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  1. On 09/03/2021 at 20:13, jsouthern96 said:

    Hi guys, 

    This is my first proper post so sorry if it's long or a bit too wordy! 

    I have been following Chelsea closely since they appointed Tuchel as manager and I thought I would give his tactic a go.

    The Tactic

    This is the final build of the tactic. During a lot of the season I was experimenting and tinkering with player roles to get to a final build that I am extremely happy with.

    On transfers, I only bought in one defender in January after Azpilacueta requested to leave.

    The first half of the Premier League season, we were too passive with the ball and only managed to score 26 goals in 19 games With Timo Werner being top scorer with 6 goals. 

    After the half way point, I changed the roles of the front three and really started to see the rewards. 

    We finished the season second top scorers, scoring 68 goals, Tammy scored 13 and Timo 16 with Mason Mount getting 9 assists. We also had the second best defence, conceding only 20 goals.

    We finished the season top of the possession statistics by having 60% on average per game. We also made 4100 more passes than any other team over the course of the season making 20843 passes over the 38 games (average of 548.5 passes per game). 

    Average position against lower opposition (6-0 win vs Burnley)


    Average positions against similar opposition (2-0 Win vs Dortmund)



    Average positions vs higher opposition (3-1 Win vs Bayern)



    The final build




    The positives

    • Possession

    The possession statistics in this tactic were very similar to those of Chelsea in real life. Being dominant on the ball and having players comfortable in a variety of areas of the pitch was critical to the success of this tactic. The fluidity and versatility of key players, alongside the passing quality within the squad meant we could dominate most teams we faced and pick out those key passes into our forward three with quick, precise movement.


    • More Clinical

    After the half way point of the season before I tweaked the tactic, we went from being passive on the ball to being much more dangerous. Our biggest win in the first 19 games was a 3-0 victory over Fulham.

    Once the tweak was implemented, we enjoyed a 6-0 win over Burnley, a 7-1 win over West Ham and a 5-1 win over high flying Leeds. The personal goal scoring stats as above were also greatly improved.



    • Availability

    One key issue I noticed at first with my tactic was the options on the ball. My players were very static and almost scared to roam from their positions. I aimed to make my team play in a way in which the ball carrier would always have two or three options available to make a pass. As below, in the first image, as others have posted, I aimed to create a diamond shape between my front three and my most advanced central midfielder, Kovacic. As the ball progresses up the pitch I wanted them to be able to roam, swap positions but always have this shape or as close to this as possible. 

    In the second image, I was extremely happy with my teams positioning when we regain the ball in the middle of the pitch. As Kovacic picks up the ball in a deeper area, he instantly has four or five viable passing options in order to advance the ball. 



    • Bodies in the box

    I am a big believer of packing the box with bodies in order to pressurise defenders and create gaps and opportunities for your strikers. In the below example against Tottenham, I was happy to see my attacking front three and also my winger urgently getting into the box in order to give Chilwell options as he moves towards the box. This move actually ends in Hudson-Odoi scoring a back post header as the covering center back was occupied by Mason Mount, leaving the Tottenham full back to drop in extremely narrow into a position they aren't comfortable in.



    The Negatives

    • Space in behind

    The most frustrating aspect of this tactic was the amount of times teams scored via long balls over the top into the highlighted spaces. Granted, we had the second best defence in the league so I can't be too critical but I feel like it's only fair to give both positives and negatives from my one season so far.

    In the first image, a lofted ball from Kouyate cuts straight through our defence for Zaha to get onto the end of and score. While I know these can happen to any team and are extremely hard to counteract, I was worried to see the two spare players on the far side of the pitch in acres of space.

    In the second image, it was again a long ball from deep into the space between my central and right hand center back that we couldn't seem to deal with. 




    • Mason Mount

    I am an extremely big fan of Mason Mount in real life and also on Football Manager. I think he is such a well rounded player which a great eye for goal. Which unfortunately, seemed to be missing for him in our Premier League campaign as he scored just 5 goals in 34 appearances. He was scoring in other competitions though so I am hoping next season, he can add to his tally. 

