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  1. I don´t seem to get the most out of my corners. Any good set-ups out there?
  2. Wich English club fills these criterias: - not in the Premier League - good enough young players that I have a chance of some day getting in to the CL without buying any players ?
  3. In three seasons we have been given 12 penalties, and missed 11. Thats good.
  4. Sold Lukaku after first season. Bought in Kasper Dolberg and Moussa Dembele (SC) to replace him. So now I have Dolberg, Dembele, Tarashj and Dom Calvert-Lewin fighting for 2 spots. Do you guys think these strikers are good enough already the second season for a respectable finish in the league?
  5. I have tried Everton two or three times before on FM17, with no luck. So this time I decided to try something new. I would play a 41212 with ball much of the ball, and give a lot of the youngsters big roles in the team. I decided to give one of the MC-positions to Tom Davies/Liam Walsh, a poacher-role to Dominic Calvert-Lewin, first keeper to my first signing Jordan Pickford and a CD to my second signing Jamaal Lascelles. Because of the tactical decision a lot of players did not fit my team. These players were told they have no future at the club already in august-16: -Oviedo, Fures Mori, Gibson, Mirallas, Bolasie, Deulofeu, Rodriguez, Robles, Kone, Besic Cleverley, Lennon and Browning. In came: -Pickford, Lascelles, Ryan Woods, Adeniran, Tierney, Onomah It was real fun watching Calvert-Lewin taking on the Premier League, starting with two goals in his debut. He ended at 19 goals for the season, but he has not really improved at all in his stats. But as long as he scores goals, I am happy. Any one else had any luck with him? I am having a lot of fun with this save and will continue building on the youth I now have at the club. I am hoping for my first team in the future to look something like this: -Pickford, Holgate, Thierney, Gallaway, Lascelles, Davies, Walsh, Adeniran, Onomah, Calvert-Lewin, Tarashj PS: We ended 8th in the league, won the League Cup final 6-1 against Man City(reserves) and lost FA-cup semifinal against Man Utd. Tactic and first team: A few player performances:
  6. If you have an set-up for attacking free kicks with many players in the box, will this override other instructions like Contain or Play Even Safer? Or will the team hold back a few players so that they don't get hit on the counter?
  7. Well, I guess I meant to ask if 2/10 was twice as suitable as 1/10.. But it's not really the math that is interesting. It's more the fact that the game says that for a striker the suitability-difference between the roles Goalkeeper and Complete Forward is 1 "points", while the suitability-difference between the roles Deep-Lying Forward and Complete Forward is 8 "points".
  8. If a striker has 2/10 suitability for the role Complete Forward and a 1/10 suitability for a Goalkeeper-role, does this means that 'the game' thinks he is 10% more suitable for the Complete Forward-role than the Goalkeeper-role? (I do understand that he would perform better in the Complete Forward-role than in the Goalkeeper-role)
  9. A beginner to the game would never know this. To him this says: Never use this player in this role! The game is hard enough for beginners without stuff like this.
  10. I do ignore it, but my point was that there is something wrong with it. If it worked well, I would not have to ignore it.
  11. For a Complete Forward is says: "A Complete Forward possesses all the technical attributes of a Deep-Lying Forward, the goal scoring ability of a Poacher and the strenght and power of a Target Man." For me, that would mean that if a player fits the roles Deep-Lying Forward, Poacher and Target Man, he would also fit the role Complete Forward. Woodrow role diagrams: Deep-Lying Forward; 10/10 suitability Poacher: 8/10 suitability Target Man: 9/10 suitability Complete Forward: 2/10 suitability Chris Martin, also at Fulham, has almost exactly the same attributes as Woodrow (just a little better), but he gets a 8/10 suitability for Complete Forward. I dont see why..
  12. I dont know what that means. Its called "suitability for role and duty"
  13. I'm not sure what its called. I just mean the "cake" with ten pieces that says how well a player fits a role.
  14. But the drop is so extreme. He is actually as well suited to play wing back as he is playing "complete forward"..
  15. Often when I look at how suited a striker is for a role, the Complete Forward comes out really bad for no good reason. Cauley Woodrow of Fulham: The cake-diagrams says his is a perfect fit for the roles "deep lying forward", "advanced forward" and "target man". He also got a few roles that fit him fairly well, and than there is the "complete forward"-role. The cake-diagram says it fits him only 2 out of 10, 20%. Looking at his ability, there is no extreme weaknesses (long shots 9, concentration 10) of the important ones for the role. Why does the game feel he does not fit the role at all?
  16. Does anyone have any experience playing with two Box to box players? I'm thinking of using a 433wide formation with a flat trio centrally and a deep lying playmaker. Does it work?
  17. Anyone have a tip for a thread with some good thoughts on playing a direct tactic with a Target Man?
  18. Could someone please teach me how to use the post-match analyses for something useful?
  19. I dont understand why this tactic encourages so many long shots. Even with "work box in to box" and PI "fewer shots" I'm getting way to many long shots. Just played at home against Chievo; 42 shots, 32 long shots. Is it because Very Fluid gives players more creativity? Even my MC who has a PI saying he likes to pass rather than shoot had 13(!) long shots in this match. Non hitting target. I have to mention that the tactic worked great for the first half of the season (14-5-0, 53-21) and not at all the rest of the season (7-7-5, 39-18). This might not be the tactics fault..
  20. Thanks. I will try counter. Switching to control or attacking never works for me. Resulting in only more long shots.
  21. After playing almost a season with this style and tactic with AC Milan, I am pretty happy with it. 2 points behind Juve, and 12 points above third place. But I have noticed a problem: - We often have many shots (25-30), but many of them are longshots (15-20) if I tell my players to put the ball into the net, almost nothing happens in attack. The shots fall to 5-10 pr. match and few goals. Any tips?
  22. I noticed that we always played better away from home than at home. Every other team has a long pitch. Now I play me defensive line "slightly higher" at home and "higher" away from home. Seem to work well.
  23. What about pitch size? I chose a small pitch to avoid to much room behind the defence. Should I have chosen a bigger size, perhaps a wide or narrow pitch?
  24. Do you ever lower the defensive line? I play on FM17 with the tactic from the start of this thread. I just played against Juventus with my Milan team in a pre-season match and...: Milan Juventus Shots: 11 - 10 On target: 5 - 6 Possession: 56%-44% Big chances 1 - 3 Result: 0 - 6 Five of the goals came from through balls to Higuain from the center. Edit: Just played Sevilla and the same thing happened. Vietto runs through the defence like a knife through butter. We win the possession and shots on target, but the match result was 1-9 with Vietto scoring 8 goals.
  25. Thanks. I will go for him. Looks pretty good. What about Stefan Johansen? Anyone found a good role for him? Marking, tackling, passing and positioning 10 does not make a good BWM..
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