3. TT & F 2009 or TT & F 2010 were written based on real life evidence. Football Manager wants to replicate reality, but fails miserably, and will ALWAYS fail because it is merely a series of algorithms and formulas that have glitches and gaps. If somebody creates a tactic that the programmers of this game haven't been able to predict, then it will probably be used by those who play/experiment with the game to gain an advantage. A simple .tac file is much more convenient than using a tool to edit player's attributes or finances... and it won't crash their games.
  4. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Gypsum: well done. It's always nice to see other managers sign Saric. He was a legend for my 2010 game
  5. Who takes over after Sir Alex/Wenger/Guardiola?
  6. Bielsa shifts to 4-2-1-3 when the opposition plays with one striker.
  7. There's this thing called data editor. play around with it some more if you want women football.
  8. Second season syndrome is completely illogical in the sense that if the status/reputation of your club grows you still can't attract better players.
  9. The only thing I don't like is players scoring waaaay to many lobbed goals from outside the area. And I mean cracking goals. Didn't expect this quality when Solihull Moors hired me! But... the 3d match engine is a joy. The TV camera is perfect and if you could just save your replays to a video format instead of waiting to upload them, it would be simply amazing.
  10. Saving without uploading would be amazing, especially for me, as I don't have a good graphic card.
  11. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    Great results Tyler42. I use that tactic when my original creations fail or are "crecked" by the AI. PS: What's that skin mate?
  12. Football Manager 2011 demo information

    "Oops, sorry!" What the ...?
  13. Football Manager 2011 demo information

    1:25 am where I live. I'll be up until 3. Maybe I get lucky.
  14. gonzalo jara should be there. he's the best right back in the PL atm.