    Season results 

    Please see below the performance in all competitions this season.



    No Pi's or other settings than the info given in your post?

  2. 4 minutes ago, jsouthern96 said:

    Hi guys, 

    I have been following this thread for a while and now i've had some time off work i decided to see how i could get on with my own go at a Tuchel tactic and sign up to share my experience. 

    I am wanting to do a little write up but i'm struggling to find out how to add images like above to my post. Can someone give me some pointers? 

    Thank you! 


    You can attach files/images when you write your post/comment :brock:


    Screenshot 2021-03-09 185434.png

  3. I have to say WOW, stable tactic in every way, great combinations between players and positions. Have not lost a game since I applied this setup!

    13 games unbeaten ( 11 wins, 2 draws )

    The only problem I have now is that I am useless on set-pieces, many points could be lost or won so If I succeed with that the tactic is as complete as it can be!

    (would like to add that I bought Niklas Süle and Erling Haaland, otherwise no changes in the squad.)

    Cheers and thanx :applause:

  4. 2 hours ago, Crazy_Ivan said:

    So here is where it is at so far. No you don't need to adjust your set we are top having scored 11 goals in 10 matches however only having conceded 1. I am not panicking however and I will explain why a bit later.


    The timid nature in front of goal hasn't been a problem in the CL.


    So for one thing the dominance in defence is underlined in the fact that we have a great XGA against us.


    Our possession numbers are good and getting better, I expect us to be near 59/60% by seasons end. Our passing % joint best too


    You can see where the main issues are right now obviously at the amount of goals we have scored. And when you look at the XG you can see a bit of a problem and a number that simply is not good enough for a team like Chelsea.


    However despite this it still means we are underperforming our XG so a further look shows that we are 4th bottom in shots on target  and conversion % which is grim considering the talent at our disposal



    I am however not going to panic or make wholesale changes because our U18 team using the same tactics are seeing the same defensive and possession numbers albeit some worse and some better.



    But aren't slouching in XG, shots on target% or conversion rate which is leading to the fact that our U18 team has conceded the least and scored the most goals in the entire U18 leagues.



    This is something that has been repeated in the champions league albeit it is harder to get clear stats considering some teams have played decidedly more matches but you can see we are right up there with the best in shooting% and conversion ratio.


    So now I have to do a deep dive in to the front three who are supposed to be putting the ball in the back because it's something I have neglected. My suspicions are the problem is both a bit of my fault and the players fault.  I have already discovered that I really don't like Werners mentals namely his anticipation, decisions and teamwork. If you watch matches closely  if he he has to think about it he makes some terrible choices and I don't think he suits it tbh. He also at 24 and per the coaches report is not going to get better so stuff like this is where I need to have a long hard look.

    So on that basis I will release tactically what I have tomorrow.

    You can see the dominance from the Kovacic/Jorginho partnership with 200 passes between them in our last match. This is achieved by playing out from the back but not putting the CB's as BPD's to ensure nearly everything goes through those two.


    I have a suspicion most people will not agree with me on the Halfback role for Jorginho but if we are going to retain that defensive solidity when Azpi decides to bomb up the middle or the flanks then we need him to drop in and maintain our back 3. I really enjoy the fact that both Azpi and Jorginho will cover for each other like in this scenario where Jorginho who had been higher up  moving back to cover for Azpi being forward.


    The benefits of Azpi making those runs is allowing Reece James to make more of an impact in the box which is how we broke a stubborn Wolves side allowing Reece James to draw players towards him and creating a 3 vs 3 in the box allowing Ziyech to nip in and break the deadlock.


    The one other point about Jorginhos role is that he is impacting the game higher up the pitch as you can see from his heatmap and we also see that shuttling horizontally mentioned in the article posted in the OP so the HB role is not taking anything away in that aspect.


    Plenty more to come and I will post everything tomorrow time permitting.






