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  1. The button "Download Demo" in Steam dont work! HELP!!! Nothing happends when i press it..
  2. In my Everton save in the year 2016 my star-midfielder Shinji Kagawa broke his foot during a match. I kept my eye on him to see how his stats changed during the injury. After 3 months i could see that his stats had dramaticly decreased and his training raport said: "Paul Hilton belives that Kagawa has shown worrying signs of a total collapse as a footballer over the last six months." My question is how would my trainers have known this about Kagawa when he still was out injured? How can they (or I) know that his finishing has gone from a 13 to 11 when he hasnt been kicking a ball for 3 months? Or that his technique has gone from a 17 to a 16. I think that a players techniqual attributes should stay the same way until the player was back from his injury, and than after a few trainings they could be adjusted. What do you think?
  3. Could someone help me, please. I can not download 12.1.1 on the computer i have FM12 installed on because i can not connect to internet on that machine for some reason. Is there any way for me to download the patch on an other pc and put it on a memory pen to be installed on the original machine? Do I have to download it through Steam?
  4. Signed him for my Man Utd-save in the 1.season. Now in feb. -12 and: 15 played, 15 goals, 10 ass., 7,70 rating. Great start for him in a new club. Espesially good was it when he scored the 1-0 winner after 94 minutes away to City Also scored the winner agains Pool, Chelsea and Barca..
  5. I would love to see a FC Porto thread. Anyone working on this?
  6. Just read this hole thread at work..i think its strange that there is no focus on tactics in thread. I do wonder a bit if people out there try to play "the Ajax way" or just go with the convential "play the way that suites your players"-style..I just startet a Ajax save my selves, and cant decide what way to send out the guys..i am leaning to a 4-1-2-1-2 with a fluient and attacking gameplan..with short passes. Any tips out there?
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