    Awesomeness :applause:

  5. 20 hours ago, Johnny Ace said:

    It's hard replicating real life tactics in FM, you watch the roles in play then try & replicate them & it makes no sense. You have to remember, this is FM :D

    The middle two are key with no DM, though you do have the 3 at the back which are handy 

    I'd start really simple & have every player's PPM's in mind, they'll affect things as the roles won't play out properly

    I've watched none of Chelsea under Tuchel just going by what's on here



                         AM(S)       AM(S)

    WB(S)         CM(S)        CM(D)         CWB(S)


              CD(ST)         BPD(D)        CD(ST)



    I'd ask the the CM's to Sit Wider, just to help link up with the WB's

    Positive/ Shorter/Much Passing/ Play out from the back/ WBIB

    You can't replicate Azpi's role, he looks like a part CB, part FB so ask him to stay wider, that's the best you'll get, his PPMs might help out here

    The CMs might be a bit boring, I don't know how the stoppers will position themselves to help cover in front of the DL but I wouldn't get too exotic with them 

    AMs you can add what you want them, check the PPMs of the players, you'll probably not need to instruct anything

    TI's not sure, it looks like they have plenty of shots & keep the ball well. Could remove WBIB if it cuts the crosses too much, I can imagine Giroud & Tammy are pretty damn good in the air

    Off course i know and understand that you can't replicate real-life-tactics in FM, but it's frustrating to not make a top team perform at all with any given tactic.

    As i wrote before for ME soo many things are broken and has been since FM19, tactics, ME, overpowered teams and soo on but i keep trying and understand why this is.

    You have some good ideas in your post there mate so when i have the time i'll get back to the drawing board and try making something stable to work with.

    Cheers and thanx! :thup:

  6. 13 minutes ago, Boothy0910 said:

    Go find Bophonet's blog. He covered Tuchel's tactics for FM17. Although it's in italian, there are ways of translating.

    I only started a Chelsea save file when he got the Chelsesa job, 1st season finished 2nd on 81 points, this season i'm top with 7 to play.

    Unsure whether it's still relevant to his current style of play, but one of the tactics discussed there is close to the first screenshot you posted of your tactic above, with two defensive wingers.

    Thanx, Will have a look at it 👍

  7. 56 minutes ago, Ronnieekelund said:

    Have you tried Jorginho as a bwm defend duty?. I dont see him more than that under Tuchel so far and has worked well for me with Kovacevic as a bbm.

    Not sure bbm replicates Kovacevic 100% but gets results. I also use a wide 3 in attack.

    Yeah I'm out of ideas soon 😁

    Pre-season is very good but when season starts the team can't pass, shoot , cross, attack or defend. The whole team seems broken and I don't get why at all 😂 and I also use a wide 3 in attack 👍

  8. 3 hours ago, Crazy_Ivan said:

    I just went through all the heatmaps since he took over so CWB attack on the right is a given for me. I would maybe go for a support duty on the left. The CM on the right really screams Carrilero to me the CM on the left is defo more adventurous because the leftwing back is not as attacking but looking at the movement I dont think its a DLP.

    Then there is the attacking trio, and I dont think that you got those right tbh but I need to have a good hard look at that.

    This is what i got so far, haven't decided the front 3 yet

    I'm thinking about a possession/gegenpress type of tactic...




    How Mateo Kovacic’s role has evolved under different Chelsea managers



  9. I really didn't think it was possible to be as bad as Chelsea in this years FM.

    The squad they have is a good one, talented and it should be possible to perform but for me it isn't.

    No matter what tactic a utilize, advanced, basic they can't do anything on the pitch, obviously I'm doing something very wrong here! or am I missing something? 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3....

    Liverpool is overpowered as last year, teams that play 3-4-3 is dominant (even Brighton is) but if you try to play it yourself you get absolutley trashed.

    Chelsea isn't a top team I know that but this is absurd :D

    Haven't managed to get trough a season yet before the axe banging my head :brock:

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